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81 Sandopolis - Sonic 3 & Knuckles
82 What I'm Made Of - Sonic the Hedgehog

What I'm made of Is the final boss theme of heroes, and is one of crush 40's greatest songs. It demonstrates an epic battle, while having a foe bigger than you.

83 Rooftop Run - Sonic Generations

In sonic generations, most if the remixs didn't match up to the originals in my opinion. But this one did an amazing job! Originally coming from unleashed, this song matches the fun vibes of the level, while brining something fresh to the table.

Chill and groovy, not the best one but still worth to listen to it
Also catchy

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84 Through the Fire - Sonic & the Black Knight
85 His World (Original Sonic 3 & Knuckles Version)
86 Mystic Cave Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog 2
87 Crisis City (Modern) - Sonic Generations V 1 Comment
88 His World (Zebrahead) - Sonic '06

Upbeat opening and the lyrics go quicker. "Runnin' back again, well what you expect? " (sorry if I got it wrong)

89 Sea Bottom Segue - Sonic: Lost World
90 Spring Yard Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog
91 Intro - Sonic 3D Blast
92 High & Broken - Sonic & the Secret Rings
93 Metal City - Sonic Riders
94 G.U.N Fortress - Shadow the Hedgehog

It has a creepy/dark kind of vibe to it. I love it no words just a creepy/dark tune. Really describes the games Pure Dark ending!

95 Waking Up - Shadow the Hedgehog

Love it! Every time I listen to it I love it more! Up beat and really shows you who Shadow is!

96 Planet Wisp - Sonic Colours

This song is great and the generations version of it is AWESOME

97 Follow Me: Team Rose - Sonic Heroes V 2 Comments
98 Circus Park - Shadow the Hedgehog

It's really sound like your at a circus. Catchy level theme but also fun!

99 Lost Impact - Shadow the Hedgehog
100 You Can Do Anything - Sonic CD
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