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21 Shard and Nicole

Yes yes yes, a million times YES. This couple is one of my favorites, I don't get why people don't support this but they look so cute together.

Am I the only one who cares about them anymore? What can honestly be better than digital romance? Plus, they've given a bunch of hints on it. They kinda remind me of Silvaze in a way I guess. Either way, SO ADORABLE! Shard <3 Nicole forever.

This couple is my OTP, and OTS. I love them! Nicole is my favorite sonic girl and she's the prettiest, and Shard is the best guy. I hope these two end up together, as well as get a major part in one of the videogames, T.V. shows, and comics,merchandise.This couple should be number 1.

Well..Shard is a robot and Nicole is like..a programmed type...I could work out..but..they are two different people..

22 Ray and Marine

Not a good couple. They never even met. Tails on the other hand, Marine met him, but she never met Ray anywhere.

It's a good couple


23 Tails Doll and Cream Doll

Who's cream doll? It sounds ugly. by the way I hate cream that's why I said it sounds ugly.

About The Only Creepypasta Related Couple On the List, And It's Canon!

This is a Creepypasta pairing. - Tayxd123

Tails and Cream are a good so this would make sense

24 Espio and Nicole

Just read the comics. They are SO in love

This couple makes sense I love this couple

I read the comics, it's the best idea for nicoles boyfriend ever

25 Espio and Blaze

Since both Blaze and Espio are purple... Together they match in a way of colour and from Espio having a badass sort of personality, with blaze's maturity this could be a perfect match...

That's okay if espio and blaze together. Because they are purple and they eyes almost same just espio eyes is yellow and blaze just like burning flame. And I hope there is a same again between they.

It doesn't mater if their both purple so what they are not supposed to be on this list

Yeah, espio and blaze is okay. Because, they are purple, and they almost same.

26 Scourge and Fiona

I beg you! Think about it! Fiona and Scourge? That makes just as little sense as Sonic and Sally. Sorry. Scourge and Fiona do not go together! I prefer Scourge and Rosy. They are both hedgehogs and fit together perfectly. Even the character. They're both crazy. Fiona is a Fox and She and Scourge makes no sense as a couple.

I beg you! Think about it! Fiona and Scourge? That makes just as little sense as Sonic and Sally. Sorry. Scourge and Fiona do not go together! I prefer Scourge and Rosy. They are both hedgehogs and fit together perfectly. Even the character. They're both crazy. Fiona is a Fox and She and Scourge makes no sense as a couple

Come on people this couple is awesome all you guys are forgetting the real Sonic couples like this one this is my third time putting couples on this list

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27 Sonic and Mina

Mina would be the third girl I would put with Sonic but not a bad couple

This is the person who would put Mina in third I actually meant fourth

My 2nd favorite couple. I don't know there just so cute together! I love it! There both fast, there both smart, it's just awesome! - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

It is my favourite sonic ship

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28 Knuckles and Shade

Much better choice for Knuckles than Rouge.

Why do you guys pair them up? Cause they're both echidnas? It's a FICTIONAL GAME GUYS - DCfnaf

I like this couple

29 Sonic and Shade

At times, it looks like Sonic and Shade are flirting with each other in Sonic Chronicles. - Bluesorrow

I always got the impression that she liked Sonic more than Knuckles in Chronicles.

30 Tails and Marine

This couple is awesome. Much better idea than to pair Tails with Cream or Marine with Ray, that's for sure.

How is this so low? It should be way higher. Tails and Marine are so beautiful together. They have almost the same interests, and their colors match perfectly together. Marine is beautiful and shy and Tails is shy and quite handsome, when you think about it. They go tgether so great and were meant tobe together.

Third girl I would put with Tails but its ok

How about Marine the Raccoon x Yoshi?

Marine the Raccoon puts her big, bulbous thigh up Yoshi's giant, bulbous nose w/ eggs & snot overflowing.

31 Antoine and Bunnie

Come on people they are very cute and meant to be together I love this couple I think they got married

They may be very cute (like all other Sonic characters), but Antoine D. Coolette needs to try being together forever w/ Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land (especially in Western Canada) & look up to her as an older sister like Miles "Tails" Prower did during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

32 Amy and Mighty

A pedophile is actually a person who is at least 16 years old.

Also, Sonic looks like a big brother to Amy Rose.

Why is the female pink hedgehog named Amy anyways? Is that unreasonable?

Shadow is actually 64 years old.

I know, kids in the sonic franchise sure are aggressive towards Sonic the Hedgehog.

Also, Amy Rose is like a younger sister w/ a skinny pear figure towards Sonic the Hedgehog, the taller, fatter & older hedgehog.

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33 Bean and Cream
34 Sonic and Nicole

No doesn't make sense

35 Eggman and Sonic

Funniest one in this list.

Gross! What sick freak made this couple up!? Ew bestiality! People bestiality is gross!

36 Sonic and Zeena

Zeena makes a few flirty/teasing remarks towards Sonic, such as calling him "adorable", and telling him to call her in Sonic Lost World. - AbadeInquistion

I say it's a great idea for sonic and zenna

37 Cream and Bokkun

This needs to be higher.

38 Charmy and Cream

These 2 would be cute together this is why

1 there the same age
2 I don't like tails x cream I like tails x cosmo
3 there both pretty energetic kids
5 they both can be annoying
6 there both so underrated
7 I also don't like charmy x saffron
8 and last but not least both characters need more development and this would help

Agreed to 1,2,4, and 8 (especially 2(disagreed with 7, I have no straight opinion on those 2.))

Thanks for the opinion appreciation accepted for number 7 the reason I don't like charmyxsaffronn is because not there a bad couple I just don't like saffron I feel the only reason she's in the comics is to be for charmy cause there both bees I also this saffron is bland and has little development

anyway thanks appreciate your opinion

39 Knuckles and Julie-Su

I like Shadow and Julie-Su better but it's ok

I love knuxulie! I read the knuckles comics and it is so cute! I heard that there are a few people who like shadow x julie-su, but I like knuxulie better. It's not that I don't like the ship, I'm not a fan of it...

40 Metal Sonic and Breezie (AOSTH)

These two are so cute together! And they have a lot in common!

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