Among the four languages I speak ( English, French, Chinese and Japanese) French is my favorite language by far, it has a outstanding culture standing behind it, and to make it better it has such a sexy sound, I see why Italian can make the top 3 but to be honest I think French sounds much more refined and delicate than Italian in my own opinion. Speaking French in an antique city like Paris is like a dream come true. Vive la France!

I speak English and Japanese fluently and have a good understanding of Spanish. Yet, as a native French speaker, I have to say that it is the most beautiful language to me. I used not to think that way, but learning other languages made me love my language all the more. It's eloquent, not too harsh nor soft, and it grants the speaker with a deep feeling of satisfaction and joy when mastered, even though one never stops learning a language.

As someone born in northern Mexico (native Spanish speaker) and fluent English speaking (American English) and now living in France, I can safely say, French is by far the most gorgeous language. It's so melodic, fluid and just plain amazing, Italian is more similar to Spanish and Portuguese as they all share similar sounds but spoken French is so much nicer and the sounds of all letters are much more beautiful... music in French is amazing to listen too, even the worst mainstream hip-hop song sounds amazing because of the language. No other language is capable of turning garbage use of words into music as good as French does!

There are words in French that do not translate into any other language that explicitly express situation of love. For example. Retrouvailles: the feeling you get when you see someone after a long physical separation. Surely one of the less annoying language.

And when saying that 40% of French words are English, you must learn that it's the contrary, 40% (even 45% depending of sources) of English words have French origins. With around 80,000 words, and here we count only words imported directly from French. By searching correctly, you will find these facts on internet.

French is not only a sophisticated language, but is absolutely beautiful to the ears and especially through poetic romantic songs. French is well-known as being one of the most beautiful languages. Italian is nice too, perhaps a close second; a more beautiful version of Spanish.

A wonderful language spoken by lots of different countries in all continents. Which add this charm because of marvelous accents and specific way to enrich French language, from African countries, Caribbeans, Indian and Pacific Oceans, Lebanon etc... French is a complex and difficult language to learn, but each feeling can be express with a so smart and precise way. French is a real rich language full of romanticism and love. Proud and so happy for having learnt it. I know that people does not like anything related to French or France and sorry but I'm far to share that.

I am from Quebec, but now live in the U.S. for about 7 years or so and I just recently toured the French Caribbean. I must say that I like how the Haitian French sounds the best. It's a more clean version of French, kind of like how American English is to British English. It's kind of like a classic French. Anyway, French is the BEST sounding period!

Fools who don't anything about it must shut up. (No offense). Pretending African's French sucks because they couldn't pronounce some sounds. It's clear you don't speak French yourself. As a French native speaker I can tell that the only difference with African French is that they have a different accent. Accent has nothing to do with pronunciation. Now, if you want a specific accent, you might even get disappointed by some people here in France.

French is such a good language. When French people speak another language, their accent is amazing. In fact French language shouldn't be the best language but every others languages speaking by French.

The French language has the most sophisticated and elegant sound. It puts all other languages to shame.

The language can sound melodious and beautiful or strong and forceful depending how the voice says it. French cinema is so great precisely because of the French language.

I get this soothing sensation hearing a person speaking fluent French because it's just very fluid and posh-sounding... I mean, the majority of expensive brands have a somewhat French etymology in their names... I guess that's what makes us think that French people are posh. - Leonardo01

I find the French accent just exquisite. Their accents are the classiest most refined out of all. All the words connect to each other which just makes the language sound akin to a smooth symphony. The Quebecois accent is otherwise...

I am studying French at my school and I go to France every year to go on holiday.

When I compare all the languages, French is the most beautiful to hear and to speak.

The French language is beautiful: the language flows, the language sounds relaxing, magical and very romantic.

French sounds elegant. Italian has a beautiful sound also but it lacks the intellectual and sophisticated side of the French language.

I'm American so English is my first language. But most of my ancestors were French. I felt that French is what I want my second language to be. I started studying when I was only 11, and have found French to be THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LANGUAGE by far!

It sounds so fluent like flowing water. Hard to learn, but so beautiful.

French is the most beautiful sounding language in the world in my opinion with Italian coming at a close second. When I first started hearing the French language, it is music to my ears and very soothing to listen to.

The most beautiful without a doubt!

What remembers you of paradise? French, of course! As a native Persian speaker, French is the most beautiful language I've ever heard!

Just the most beautiful and sexiest language ever!

Well, I really like French. I mean, it's so beautiful and flowing. It also sounds romantic.

Whoever said "I hate the sound of French" is a scumbag

No language can be compared to the French! The sound and the pronunciation are more than amazing!

I speak French, English and Spanish fluently and each equally as a first language. I can certainly say that French is the most beautiful as a spoken language but spanish songs sound definitely more romantic to my ears