Science & Faith


This is by far the best The Script song. The lyrics are interesting and the melody is lovely. I agree with the message in this song and I definitely have more faith in God than science. This song is so powerful sometimes I can't help but burst into tears. The Script is a fantastic group and they are definitely in my top two favourite bands.

When I first saw the title I was like, wow is this a deep philosophical song? But then I listened to it and wow Danny is very good at locals! The lyrics are very good and they show the theme that many people encounter--science vs. Faith and religion. This song deserves much higher than a #12. It deserves at least a #3 (no pun intended).

This is my favorite song and always has been. It is so sweet and gives us a good message. No matter what science tells us, our feelings will always drive our lives. I love you guys, you have taught me so much through music!

This is the best song I've ever heard of the band the script! I really like this song because the combination of lyrics and the tune can be time... this song is very touching at all especially when entering into chorus... I also greatly appreciate this song when I sing this song
This song should be in the top 5 positions
One word for this incredible song
I love science & faith

I love this song! It's lyrics and sound and everything are so awesome! The meaning of the song is not really that easy to get... For me, but when I understood it's meaning I realized that this is one of their most meaningful songs ever..

The way this song gets into me is just surreal. Every word that's in it is just perfect to what it wants to tell people - that each person has a different yet unique way loving each other. Nice one The Script!

I can't imagine why this song so far down in the list! I was blown over since the very first time I heard the song with the sheer beauty of the lyrics... Of the music! Love this song... Totally love this song...

Such a great song! The lyrics is awesome and once again the vocals fabulous! Once again I'm playing their song over and over again. Danny is a vocal powerhouse! Complements for a job well done guys!

My favorite song! It goes to show that love is very abstract--something I believe in! I instantly loved The Script when I first heard this. Their songs are always great and moving.

This is the best song of the script along with the man who can't be move! It has soul touching lyrics! It tells us about science of love! This is classic song. I love this song

Very nice. At first, I thought their other songs are way better than this. But when I listened to it, I changed my mind. Though not the best, it is certainly the second best.

This song is so underrated. It's got the rock, the beat, the lyrics, the voices. What more could you ask for?

The song has something in it which makes it awesome! Even de video is beautiful.. THE SCRIPT rocks

For everyone losing faith cause of theories like Big bang and others, and anyone geting deeper in science but not deep enough to realise that there is more than just science in this world! This song shows you FAITH and end this struggle

! Can't belive the rating this has! :( This is the best song ever! It should be number one!

This is the best song by Script and it's definitely one of my favourite songs!

I Love this song! I really don't have an idea why this song is only on the top 11!

One of my favorite song of this band

The most soulful song in the whole world I can't describe.

Striking sound... Makes me want to memorize the lyrics=)

This song is really cool. Give it a shot! Can't hurt!

Science&Faith is one of my favourite songs of this absolutely amazing band!
I love the lyrics, I love the music, I love everything at this song!
When I first listened to it I just thought "WOW"

Awesomeness sets in.just like that. Extremely moving. Asking you to pay attention to the person who loves and cares about you. They should be your first priority

I love This Song Especially the message! I love the tone and I love the voice! I love their BAND!
WOH! The Script is the best! Even my friends are so addicted to them!

I love this song! It just reminds me of me that love is somethign that really can't be defined by science and all that stuff. So - thumbs up for this one!