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61 FAKER! I think you're the fake hedgehog V 1 Comment
62 I cant imagine why white is the new black. I mean seriously, without joking.

A quote from my fan made game, this shows, Amy has thougt Shadow were Sonic, Silver were Sonic and the military in SA2, also the military in SA3, Shadow instead of Nazo, REALLY. But this was and is a funny runing gag in the sonic series.

63 Yoosh (Dr. Eggman's gibberish)
64 I'm Waiting! V 2 Comments
65 What, over already!? Oh well!

This is what Sonic says upon defeating the Egg Lancer in Sonic Unleashed.

66 Yo Tails, Long Time No See

What was this from sonic 06?! You know what?! It doesn't matter now what happens

Long time no see but it wasn't a long time until it was

67 "Aw yeah! This is happening!"

This quote is what ruined Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic, it sounds so... Just realize... Oms Sonic...

68 One of these days, I am gonna knock you out. Really! V 1 Comment
69 We are up... over... and gone.
70 My name is Amy Rose. I'm cute and full of energy.
71 I think I figured it out.
72 Yo Eggman thanks for that little sky diving adventure the other day!
73 Let's Get Em'
74 Let's blast through with Sonic Speed!

Sonic Heroes was awesome and this quote is great for Sonic

V 1 Comment
75 AAH! Stop it Knuckles!

This is when you get to hang castle as team Sonic in sonic heroes.

Can VERY easily be taken the wrong way!

Can easily be taken the wrong way...

V 1 Comment
76 Hey! Not cool!
77 I'm outta here!

Wait 3 minutes and... BOOM.

78 That's eggman, I wonder what happened to sonic
79 Let's show this creep the real superpower of TEAMWORK!

This fits sonic heroes because the whole game,no character is left out

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