Best Songs From Tyler the Creator's Wolf

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1 Rusty

Wow I can't believe this song wasn't even mentioned yet, tyler just destroys his verse. Clearly none of you have ever even heard it cause its my top 3 tyler songs out of all his albums, never mind just wolf. Please listen to it right now if you are reading this comment

Domo and Tyler kill both their verses, chorus is fire, flow, beat, this song is definitely the best. - Ccecil

Well at least is top ten

That sooo BS why isent this 1 or 2 ya I know domo23 was good but this song goes so hard


Super deep and inspires you to hate someone as much as Tyler. Ha!

Deep, Domo23 comes REALL close though

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I love this beat honestly.

Hey dad its me um

Tyler's best song of all time

This is truly the best Tyler the creator song the best and the lyrics n everything just comes together so well

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4 Jamba

Jamba, pigs, domo, IFHY and rusty are the greatest songs off this album hands down

5 Domo23
6 Pigs

A very controversial issue expressed perfectly in a song... well done, Tyler - maxican03

7 PartyIsntOver/Campfire/Bimmer
8 Tamale

Why is this song not number 1 its such an amazing song

This should be #1! Crazy flow

9 Cowboy
10 Treehome95

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11 Trashwang
12 48

Why isn't this on the list?

13 Colossus
14 Slater
15 Wolf
16 Awkward

Why isn't this on here

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