Best Songs From The Veronicas

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1 Untouched

Totally it's my favorite song and I love loads of songs. Untouched is awesome! I LOVE YOU VERONICAS where are you guys!

By far the best song of the Veronicas. A great pop rock song and those violin rifts are just magical.

I love this song very muchh. I hope you will enjoy it

2 Hook Me Up
3 Popular
4 4ever

I remember so clearly, this was my first ever favourite song, the first song I played over and over from my room. It's upbeat and gets you in.

This song has that magical energy to lift your spirits and make you pump blood more harder

5 When It All Falls Apart
6 I Could Get Used to This
7 Everything I'm Not
8 Take Me on the Floor
9 Revolution
10 Revenge is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)

Come on! this an amazing song! if you havn't heard it, listen to it now, its deff worth it! (:

Just the best song to sing to! It's just so good! I recommend to any fan of The Veronicas to listen to itx

Awesome! ❤ - DynastiNoble

The Newcomers

? I Can't Stay Away
? Heavily Broken

The Contenders

11 This Love
12 Cry

I just love the harmony of voices and melody they achive

13 This is How It Feels

Great song has a lot of furious feeling just listen to it... Its Awesome and nice lyrics

14 Lolita

This seriously should be nmber one it is there best song

15 Mouth Shut
16 All I Have
17 Nobody Wins
18 You Ruin Me

There first big comeback. ILI! ❤️

19 All About Us
20 Cruel
21 Sugar Daddy
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