Best Songs From Tool's 10,000 Days

10,000 Days is the Grammy Award-winning fourth studio album by American progressive metal band Tool.

The Top Ten

1 Vicarious

Great guitar! great drums! great lyrics! great meaning! such an awesome song, and is my all time favourite! if you have not heard this you are missing out, go have a listen :D great! - dragon13304

2 10,000 Days

Seriously? Vicarious at number one? Come on, lets be real here 10,000 days is one of the best progressive metal songs of all time. This is tools most emotional and meaningful song.

Better than any other tool song.

Insane this ain't number one

3 The Pot

The great lyrics and bass in the beginning just make me speechless every time. And when the comp enters it's just perfection.

I'm 53 yrs old and this song is the greatest ever written, it has it's own genre and I'm yet to categoriiz

4 Rosetta Stoned

I LOVE rosetta stoned! it is so different than anything I have heard and it keeps me interested and amazed. and it makes me laugh. the music is stunning and the whole song incorporates so many different meanings and is completely original and awesome.

It takes a few listens to get used to but once you do it's great. One of Tool's most complex songs and makes this album all the more amazing. (By the way it's better than Third Eye)

It's a bit off-putting, but the third time I listened to this song, I was hooked. My favorite part is the bass solo. - MKBeast

Better drums even than lateralus :D

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5 Right In Two

Watch it in conjunction with "The Gloaming" (animation). Very intense experience. Great song, great meaning. I love it - ryanrimmel

I relly love the sound of this song and its meaning, EPIC! - dragon13304

6 Jambi

Can't stand seeing Jambi out of the top three. Needs to be up there with 10,000 Days and Vicarious.

Very beautiful song, in my top 5 songs by tool, the song is about his mom, great song

Awesome crunchy guitars at the beginning. Best song off of the album for sure. - NuMetalManiak

7 Wings For Marie

Love the sound of this song, and a great and sad story behind it. - dragon13304

8 Intension

Its underrated should be higher than 8th place

This is the best song on this albumnnext to vicarious and the pot

Better than Viginti Tres! Who voted Viginti Tres!?!?!?

9 Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann)

How are you today... HOW ARE YOU TODAY

10 Viginiti Tres

Such a strange song...

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11 Lipan Conjuring

Best album filler ever this should be higher bro.

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