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61 Till I'm Gone Till I'm Gone
62 Top Floor Top Floor

I can listen to it in whenever mood I'm in.

63 High As Hell
64 King of Everything King of Everything

I don't understand why this song isn't top 100 I mean its such a good song. You should listen to it. Its sad to see this song isn't even on the list at all

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65 Homicide

People who don't have this in there top 3 don't know wiz

I don't even like Wiz Khalifa or rap/hip-hop, but this song is tight.

I'm surprised this isn't even on the list, Wiz killed this song

66 Stoned

This song is just amazing! And its also a lil bit sad when wiz was talking in the beginning about how he was poor and they never let him into the club, womens never cared about him and all... and then the big change on his life when he became rich... a star if you know what I mean thumbs up :D!

67 Up

This is my favorite song from wiz. The best is absolutely amazing. Really harmonic and has a bone thug type vibe. Something to kick back and chill to

So when the times get hard and the nights your all alone, oh, Ill be the one you call, no tellin where we might go,

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68 Up In It Up In It

1of the best songs by wiz khalifa should have been in the top 10 at least

This song deserves to be #1. It's the BEST cut song. Wiz did his thing! HANDS DOWN.

69 Mezmorized

Perfect flow, amazing sound, gotta be at least remembered

83? Damn. Please. Just. Give this a listen

Greatest song by Wiz! Listen to it

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70 40 Bars

What did he sample for this?

71 I'm Good I'm Good

Wow, my favorite wiz khalifa song isn't even top 30... I love the lyrics and beat, its just amazing. Top 5 should be:
1. I'm Good
2. Work Hard, Play Hard
3. The Thrill
4. When I'm Gone
5. God **** Love It (also should be way higher)

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72 Chewy Chewy
73 Yoko Yoko
74 The Statement The Statement

I can't believe it wasn't even mentioned

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75 In Da Cut In Da Cut

Classic wiz that isn't really known! More people should look into his older music instead of the mainstream nonsense.

76 Name On a Cloud

This is one of the best Wiz Khalifa songs

77 Smokin Good Smokin Good

Hell ya a real stoner will love this

78 Red Carpet Red Carpet
79 No Lie
80 California

Perfect burn ride song. Should be in top ten

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