Best Songs by Thin Lizzy

The best songs by those legendary rockers Thin Lizzy fronted by the late and great Phil Lynott.

The Top Ten Best Songs by Thin Lizzy

1 The Boys are Back in Town

Dis song is a great soundtrack to just about any movie, however its very underrated

The best song ever love it thin lizzy is brilliant

A bit overrated - flynk7935

2 Jailbreak

One of the Best Guitar Riffs USA

Riff is nothing but epic!

Hell yes I love this song its fun to hear this play on the radio when playing Grand Theft Auto IV - christangrant

Totally rad

3 Whisky in the Jar

I love whiskey in the jar way more than jailbreak and the boys are back in town but it was there greatest hit to most people but whiskey in the jar is my number 1 definitely

Hahaha the boys are back in town's sucks
Whiskey in the jar is a demi god song to me
Really great song, really deserve on the top of the list
And hey where's bad reputation, I don't see it

I really love this song... Its to me their greatest hit of all time.

oh cmon man this IS the best, I love this song with my whole heart

4 Emerald

Best one. Boys are Back in Town is a embarrassing and a bad representation (reputation? ) of Thin Lizzy's material.

This is definitely my favorite, I'd want this to play if I was about to go into battle. But ok WHY ISN'T THE ROCKER ON THIS LIST? And for that matter does no one else remember Bad Reputation?

Great song! I can't believe it wasnt a hit. - fireinside96

Awesome song great drum beats from brian downey and even better guitar from scott Gorham and brian Robertson and phils lyrics are epic

5 Don't Believe a Word

Not a nice sample to show this amazing song!

God that riff owns. The lyrics are brilliant as usual. This should be as well known as Boys are Back In Town.

Great rhythm and a poetic lyric. A song that touch your heart with the words but keeps you rocking with the music.

THE RIFF. That is all.

6 Waiting for an Alibi

Along with Emerald and Dancing in the moonlight the best Thin Lizzy song, Since I've got just one vote I go with Alibi for the 3 guitars battle in the solo and outro sections

This song should be in top three or five it's really good

Really good song great guitar - mneilan

This song should be higher up this list - mneilan

7 Cowboy Song

This was always a great live track and coming of that classic "Jailbreak" album.

Ugh! If you're not familiar with Lizzy then don't vote. That's the only possible way to explain The Boys Are Back In Town being at #1.

In my opinion, their greatest song...

To all dirty boys of the city...

8 Cold Sweat

Thin Lizzy rocks harder than any other band in this song! Why the hell isn't it higher?!

That solo though

9 Dancing in the Moonlight

The Van Morrison influence stands out. Great song should be top 5.

Should be higher on the list

so groovy!

10 Still in Love with You

Listen to the Live and Dangerous version of that song. It's beautiful from the beginning to the end. "This sadness that never ceases. I'm still in love with you." The guitar solo at the end is the highlight

The second greatest Thin Lizzy song behind Boys are Back in town, surprised it wasn't on the list

Consistently underrated, like so many Thin Lizzy songs, awesome song, should be top 3.

The Contenders

11 The Sun Goes Down

Absolutely lovely song; my most favorite from Thin Lizzy, closely followed by Emerald.

12 Roisin Dubh (Black Rose): A Rock Legend

It's not just a song; it's a celebration of Irish music and literature. This is to rock as Vivaldi's Four Seasons is to classical music. Easily the best song written by Thin Lizzy, a beautiful song.

Anyone who voted Boys or Jailbreak is obviously not a Thin Lizzy fan.

' guitar god Scott Gorham! For me just the best song ever made by Thin Lizzy!

13 Angel of Death

This is one of the metal songs this band recorded and I like it very much. - Metal_Treasure

One of the best live song I ever heard the band perform.. just an awesome rock song

14 The Rocker
15 Angel from the Coast

Most underrated Lizzy track

16 Bad Reputation
17 Thunder and Lightning

Thin Lizzy's metal record really kicks some ass!

The shred is real, best solo I have ever heard in my life. deserves to be top

18 Toughest Street in Town

Best guitar solo

19 Fighting My Way Back
20 Running Back

Beautiful Song. I guess ranks do not always match personal opinion. - ZackStarsky

Lyrically & musically magnificent!

21 Sarah
22 Hollywood

Best song ever

Great song - flynk7935

23 Little Darling
24 Warriors

Best wah-wah since Hendrix

25 Romeo and the Lonely Girl


26 Suicide


27 Black Boys on the Corner
28 Wild One

The riff on this track is fantastic

These are the best lizzy songs in no paticular order:

Don't believe a word- still in love with you- the sun goes down- the spirits slips away- wild one- emerald, holy war
Boys are back is the WORST lizzy song!

29 Do Anything You Want To
30 Southbound
31 Just the Two of Us
32 Killer Without a Cause
33 Rosalie

It's not their song by the way- Bob Seger wrote it - sweetbeef

34 Massacre

This is a truly brilliant song, it has no place being this low.

35 Got to Give It Up

How is this so low?!? It's one of my favourite Thin Lizzy songs. Come on people!

36 Killer on the Loose
37 Little Girl in Bloom
38 Cruising in the Lizzymobile
39 Chinatown

Just listen to those guitar solos...

40 Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed
41 The Holy War

So powerful and evil. An unknown gem by Thin Lizzy. Watch it live and see the power and emotion Phil puts in and you will see how great this song is

This one might be as dark as it is power full With those riffs and lyrics worth putting a chill down your spine

A seriously great live song just made for the band.

42 Dedication

Wonderful tribute record.. Finised by Gary Moore et al, after Phil's passing!

43 King's Vengeance
44 Soldier of Fortune
45 Fools Gold
46 Renegade
47 Downtown Sundown

Listen to this song and then tell me that it is not perfect. Great atmosphere, gorgeous solo, beautiful voice, the greatest "mellow" rock song of all time.

48 Vagabond of the Western World

The most moody, rocking, intense LIZZY song. Almost nobody knows this song. It has their best music and lyrics.

49 We Will Be Strong

Catchy riffs, good lyrics

Amazing song - flynk7935

50 Borderline
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