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41 Sonic and Fiona
42 Eggman and Sonic

Gross! What sick freak made this couple up!? Ew bestiality! People bestiality is gross!

43 Knuckles and Julie-Su

I like Shadow and Julie-Su better but it's ok

44 Big and Froggy

How about Big the Cat xxx Rosalina of the Comet Observatory?

Yes they pretty much are a couple

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45 Jet and Storm V 1 Comment
46 Tails and Bunnie Rabbot V 1 Comment
47 Knuckles and Rosalina

What an epic couple (especially everywhere in Western Canada) whereas Rosalina's new arch-rivals are Iggy Koopa (since Mario Kart 8) & Inky the blue ghost from the Pac-Man franchise!

48 Tails and Rosalina

Well, Tails & Rosalina both have a lot of stuff in common & would make the best couple towards each other.

Seriously people there should be a thing where you take this off along with Sonic and Shadow and Tails and and Knuckles and Rosilina

49 Shadow and Julie-Su

They are better than Knuckles and Julie-Su they both shot guns and stuff so yah like this better

50 Knuckles and Tikal

They are better than Shadow and Tikal

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51 Tails and Jewel

Don't Insult Rio EVER AGAIN!
Blu And Jewel Would Be Disgusted If They Saw This List!

52 Mephiles and Darkness

I'm so happy I discovered this couple. Even though is fake, I love it

It's not fake that is a character named darkness and everyone knows mephiles.

53 Manic and Mina

This couple is adorable! They're both passionate about music, plus their personalities would be perfect for each other!

54 Shadow and Cream

Cream is like maria which makes her PERFECT for shadow

I like to see shadow and cream as siblings, it's cute

55 Silver x Tikal

What? Just because I like Silvaze doesn't mean I can't like this too. They're both time-travelers, both have the same feelings on justice. Plus, they're just plain cute.

56 Knuckles x Cosmo

Oh boy, are people gonna flare up at me for this one... I personally like them and I think that they had their fair share of moments in episode 56. Plus, I'm a Taiream.

57 Eggman and Usopp V 1 Comment
58 Amy and Rouge
59 Manic & Sticks

They are both crazy in their respected series.

Very True. I wonder If Manic and Mina could a special appearance iin the show.

60 Scourge and Amy

I love scourgamy its one of my favorite couples including manic x amy, mephiles x amy, shadow x amy, knuckles x amy, tails x amy, amd silver x amy

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