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61 Silver x Tikal

What? Just because I like Silvaze doesn't mean I can't like this too. They're both time-travelers, both have the same feelings on justice. Plus, they're just plain cute.

62 Knuckles x Cosmo

Oh boy, are people gonna flare up at me for this one... I personally like them and I think that they had their fair share of moments in episode 56. Plus, I'm a Taiream.

63 Scourge and Amy

I love scourgamy its one of my favorite couples including manic x amy, mephiles x amy, shadow x amy, knuckles x amy, tails x amy, amd silver x amy

64 Eggman and Usopp V 1 Comment
65 Amy and Rouge
66 Manic & Sticks

They are both crazy in their respected series.

Very True. I wonder If Manic and Mina could a special appearance iin the show.

67 Rouge and Topaz

They're both kickass chicks and are a great duo. They really care about each other such as when they give each other gifts. Like where Topaz buys Rouge a diamond ring, with Topaz acting very awkwardly and Rouge, naturally, never dropping her overly husky voice. Their bond runs deep. - Tantei

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