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21 So Much More... (Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing) V 1 Comment
22 Race to Win (Sonic Rivals 2)

Its awesome to listen to, great lyrics and awesome beats! This is why I love sonic rivals 2! The music and graphics are awesome! - blast

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23 His World [Crush 40 ver.] (Sonic 2006)

Wow! These guys turned a theme song from a terrible game into an amazing and memorable version.

This song has so much more power than the original

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24 Escape From the City - Classic Remix (Sonic Generations)
25 Ungravity (Sonic Riders Zero Gravity)
26 This Machine (Sonic Heroes)

As far as Sonic Heroes goes, this song is a highlight. Not only do I love Team Dark, I love Julien-K as well!
So fitting for them, so AWESOME.

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27 Sonic Boom (Crush 40 vs Cashcash)
28 The Chosen One (Shadow the Hedgehog)

So greatly expresses Shadow's feelings, in one awesome song, It's in one word: Amazing.

29 Sonic Heroes (Sonic Heroes)

Great track one of the best put this at 1! - blast

30 Fist Bump - Sonic Forces
31 Escape from the City - Modern Remix (Sonic Generations)

Cool instrumental at the front! It just gets you active and ready!

Rolling around at the speed of sound, got places to go gotta follow my RAINBOW

32 Seven Rings In Hand (Sonic and the Secret Rings)
33 Sonic Boom (full ver.) (SonicCD)

I liked the ending song a lot more, it had better lyrics and an awesome instrumental track to boot.

I like both the NA and the Euro version but personally I think the euro one is better

I love the lyrics to this song. The people sobbing this also did a great job. And it's just so...sonic!

Too bad it got replaced with sonic boom Game.

If your strong you can fly - sonic boom cd

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34 Unknown from M.E. (Theme of Knuckles: Sonic adventure)


Not much to it besides the title - nazi_zombieguy1911

*laughing* "Unlike Sonic, I don't chuckle"? Yep that's Knuckles

Unlike Sonic, I don't chuckle? Yep makes sense. (Not.)

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35 My Destiny (Theme of Princess Else (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006))

You no have a destiny, Princess Elise the Third.

I love this song. I always singing this song because, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

36 Amy's Theme

Do you mean "My Sweet Passion" from Sonic Adventure 1&2? Why do people hate Amy Rose?!

37 E.G.G.M.A.N (Shadow the Hedgehog)
38 Super Sonic Racing (Sonic R)

One of the catchiest, most legendary themes out there! This is the kind of music that sends shivers down your spine.

This song gives me the goose bumps! Very catchy with amazing music! I just love this song too much. Never gets old. - sryanbruen

You probably wouldn't expect it from a game like this but this is just mind-blowing stuff. As a bonus, the singers voice, TJ Davis, is amazingly powerful! Check it out the first chance you get and you'll believe me for sure.

Sonic is super and is fast. This song is best to tell sonics abilities in a great song

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39 Team Chaotix (Sonic Heroes: Theme of Team Chaotix))

This song is just SO awesome. Awesome song for an awesome team.

40 Infinite (Sonic Forces)

I'm the tallest of mountains
I am the roughest of waves
I'm the toughest of terrors
I am the darkest of days
I'm the last one that's standing,
Don't try to stand in my way,
Cause I've been up against better,
Just take a look at my face
Cause if you're messing with me,
I am a dangerous weapon
I am the sharpest of blades;
I'll cut you down in a second
Cause I was born in this pain,
It only hurts if you let it,
So if you think you can take me
Then you should go and forget it
And after all this time, you're back for more
(I won't stop until they know my name)
So I'll take what's mine and start this war
(I'm coming at you like a tidal wave)
When everything you know has come and gone,
(You are at your lowest, I am rising higher)
Only scars remain of who I was
(What I find in the ashes, you lose in the fire!)
When there's no one left to carry on,
(This is an illusion, open up your eyes and...)
This pain ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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