Best Sonic Youth Songs

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1 Teen Age Riot

One of the greatest songs ever from one of the best alternative albums ever. Truly an awesome guitar song, and is just such a great song.

2 Schizophrenia

That riff is awesome

3 Kool Thing

This song sends chills down my spine. So does Teen Age Riot.

4 Superstar
5 Sugar Kane

And I Know - Glauberson

6 Eliminator Jr.
7 Expressway to Yr Skull
8 100%

A Blast In The Underworld - Glauberson

9 Incinerate
10 Eric's Trip

I can't see anything as far as I'm concerned - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

The Newcomers

? Dirty Boots
? The Diamond Sea

A masterpiece. - JCHOW

The Contenders

11 Little Trouble Girl
12 Silver Rocket

The live version will always be better, but it's still an amazing song

Just incredible noise

13 Total Trash
14 Disappearer
15 Mote
16 Starpower

This song is awesome. - JCHOW

17 Wish Fulfillment
18 Unmade Bed
19 Purr
20 Shadow of a Doubt

I have not listened any other song in which Kim sounds so cryptic, yet so powerful.

21 My Friend Goo
22 Skink
23 I Love Her All the Time
24 Green Light
25 Chapel Hill
26 Youth Against Fascism
27 Cinderella's Big Score
28 Hits of Sunshine (For Allen Ginsberg)
29 Theresa's Sound World
30 Bull In the Heather

This song is infectious

This is one of their best. I’d say top 10 for sure.

31 Sunday

Give this song an upvote will ya?

32 Scooter & Jinx
33 'Cross the Breeze

This song deserves a far higher spot in the list. Such raw energy instrumentals and vocals.
This is pure noise rock. - RockNRoll

Some of the greatest guitar I have ever heard put to tape.

Intense piece of music, just blows you away

34 Or
35 Candle
36 Unwind
37 Kotton Krown
38 Hey Joni
39 Titanium Expose
40 I Love You Golden Blue
41 Anti-Orgasm

NOT YOUR SEX SLAVE! - TheGodfatherOfCoolStuff

42 Bee-Bee's Song
43 Tuff Gnarl

Whatever it's about, it is an emotional and touching song and deserves a place on this list.

44 Ineffable Me
45 Karen Revisited
46 The Empty Page
47 Tom Violence
48 Becuz
49 The Sprawl
50 Death Valley '69
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1. Eliminator Jr.
2. Teen Age Riot
3. Schizophrenia
1. The Diamond Sea
2. Starpower
3. Teen Age Riot
1. Total Trash
2. Incinerate
3. Eliminator Jr.

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