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1 Black and Yellow Black and Yellow Cover Art

King Champion, the song is the best in MTV Base- Ultimate Black and Yellow. Black and Yellow is the best in top 10 Wiz Khalifa Song's in the world. I love Black and Yellow is the best song that heard before King and download the Remix is the Best song.

I never like his songs but when I listened this song I was super shocked I didn't know wiz khalifa rapped so good. You might be thinking I don't like wiz khalifa's songs my friend downloaded it and saved on my phone I heard it I'm feeling good...

This is what got me into Wiz Khalifa.
A friend of mine told me about this and I thought I'd check it out. It turned out to be really good. I love this song.
I may not be that into the genre, but even I know this is a good song.

Great Song Love this song very much! And also love its G-Mix By Snoop Dogg, Three 6 Mafia's Juicy J, and R&B singer T-Pain

2 Work Hard, Play Hard Work Hard, Play Hard Cover Art

It's a really good song. Has an awesome beat but is also very meaningful. The chorus is just awesome!

It's a great song taylor gang or die man what great beat a fantastic chorus and a fantastic song

One of the Great pump up songs I've ever heard which makes you to do 5 more reps at the gym

Wiz has a lot of great beats and if your ever wanna get fired up to go big, well it's great.

3 No Sleep No Sleep Cover Art

Best summer song. Its just the song that you play when a weight has been lifted off of you and you want to just chill. Its just a unique song that pumps you up yet makes you feel chill.

I play this song every time I have a kick back at my place. Just chillin' in the pool smoking weed and sipping a 40 with a dozen friends or so. Relaxes the mood and everybody can just simply chill. How can you hate?

You can just plug your earphones, sip cola and enjoy this song! This is undoubtedly his best song. Sick beat, sick lyrics and sick rap! Altogether, a great song!

The most unique party song in the history of mankind; it just gives me extra energy that nothing else but this song can give me.

4 This Plane This Plane Cover Art

I love his song all I want to do is smoke a lot of loud with this guy and I would do anything to hang out with him if you see this wiz thanks for everything your a big insperation on me love ya bro.

This song is incredible. It was one of the first songs of his I'd ever heard and four years later, it's still my favorite.

Classic Old Wiz, this song defines Wiz style and originality. He needs more songs with this much creativity

Huge Wiz fan, and this song has to be my favorite. It never gets old. Taylor gang or die!

5 We Own It We Own It Cover Art

Amazing Song. Best song I've Heard of Wiz Khalifa. There are still to many people that haven't heard the song, that's why it's ranked as WiZ's 7 th best song.

This song fascinated me since the 1st time I heard it, which was during the opening scenes of Fast & Furious 6. Since then, there's been no looking back!

Not enough people know about this epic song. People you need to hear this song.

IT SHOULD BE #1...please VOTE GUYS...!

6 Young, Wild & Free Young, Wild & Free Cover Art

THE Best of wiz khalifa till date(it was released)
Bruno mars just blows up the chorus

"So what we get drunk?
So what we smoke weed?
We're just having fun
We don't care who sees
So what we go out?
That's how its supposed to be
Living young and wild and free"

Should be number one. This is what started started him. With his movie and this on in there makes this very popular and should be up there as number 1

This is my favorite song in the world I have to tell everybody I know about this song its incredible.

For Real... How isn't this song on the top ten.. It explains everyday life of a kid

7 See You Again See You Again Cover Art

"See You Again" was now Wiz Khalifa's biggest hit song in his mainstream career in year 2015 to date. It got number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks before replacing by Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" but returned to the number one position in the US Billboard Hot 100. This was a cool song and having a duet with Charlie Puth.

His music video for this song was the no. 2 music video in YouTube (number 1 is Gangnam Style) and the number 1 English music video in YouTube. Music is very nice. A very good tribute to Paul Walker.

Love the song, but if only he didn't inhale a blunt right before the second verse. So disrespectful to Paul. It's a dedication song. NOT a dedication song to WEED!

See you again is the best song Wiz has ever done. It's so much better that any of his others (though I love lots of them too). It's got great lyrics and its just amazing

8 Medicated Medicated Cover Art

This is one of the best songs, should be top 3, the hook is a little energising to me, I really like that kind of music. Wiz Khalifa is probably the best rapper to me I know, there isn't really a song I don't like.

Taylor Gang Or Die!

Wiz tore this songs! Starting the song off with the rap was a great idea and his beat goes along with the lyrics to the song! Overall this should be a top 4 pick!

He was really into this song man, the lyrics are really meaningful and he just kills it overall. His best song by far.

Man, I just really like this song, it has a good a fantastic melody, great lyrics, and It's just a feel good song.

9 Roll Up Roll Up Cover Art

Roll up is far better than Black and Yellow... One of the best song ever composed in the history of musiq

It's impossible to listen to this song without cracking a smile. Few songs do that and this is one of them.

Whatever mood I'm in this song can always help me lighten my mood up... Totally out of the world

How in the world is this song not in his top 5 all time greatest hits. Really bad ass song!

10 When I'm Gone When I'm Gone Cover Art

One of the best intro that I've ever heard! I always have goosebumps while listening to this song

Eminem's When I'm Gone is better

This song is my favour cause he's showing them that he doesn't rap about the one ting! 1

I should say that Wiz Khalifa's When I'm Gone would be one of his best songs ever.

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11 We Dem Boyz We Dem Boyz Cover Art

1 of the best songs by Khalifa "we dem boyz"!

This song should be higher up there

Love this song one of the best

So many good ones, but this is the best!

12 The Thrill

The meaning of thus song and beat always puts a smile on my face. I can never skip this song and this is no doubt wizes best song

Underrated song! Why doesn't this have more votes!? Empire of the sun was awesome in this song. Wake up drunk go to sleep messed up!

Favorite song of all time. Just one of those songs that immediately puts you in a great mood. Anthem for fun summer nights.

Just a hype song to listen to or to jam and dance to. Brings up my mood every time I listen to it.

13 Mind of a Stoner

Its mgk but wiz makes the hook it's a fantastic song

One of his best songs! Love it

It is a best song I listen

Best wiz combo ever!

14 Let It Go Let It Go Cover Art

Good, meaningful song and Akon, it's good to hear you again.

This should be th best song wiz evermade

15 Say Yeah Say Yeah Cover Art

This music is so amazing and have a good beat. I love this music. I listen this music when I have free time.
This music is the batter music that was composed by wiz Khalifa.

Recently I've been absolutely in love with this song. Go Wiz!

Very Uplifting Song listen to it whenever I have a bad day!

This song is his first hit but still one of the best

16 Sucker for Pain Sucker for Pain Cover Art
17 On My Level On My Level Cover Art

I am really surprised there's not more votes for this song. By far my favorite, its one of his more chill beats, but it's a great song.

I always play this when I'm 'On My Level' and it just gives me the chills. The beat and Khalifa's flow are just aesthetic.

Listen to it while you are high... that's all I'm saying

The best rapper on this generation

18 Never Ever Never Ever Cover Art

This is Wiz at his best. Real meaning and real lyrics but still upbeat and fun to listen to.

The best song of wiz khalifa after black and yellow

Best song ever by wiz khalifa... Wiz rocks

19 Hopes and Dreams Hopes and Dreams Cover Art

Chill song every once in a while

This is ah grated song as well

20 Nothin On Ya Nothin On Ya Cover Art

Dope song! Listen to it!

21 Taylor Gang Taylor Gang Cover Art

How is this not number 1? This might be my favorite party song of all time. I jammed out so hard to this song one time that I tripped and broke a handle into my back. TAYLOR GANG

The feeling of being a Taylor is awesome!

Really people should that Wiz is the best!

Gets me hyped

22 Can't Be Stopped
23 Goodbye Goodbye Cover Art

It combines everything Wiz Khalifa music is made of. You want the Old Wiz? You got it. You want the New Wiz? You got it. This song is when Wiz made his statement as to who he is as an artist. If you don't like this song, you shouldn't listen to Wiz.

This is a fantastic song.

24 Bout Me Bout Me Cover Art

This song is that low common people

25 U.O.E.N.O (Remix) U.O.E.N.O (Remix) Cover Art
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