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101 Final Boss Phase 2 - Sonic Colors
102 Metallic Madness Bad Future JP Remix - Sonic CD
103 Intro - Sonic 3D Blast
104 Bullet Station - Sonic Heroes
105 Metal City - Sonic Riders
106 G.U.N Fortress - Shadow the Hedgehog

It has a creepy/dark kind of vibe to it. I love it no words just a creepy/dark tune. Really describes the games Pure Dark ending!

107 Waking Up - Shadow the Hedgehog

Love it! Every time I listen to it I love it more! Up beat and really shows you who Shadow is!

108 Planet Wisp - Sonic Colours

This song is great and the generations version of it is AWESOME

109 Follow Me: Team Rose - Sonic Heroes V 2 Comments
110 Circus Park - Shadow the Hedgehog

It's really sound like your at a circus. Catchy level theme but also fun!

111 Lost Impact - Shadow the Hedgehog
112 You Can Do Anything - Sonic CD
113 Metal Harbour

This song is just so cool and it matches the level so well giving a cool lighthearted rock star kind of music! - PampaZapp

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