Top Ten Best Sonic the Hedgehog Songs

Everyone please note: this list includes level music as well. Enjoy!

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41 Stardust Speedway Bad Future - Sonic CD

This song is so catchy!

I prefer Japan but who is this so low? This is one my favourites

Japan version, or US version? I perfer Japan.

42 Metal Sonic Battle Song - Sonic 4 Episode 2
43 Final Fortress - Sonic Heroes
44 Sky Deck - Sonic Adventure
45 Never Let It Go (Metal Sonic's Theme) - Sonic the Fighters

Another great song for Metal Sonic! He always amazing boss themes.

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46 Crisis City - Sonic 06
47 Final Boss Song - Sonic 2
48 Miniboss Song - Sonic & Knuckles
49 Miniboss Song - Sonic 3
50 Believe in Myself - Sonic Adventure 2

The theme song for Tails is a message to always believe in yourself.

I love this song it's the best ever

51 Emerald Coast - Sonic Adventure
52 Normal Boss Song - Sonic 2
53 Windy Hill Zone - Sonic Lost World

This music makes you feel wind which is why this is called WINDY hill zone

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54 Un-Gravitify - Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
55 Wrapped In Black - Sonic Rush

This needs to be higher! Wrapped in black (in black, in black) Wrapped in black, (Wrapped in black)

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56 Let the Speed Mend It - Sonic and the Secret Rings

I love sonic! - tbell4ever

57 Werehog Battle Theme - Sonic Unleashed

The only song out of the whole franchise I hate - Chaotixhero

That will NEVER get outta my head

58 The World Adventure - Sonic Unleashed
59 Lava Reef Zone - Sonic and Knuckles

Act 1

This should come in at least top 2.

P.S. I hated Amy Rose's appearance in Sonic X.

60 Hang Castle - Sonic Heroes
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