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1 Third Eye

I hate people who don't know what tool is. Stinkfist is a great song for the masses but Third eye should be #1. Let me explain. Tool is a force of nature. Like a storm that waters the crops. Third eye is a chaotic disruption of all of the physical senses only to reveal that you don't need them to understand anything at all. You learn to learn. Third eye is just a small qateway to a world not many know. Even if you don't understand the meaning behind it, by listening to it, it implants a discomfort in your true self. It leads to a new found curiosity to seek out this discomfort and through many forms of self exploration and enlightment turn the discomfort into a gift. Ifbyou didn't know, anything entered into your consciousness 7 times via the ears, eyes, or any other sense becomes a permanent memory in your unconscious thought. Maynard speaks in the first person. Prying open my third eye is sang over and over again. No matter what listening to this song opens your eye.

WHATT?! ?! 5TH PLACE?! I am disgusted at you people. if there were no third eye THERE WOULD BE NO AENIMA! ! ! THIS IS WHAT THE ENTIRE ALBUM IS ABOUT! ! So yeah, go ahead and vote for stinkfist and all the popular songs that you've heard a thousand times on the radio. pay no attention to the fact that THE BEST TOOL SONG FROM THE 90S is just barely in the top FIVE! ! !

An incredibly epic song, at a run time of 13 minutes and 47 seconds. It's hard to explain, so I just suggest listening to the song.

This is my favorite Tool song, followed very closely by Rosetta Stoned.

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2 Forty Six & 2

Too many great songs on this album, not enough top spots for all of them. Aenema is the rightful number one choice, but Forty Six & 2 deserves the number two choice, followed by Third Eye at number three.

This should be 2

A Amazing Song - Glauberson

3 Stinkfist
4 Eulogy

Eulogy needs more votes people! ! ! !

This song was my introduction to Tool. The range of musical instruments, the vocals, the guitar riffs, the different beats and rhythms throughout the piece...and the lyrics. It’s pure genius, in my opinion, and opened my musical mind up to many different genres I never would have considered. I love this song!


5 Pushit

This should be number 2 and third eye should be one.

This should be number one because every part of it is epic. one of their best songs ever. this should actually be ahead of aenema.

On what planet is stinkfist better than pushit?

On what planet is stinkfist better than both third eye AND pushit? ? ?
These are the top 2 best tool songs OF ALL TIME! ! ! AND SOME RADIO SONG IS AHEAD OF THEM! ? !

6 H.

I love this song so much

Oh what? Should be top 3

7 Aenima
8 Hooker With a Penis
9 Ænema
10 Jimmy

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11 Intermission

How can you people forget about this great album break in the middle of this album. Unfortunately I had to add this one because NO ONE ELSE WOULD! ! ! ! You gotta listen to this one with the song jimmy. it is a very smooth transition between the two songs. I don't think that I have ever listened to these two songs separately. you just gotta listen to these together people.

12 Die Eier Von Satan

Funny song about baking cookies but sounds like a Nazi speech. funny stuff.

no eggs - tgbhj

13 Die Eier Von Satan
14 Message to Harry Manback
15 (-) Ions

Don't see the point of this one.

16 Cesaro Summability

Really no point to this, just a baby in the intro and some sinthesizers and its over.

17 Useful Idiot
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