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61 Sky Sanctuary - Sonic 3 & Knuckles
62 High & Broken - Sonic & the Secret Rings
63 All Hail Shadow - Sonic 06 (Crush 40)

Okay I like this version better than the one from Shadow the Hedgehog but no offense to anyone who like the Shadow the Hedgehog version better. Just my opinion.

64 You Can Do Anything - Sonic CD

I don't understand this spot... It's one of my favorite Classic Sonic songs...

65 It Doesn't Matter - Sonic Adventure 2

This song has that vibe to it that all Sonic game should have but sadly don't. I prefer this version to the first because the riff and tempo make it all the more uplifting and great to listen to.

Yeah! This song makes me feel like I can live through anything, because IT DOESN'T MATTER!

I can totally relate to this song…somehow...

It doesn't matter now what happens I will never give up the fight *cough* sorry this song is in my head because its catchy and I prefer the crush 40 version

66 Race to Win - Sonic Rivals 2

I love this song! Duh, that's why it's on this list.

67 My Sweet Passion - Sonic Adventure

Whoever said that My Sweet Passion (in Amy Rose's story) is only in the credits is factual. Also, I prefer every other Sonic the Hedgehog song in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, especially in the Sega Genesis games (yeah, I just said that) over My Sweet Passion. No girly pop songs allowed!

Wha- This song sucks! Sounds like crabby Canadian girls ripping off Pastiche!

And this is why I hate Amy's Story in Sonic Adventure.

Okay I like Amy Rose but seriously SEGA? Give Amy a more grown up song!

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68 Seven Rings in Hand - Sonic and the Secret Rings

I was looking everywhere for this

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69 Frog Forest - Sonic Heroes
70 Face to Faith - Sonic and the Black Knight
71 Doomsday Zone
72 Us - Sonic CD

Not a bad song but only at start of game you can hear it

73 Throw It All Away - Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Yeah! Throw that awful game (which is Sonic Adventure 2) away & sue SEGA for how they created the whole Sonic Adventure franchise.

74 Metropolis Zone - Sonic Heroes V 1 Comment
75 Leaf Forest - Sonic Advance 2
76 Tropical Resort Act 1 - Sonic Colors
77 Sky Troops - Shadow the Hedgehog
78 His World (Instrumental Solaris Phase 2 Theme) - Sonic '06

These two tie on the list. Why? Because they're basically the same song, but with different tones. The classic takes a simpler, quieter tone and builds up, while the zebrahead one is bouncy and rock all around.

79 Starlight Carnival - Sonic Colors
80 Westopolis - Shadow the Hedgehog V 1 Comment
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