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1 Untouched

Totally it's my favorite song and I love loads of songs. Untouched is awesome! I LOVE YOU VERONICAS where are you guys!

By far the best song of the Veronicas. A great pop rock song and those violin rifts are just magical.

I love this song very muchh. I hope you will enjoy it

2 4ever

I remember so clearly, this was my first ever favourite song, the first song I played over and over from my room. It's upbeat and gets you in.

This song has that magical energy to lift your spirits and make you pump blood more harder

3 Revolution
4 Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)

Come on! this an amazing song! if you havn't heard it, listen to it now, its deff worth it! (:

Just the best song to sing to! It's just so good! I recommend to any fan of The Veronicas to listen to itx

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5 Popular
6 You Ruin Me

There first big comeback. ILI! ❤️

7 When It All Falls Apart
8 I Could Get Used to This
9 This Love
10 Take Me On the Floor

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? Everything I'm Not
? Hook Me Up

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11 This Is How It Feels

Great song has a lot of furious feeling just listen to it... Its Awesome and nice lyrics

12 Cruel
13 Cry

I just love the harmony of voices and melody they achive

14 Lolita

This seriously should be nmber one it is there best song

15 Sugar Daddy
16 I Can't Stay Away
17 Mouth Shut
18 Heavily Broken
19 All I Have
20 Nobody Wins
21 All About Us
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