Best Songs From Tyler the Creator's Wolf

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Super deep and inspires you to hate someone as much as Tyler. Ha!

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2 Domo23
3 Rusty

Wow I can't believe this song wasn't even mentioned yet, tyler just destroys his verse. Clearly none of you have ever even heard it cause its my top 3 tyler songs out of all his albums, never mind just wolf. Please listen to it right now if you are reading this comment

That sooo BS why isent this 1 or 2 ya I know domo23 was good but this song goes so hard

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4 Pigs

A very controversial issue expressed perfectly in a song... well done, Tyler - maxican03

5 Jamba

Jamba, pigs, domo, IFHY and rusty are the greatest songs off this album hands down

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I love this beat honestly.

Hey dad its me um

Why isn't this on it either this song kicks tamales ass and trash wangs annoying

7 PartyIsntOver/Campfire/Bimmer
8 Tamale

This should be #1! Crazy flow

9 Cowboy
10 Treehome95

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11 Trashwang
12 Slater
13 48

Why isn't this on the list?

14 Colossus
15 Wolf
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