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221 Gold - Victoria Justice

This song is perfect for my crush cause even though we don't see each other, I know we still care about each other as friends or more. He is GOLD to me

It's a fantastic, sassy song, full of attitude. But it's also super catchy and bound to spark something.

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222 Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus
223 We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus

This song would be perfect for a couple who likes to party and who are like deep in love. It isn't trash. Once you fall in love, you'll hear this differently than you do now.

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224 You Complete Me - Keyshia Cole

This song makes me want to cry :( It's so beautiful... - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

225 Love Me Like You Do
226 I've Tried Everything - Olly Murs
227 I Love You - Alex & Sierra V 1 Comment
228 I'll Wait - Van Halen

Nobody knows this song, I bet, but as a huge fan of Van Halen, I know that this song is one of their best. Think the lyrics,
"You've got me captured I'm under your spell,
I guess I'll never learn...

...I'll wait till your love comes down,
I'm coming straight for your heart,
No way you can stop me now,
As fine as you are...

...I wrote a letter and told her these words
That meant a lot to me
I never sent it, she wouldn't have heard
Her eyes don't follow me..."

These lyrics PERFECTLY describe the feeling of unrequited love, and is THE song to send to her. - masong

229 Invisible - Taylor Swift
230 Drive - Incubus

"Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there,
With open arms and open eyes,"
Seems pretty legit to me, even if this isn't the intent of the song. - Sop

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