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21 Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop - Landon Pigg

This song is very cute and relaxing, not really in your face about the fact that the singer is in love. It's very modest, and the singer's perspective is sort of shy or awkward. I think it's just a great song in general to share with your love.

22 Bless the Broken Road - Rascal Flatts

I love this song. It has such a sweet message and really touches your heart!

It is the best love song I have listened to and I don't know how to ask him to listen to it though! But it is worth listening!

I love this song especially the acoustic version, very sweet and cute country song

This song changed my life. It's beautiful.

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23 Little Things - One Direction

I've been looking for songs that are relatable and that I love ever since my crush recommended this one. I'm not the kinda guy that cries, but this one made me cry... I strongly recommend this one to any crazy-in-love guys or girls. (I'm a guy by the way)

This would have to be my favorite song out of this whole list... And 5sos was in the list... If I ask out my crush using a song, its this song that I'll use... One Direction have plenty of songs that you could sing to a crush.. (If you're crushes name is Oliva, just sing Oliva by 1D)

The lyrics in this song are so beautiful and sweet. It makes me so emotional.

Love it

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24 It's Gonna Be Love - Mandy Moore

I've always listen to this song and when there's a time that he is passing by I start to play this song. Very romantic

Love it! I would so send this to Him Guess what?! I am going to send it to him right now, this very second and I know he will love it Thanks I Love kelly clarkson >

Awesome song! I'm only ten years old and I have a crush on this one boy named William/Willie

This song was nice

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25 I Melt - Rascal Flatts

Best crush song ever! Send it to your crushes, I dare you :3

Love love love this song

It's a perfect song to make your crush feel special

Love it! I might send it to the guy I like

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26 Yellow - Coldplay

When my boyfriend and I were still crushing on each other, he recommended this song for me. So trust me, it works

One of my favorite song by Coldplay

I love this song so much

<3 love this song

27 I'm a Believer - The Monkees
28 Every Breath You Take - The Police

Nice song, but if someone sent it to me, I'd think they were stalking me... - master_carli

The evergreen love song...
This is the song I have ever heard POLICE you guys are awesome, Sting your voice wonderful, I wish you guys were still, we are missing you guys...

This song is the best

29 Accidentally In Love - Counting Crows

This song is one of those songs you won't forget. Its catchy and the lyrics are dead on- really happy. I think it's a perfect song if you have a "I hate the fact I love you" additude to your crush. It's such a happy song though, always makes me think of home.

Never bored to listen this song.

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30 Home - Gym Class Heroes

Who added this to the list? - DynastiNoble

Love it

31 Hangover - Psy

The hell is this doing in the top 10?

Why is this even a suggestion?

Lol! What's this doing here?


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32 Livin' Our Love Song - Jason Michael Carroll

I love is songs

33 Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
34 Entrela├žOs - Scalene
35 I Love It - Icona Pop
36 Fallin' for You - Colbie Caillat

My crush likes me back, he's always staring at me with longing looks, and looks away when I catch him. THIS SONG REPRESENTS exactly what we both feel for each other! We're both way to shy to tell each other. I think I should send this to him on Instagram. This should be in the top 10!

This song was the first to come to my mind when thinking of what to send to him. :) It's a GREAT song to send to crushes. Especially ones you met recently!

Should be in the top 5! Definitely a great song to send your guy!

Tells exactly what generally everybody wants to say to their crush.

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37 I Have Nothing - Whitney Houston

I love Whitney Houston she was such an inspirational person. I love this song and sang it to my crush and he is now my boyfriend and we have been together almost 2 years and I'm only 13 we love each other and this is our song that's all that matters to us now that we love each other

This is an awesome song. The first time I heard was when Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) from glee singing on the Whitney Houston tribute show. And ever since then I havebeen in love with it. I also sang it to my crush and he asked me to go out with him the next day.

38 Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars

This is a great song, and I think every girl wants to hear this from that one person.

This song is the best! It describes everything about her that she need to know

Yes this song anyways my crush may sing this to me because he likes me back

The best song to melt any heart!

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39 Good Feeling - Flo Rida

I love this song!
This song makes me feel special when I sing it.


40 Into You - Ariana Grande

This is the best crush song ever.! - grak111

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