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41 The Race

SO chill, if you just want to relax and listen to Taylor gang

Such a smooth beat, can't believe it wasn't a radio hit

Should at least be in the top ten this song got me through highschool haha

My high school right there. MUCH RESPECT TO WIZ

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42 In the Cut

I feel like there's just something extremely unique, original, extraordinary and unreal about this song. Not only was the beat amazing, the random things wiz said during the song made it that much better and different, and worked. And the lyrics were just really nice for some reason

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43 Stayin' Out All Night

Unreal song to sway to

So smooth and dope for on your way to a party.

Feel good song man

This song gotta get em votes. can't be in 42! Come in man

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44 All In My Blood (Pittsburgh Sound)

Every song above minus Heor/Won't land should not even be on the list.

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45 Teach You to Fly
46 KK

Best song to listen while high

Best song on Blacc Hollywood hands down


47 Sky High
48 Started from the Bottom

That's a Drake song, dumbass

This is a Drake song, and it's not a very good one.

49 We're Done

The course flows so well with his lyrics. Great song! A good song for people who just wanna hear some chill songs to listen to, like most of his other songs.

Good song I really love the begining. I hope for more songs like the Kush and Orange Juice album. It is one of my favorites. Keep them on coming Wiz. We all love your music. Thanks

50 Remember You

I'm one of wiz 's biggest fans in the world! No disrespect wiz but I think that this is the only! And I mean! The only bad song that you have ever made in whole your career :(

This song is great. The Weeknd is sick

51 All I Smoke Is Papers
52 Never Been

Seriously is the best, people just like his mainstream stuff even though it's not even nearly as good in quality as his mixtapes, wiz khalifa's best songs came before Rolling papers which was actually his worst album in my opinion

No doubt about it. The best songe he's made. It should at least be in the top 5. What other rapper can rap over a Chrono Trigger sample? Not many.

BEST SONG! Hands Down! You can just fee the beat and it makes you want to move and dance.

This song will never get old.

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53 Bake Sale V 1 Comment
54 Kleenex
55 Fly Solo

I love this song! Gotta be in the top 10 at least

Top 10 song for sure... Love smoking with this 👌

56 Paperbond

Like I really don't get why his best music is so low you gotta search them to find...

I could just listen to this 50 times in a row

This song is amazing it should be higher

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57 Smokin' On

You might get smoke but you ain't smokin what we smokin oon
Lets get medicated! TGOD!

58 Real Estate

Real estate for me is one of the best songs of wiz Khalifa

This should be top 5 for sure, Wiz went in

Really? Nobody likes Real Estate?

Really Dope top 5

59 Telescope

This song was with the best rapper of all time "50 Cent"

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60 Raw V 1 Comment
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