Best Thin Lizzy Songs

The best songs by those legendary rockers Thin Lizzy fronted by the late and great Phil Lynott.
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1 The Boys are Back in Town The Boys are Back in Town Cover Art

This song is a great soundtrack to just about any movie, however it's very underrated.

The best song ever love it thin lizzy is brilliant

2 Jailbreak Jailbreak Cover Art

Hell yes I love this song its fun to hear this play on the radio when playing Grand Theft Auto IV

Best Irish (music) Riff in history of Rock!

Better than The Boys are Back in Town

Riff is nothing but epic!

3 Whisky in the Jar Whisky in the Jar Cover Art

I really love this song... Its to me their greatest hit of all time.

Classic, agree Bad Reputation should be in top three for sure

At least the equal of "boys".

oh come on man this IS the best, I love this song with my whole heart

4 Emerald Emerald Cover Art

Best one. Boys are Back in Town is a embarrassing and a bad representation (reputation? ) of Thin Lizzy's material.

This could perhaps be one of the best solos ever, next to Highway Star, Comfortably Numb, and Mr. Crowley.

Great song! I can't believe it wasnt a hit.

The live version is the best it's my favorite song of all time :D

5 Don't Believe a Word Don't Believe a Word Cover Art

Great rhythm and a poetic lyric. A song that touch your heart with the words but keeps you rocking with the music.

God that riff owns. The lyrics are brilliant as usual. This should be as well known as Boys are Back In Town.

Not a nice sample to show this amazing song!

Damn perfect song
Perfect music
Perfect lyrics

6 Cowboy Song Cowboy Song Cover Art

Ugh! If you're not familiar with Lizzy then don't vote. That's the only possible way to explain The Boys Are Back In Town being at #1.

This was always a great live track and coming of that classic "Jailbreak" album.

In my opinion, their greatest song...

To all dirty boys of the city...

7 Dancing in the Moonlight Dancing in the Moonlight Cover Art

The Van Morrison influence stands out. Great song should be top 5.

Should be higher on the list

Exquisite masterpiece.

8 Waiting for an Alibi Waiting for an Alibi Cover Art

This song should be in top three or five it's really good

This song should be higher up this list

Really good song great guitar

The guitar tones are awesome

9 Cold Sweat Cold Sweat Cover Art

Thin Lizzy rocks harder than any other band in this song! Why the hell isn't it higher?!

That solo though

10 Still in Love with You Still in Love with You Cover Art

Listen to the Live and Dangerous version of that song. It's beautiful from the beginning to the end. "This sadness that never ceases. I'm still in love with you." The guitar solo at the end is the highlight

The second greatest Thin Lizzy song behind Boys are Back in town, surprised it wasn't on the list

Consistently underrated, like so many Thin Lizzy songs, awesome song, should be top 3.

The Contenders
11 The Sun Goes Down The Sun Goes Down Cover Art

Absolutely lovely song; my most favorite from Thin Lizzy, closely followed by Emerald.

12 Bad Reputation Bad Reputation Cover Art
13 Angel of Death Angel of Death Cover Art

This is one of the metal songs this band recorded and I like it very much.

One of the best live song I ever heard the band perform.. just an awesome rock song

14 Roisin Dubh (Black Rose): A Rock Legend Roisin Dubh (Black Rose): A Rock Legend Cover Art

It's not just a song; it's a celebration of Irish music and literature. This is to rock as Vivaldi's Four Seasons is to classical music. Easily the best song written by Thin Lizzy, a beautiful song.

Anyone who voted Boys or Jailbreak is obviously not a Thin Lizzy fan.

' guitar god Scott Gorham! For me just the best song ever made by Thin Lizzy!

15 The Rocker The Rocker Cover Art
16 Angel from the Coast Angel from the Coast Cover Art

Most underrated Lizzy track

17 Fighting My Way Back Fighting My Way Back Cover Art
18 Thunder and Lightning Thunder and Lightning Cover Art

This is the best way to go out. It's over 200 bpm, and you can picture the show ending with instruments being destroyed.

The shred is real, best solo I have ever heard in my life. deserves to be top

Thin Lizzy's metal record really kicks some ass!

19 Toughest Street in Town Toughest Street in Town Cover Art

Best guitar solo

20 Hollywood Hollywood Cover Art

Best song ever

21 Sarah Sarah Cover Art
22 Running Back Running Back Cover Art

Beautiful Song. I guess ranks do not always match personal opinion.

Lyrically & musically magnificent!

23 Chinatown Chinatown Cover Art

Just listen to those guitar solos...

24 Little Darling Little Darling Cover Art
25 Warriors Warriors Cover Art

Best wah-wah since Hendrix

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