Best Songs From Tobymac's Eye On It

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1 Forgiveness Forgiveness

I think this has to be 1 one because it has message to it that we make mistakes but god forgives our sin to him

I love Forgiveness and I am most likely like the only one that voted that actually knows who Toby Mac is!

I think that this song has rap and passion for god who is above all others

Lecrae is in this song. Tobymac + Lecrae = Awesomeness!

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2 Eye On It Eye On It

I love Eye On It! I saw tobymac at Winterjam in Texas and this song was AMAZING! Love you TobyMac!

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3 Steal My Show Steal My Show V 1 Comment
4 Me Without You Me Without You V 1 Comment
5 Speak Life Speak Life

I love this song so much I memorized it word for word. It is a motivating song about how words matter most.

Should be number 1. Listened to it for the first time and proceeded to listen to it 5 more times in a row

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6 Family Family V 1 Comment
7 Thankful for You Thankful for You V 1 Comment
8 Lose Myself Lose Myself
9 Made for Me Made for Me
10 Favorite Song Favorite Song

I honestly think this song should be rated 4th or 5th. This song always gets me dancing and is a really cool song, even though most, if not all,Tobymac songs are. I listened to this song for the first time a month or so ago and haven't listened to anything else since! 😝

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11 Unstoppable Unstoppable
12 Mac Daddy Mac Daddy

I know it's not my TobyMac himself but rather by his son but still. The song is about TobyMac's son wanting a Mac (the laptop not the hamburger). - RiverClanRocks

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1. Forgiveness
2. Me Without You
3. Speak Life
1. Speak Life
2. Forgiveness
3. Steal My Show



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