Best Songs From Thousand Foot Krutch's The End is Where We Begin

The best songs from one of the best bands, Thousand Foot Krutch's great album, "The End is Where We Begin".

The Top Ten

1 War of Change
2 Courtesy Call

The best Thousand Foot Krutch song ever!

My favourite song of that amazing band!

Love it! Love it! Love it! Can't get enough of this song!

How? How? How is it not 1st? How? It's THE best one ever from them (so far).. How?

3 Fly On the Wall

This song is fantastic. I Love it.

4 Be Somebody

This song is Amazing! Should not be number 12 on ant list.

Best song from the new album and better than all of above. Most meaningfull and catchy lyrics. Thanks TFK to creating this masterpiece. - pradeepbarman

5 The End is Where We Begin

This is my favorite TFK song!

6 Let the Sparks Fly
7 Down
8 Light Up the Sky

TFK opened with this at Winter Jam 2014 and the song brought goosebumps because of how many times I had listened to it and how amazing the song is! This song started my addiction to TFK and will always be one of my favorites!

9 So Far Gone
10 I Get Wicked

The Contenders

11 We Are

What's this doing at the bottom of the list? Starting from the AMAZING guitar riffs at the beginning, this song just simply rock! BEST SONG EVER!

12 All I Need to Know
13 This Is a Warning (Intro)

Very epic orchastral instrumental. Leads up to courtesy call perfectly

14 The Introduction
15 Outroduction
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1. War of Change
2. Fly On the Wall
3. Courtesy Call
1. War of Change
2. Courtesy Call
3. Let the Sparks Fly
1. Courtesy Call
2. War of Change
3. Be Somebody

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