Best Songs On Trivium's In Waves

Top 10 songs in Trivium's latest album (2011) In Waves.

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1 In Waves

By far the best song on the album! Not only the awesome beginning of the song, also the riffs and the chorus are near perfection! - Flav

Amazing. Very heavy but with a very nice melody and catchy riffs

Awesomeness put into a song. - EvilAngel


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2 Caustic are the Ties that Bind

Hands down!

3 Built to Fall

Changed my life quite literally
Id say for the better possibly, but a change nonetheless
Matt Heafy is a hero to me - EliHbk

4 Forsake Not the Dream
5 Of All These Yesterdays
6 Watch the World Burn

Just great song, this album's best song is hard to choose, trivium is so great I don't even have words for this album, keep rocking m/ - MetaNet

Unbelivable, why this song isn't minimum in second place! Just awesome every single second!

7 Black
8 Inception of the End

I love this song it is just so great I would recommend this to any person who likes punk rock metal hardcore it is such a good song so grab a copy of the album in waves trust me you will definitely like this it's a great song and a great album.

Superb song! I like the drumms

9 Chaos Reigns
10 A Skyline's Severance

The Contenders

11 Shattering the Skies Above

One of Triviums best songs and its not even on this Top 10?

12 Dusk Dismantled
13 A Grey So Dark
14 Drowning in Slow Motion
15 Ensnare the Sun
16 Slave New World
17 Capsizing the Sea
18 Leaving This World Behind
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1. In Waves
2. Of All These Yesterdays
3. Chaos Reigns
1. In Waves
2. Watch the World Burn
3. Forsake Not the Dream
1. Built to Fall
2. In Waves
3. Black

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