Billie Jean - Michael Jackson


I LOVE this song and I have never heard anyone say they hate it. It's a song that the older generation loves and the younger generation knows!

Always sends a shiver every time. This songs has got the beats, the mystery and as MJ said himself the Jelly that makes me wanna dance!!

amindblowing track, definitely a song to get the party started and to finish with! billie jean is a work of art.. Michael to win! xx - xMJxLoverx

Love, love, love this song. MJ was amazing. We are the same age, and so glad I grew up listening to his music. Wish he was still here creating...

This song is the best song of all time1:X
Everytime I hear this song I want to dance and have fun! :X:X

WE LOVE YOU, MIKE! - Laryssa

Billie Jean is not my lover! A song that should be played at every party! Would definitely get me on the floor! - MJforevertheKing

With this song can dance all night long without get bored! :X

Amazing! - Laryssa

I put my hat on every time with the rest of the world and moonwalk. LOL - MsKGB

A classic that still makes you want to move.

The fact that this wasn't on here in the first place is a disgrace.

The greatest song in the history of music - michaeljackson16

Is there anyone who can stand still listening to Billie Jean? - whateverhappens

Unmistakable Bass Line that just forces you to dance, or at least tap to the beat - IIBK

A perfect music style, a perfect dancer I have ever seen,

Billie Jean is my all time favorite song by Michael

i get goosebumps from this song thats how good it is - muzikid

Nice to see miki at the top. Where's smooth criminal?

All time best song, very ctrong miuzic. Michael Jackson never die. He live in my heart.

Wht else can I say. It's the King of Pop msterpiece /: he's just deserve the crown! Go mike

Love love when the tiles lights up when he walk on it
that video looks cool

I love billie jean it's a very cool song I also wanna sat R.I. P Michael

I think this is the best song because well he is Michael and who does not apresiaet him for who he is and know that he is gone well I don't know what to do at liese his albums and more we can licen to and think of memorys. Peace Michael. Long live Michael.R.I. P

Yeahh, this song never fades with time, though a lot of modern compositions were made, and with the advancement of technology... still nothing can get you on the dance floor like billie jean... the background music is awesome, the bass line never fails to get you moving.. and of course Michael's groovy voice, with the "ugh, hee hee style" no one can beat... - graciadolinobv