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121 In My Car

Catchy beat. One of his best Songs I really like it

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122 Everyday

Kobe Bryant from the lakers

123 Chuck
124 Tweak Is Heavy
125 Hey Girl V 2 Comments
126 Look What I Got On

Have you ever heard his flow be this confident,

&, Look at what a sticky beat it is!

127 Ziplocc

New mix tape song on my mistakes app

128 It's Nothin'
129 That Good

Should be higher... that was a weed joke

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130 Maan!

Top 10 Without A Doubt!

One of the best songs by Wiz!

131 Get That Zip Off
132 House in the Hills
133 Smokin' Drinkin

Absolutely Raw Song, No one really knows about it. Search it on YouTube.

This song goes hard the vibe is hard this is the kind of song to bump full blast

134 Bluffin'

This is the most inspiring song of wiz

... I think the same thing, most inspiring song, inspiring beat, bad ass flow...first time I heard it, I did it 33 times in a row... Jjj

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135 Shell Shocked
136 6:30
137 Mary 3x

This list holds no weight if mary 3x is this low... easily one of his top 10

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138 Hero (freestyle)

Wdf dis song is rated so down..
It should be above 10..
Wiz khalifa fans do listen to this track. Its definitely one of his best

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