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21 Justin Law

I have a fondness for this character, partly because he is a priest and partly because I find his earbud thing cool. He is a very strong character (he became a Deathscythe at age 13 without a meister) and he's funny and cool at the same time. My only disappointment is what happened to him in the manga. I like Soul Eater, but I feel like Atsushi Ohkubo could have done better on Justin Law and Mifune.

22 Ragnarok

How is Ragnarok number 23? I love Ragnarok, he is funny, strong, and adorable, for real

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23 Meme Tatane
24 Gopher

Gopher is one of the villains in the manga series. He does whatever Noah tells him to do, if he slips up once, he is assured a punishment from Noah. He is neglected by Noah, and taken for granted by Noah.

25 Tsugumi Harudori V 1 Comment
26 Anya Hepburn
27 Angela
28 The Shaking Bartender

The bartender that appeared in the second excalibur episode. The one that wouldn't stop shaking the drink? He's not my favorite, but he's hysterical in that episode

29 Akane Hoshi V 1 Comment
30 Kishin

There can be more than one Kishin. Therefore, it's merely impossible to say Lishin is the best if there's more than one.

31 Giriko

Chainsaw formerly of Arachnophobia.

32 White Star

He is badass

33 Sun

He laughs at black stars stupidety tots FUNNIE

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