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41 Free (Crush 40 Version) - Sonic Free Riders

While I love Zebrahead and Cash Cash, nothing beats the kickass Crush 40. Sonic Free Riders has made ScrewAttack's and MrAlfredoSauce's top pick and's fouth pick on Top 10 Worst Sonic Games, the music is awesome.


42 Waking Up (Shadow the Hedgehog)

Why is this song 38!? It's AWESOME! Lyric chain! 🎵Waking up, breaking out, this is what it's like to be free! Rip it up, tear it down, this is what it means to be free! 🎵

43 My Sweet Passion (Sonic the Hedgehog)
44 Catch Me If You Can (Sonic Riders Zero Gravity)

I never heard the song but I heard its quite terrific!

45 Kick That Rock (Sonic Adventure 2 and Knuckles Theme)

It was the 1st sonic song along with deeper (a leveled theme) and knuckles' main theme have a mild lyrics warning

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46 All Hail Shadow - Sonic 06 - Crush 40

Love Crush 40's music! Listen to it all the time! But All Hail Shadow has got to be my favorite so far! Unless a new Sonic game has a new one, but I doubt that.

47 Super Sonic Racing - Cash Cash Remix (Sonic Generations)
48 Speak With Your Heart (Sonic Colours)

Speak with your heart. This taught me something in life and is a great soothing song

49 Big Arms (Sonic Generations 3ds)
50 Can You Feel the Sunshine? - Sonic R
51 All Hail Shadow! (Shadow the Hedgehog)

Don't get me wrong, Crush 40 sang it better than Mangna-Fi. It's chorus is like a law book.

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52 Throw It All Away (Sonic Adventure 2 Battle)

Yeah, throw that god awful song away!

Why don't you go throw your bad attitude away! I happen to love this song and sing it all the time! Shadow is actually my favorite character! So HMPH!

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53 Who I Am (Shadow the Hedgehog)

Lyric time! "This is who I am! Not a shadow of who I want to be! Try to understand, this is what made me, your not ever gonna change me! "

Lyric time continuation! "Yoou, never really understood me! Yoou, always put me down! Liike, a dog that's beaten over and over, one day I'm gonna take you down! "

54 We Can (Sonic Heroes: Theme of Team Sonic)

This sing is amazing. It show us that everything could be solved together

55 Face to Faith (Sonic and a the Black Knight)
56 Work It Out (Sonic R)
57 Raisin' Me Up (Sonic Rush)
58 You Can Do Anything (Sonic CD)
59 Dear My Friend (Brent Cash)
60 Believe In Myself (Tails Theme - Sonic Adventure)

I just think this version is so much better than the sonic adventure 2 one!

I agree with the person below me'

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