Best Songs On Trivium's Shogun

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1 Shogun

Title track off there 2nd best album (ascendancys their best)..duh. This song is the definition of the album. 11 minutes of pure musical genius. There's not a minute of shogun I'd change. In fact as the song fades in the end I tend to turn it up just to hear every second I can :) Any band who can make something like this has unbelievable talent.

This is easily the best song on the album, no question.

Wish they played this live!

Its pure genius. simple as that. matt is an amazing songwriter and musician for someone who doesn't read music and barely knows basic theory.

2 Throes of Perdition

The Best Riff Ever

All these songs are brilliant, but particularly Throes Of Perdition, it is an absolutely incredible song which is one of my favourite songs by Trivium altogether. Torn Between Scylla And Charybdis, Into The Mouth Of Hell We March, Down From The Sky and Shogun come close too on this list. - EvilAngel

Why the hell, there's no mention of the crusade?

I can't beliebe it, crusade is such a great album, so much melodic so much powerful so awesome, yeah this song is great, but why there's no song of the in waves too?

Listen to: to the rats, entrance of conflagration, ignition has that middle section killer riff, in waves, forsake not the dream, this world can't tear us apart, inception of the end, damn such a good Band! M/ - MetaNet

3 Down from the Sky


4 Kirisute Gomen

The second best song on the album. The best on the album is Down From The Sky, but Kirisute Gomen is an underrated masterpiece! - MetalDisciple

This song is so good! Epic intro, epic vocals, epic solos and not to mention Matt's awesome screams. - MetalFoREVer1228

5 Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis

Agree with Flav. There is just something about this songs that makes it stand out from the rest for me. Great Album full of great songs. This song had to get my vote.

For me this is the best song on shogun. why? Dunno, I guess its just a matter of taste. vote what you want, but I vote for this awesome song! :D - Flav

6 Into the Mouth of Hell We March

My favorite song on the album.

What the hell is this song doing so down here? It's far more better than torn between scylla and charybdis
It deserves third place replacing kirisute gomen.
Kirisute gomen is not that awesome..
Listen to this and you'll love it

7 Of Prometheus and the Crucifix
8 Insurrection

One of best Trivium songs, why so below?

9 He Who Spawned the Furies

Needs to be higher. This song is sick!

My favourite Trivium song!

10 Like Callisto to a Star In Heaven

One of the Best Songs on this Masterpiece

The Contenders

11 The Calamity
12 Upon the Shores
13 Iron Maiden
14 Poison, the Knife or the Noose


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