At the moment of writing this, Italian and French were at the top of this list which is great because those two were the last candidates I had to chose for my next language. French sounds good and is very useful because it is the 2nd most spoken second language. You open up a lot of options if you are a traveler. Regardless of all this, I picked Italian because the energetic and romantic flow of it was too hard to resist. I traveled Europe for 2 months and you just have to listen to a group of Italians for 5 minutes and you'll want to join in! I speak English and Spanish, I can afford to pick a "less useful" language! - daniel619

Italian is the most beautiful and romantic language in the world because when you're speaking it you're like singing or expressing your real feelings and emotions

It's sounds so melodic! In my opinion it's much than french, which sounds too snobbish.
Some languages that don't sound good are near the top because of their native speakers.

Italian is such a beautiful sounding language no question about it. French is by comparison too harsh sounding. Whoever said that Italian is harsh sounding must be on drugs.

It sounds absolutely beautiful! One of my favourite languages.

I like Spanish because it is so widely spoken, and is fun and easy to learn, however Italian is absolutely the best sounding language in the world, in my opinion. The thing that I am not particularly found of in the Spanish language is its lisp sounds. Italian does not have lisp sounds and therefore wins in the beauty aspect. English is of course the most spoken and, on more than one level, most important language to speak. French sounds OK, I especially love the phrases "Bon appetite" and "Bon voyage". However, the language seems to be a bit a bit more difficult to learn than the above three. So there you have it. Besides the English language, the Latin based languages stands out as being the better of the languages. And it is probably no coincidence that the language scientist Zamenhof used as much as 80% of Latin when he created the most popular artificial language in the world Esperanto.

Everything is so much more fun to say in Italian, no matter what it is. And it's the true successor to Latin, the Romans' language! Awesome!

I find Italian beautiful because it's like a chameleon in the way that it can be played around with to sound so many different ways and fit so many different genres of music and media/pop culture!

The most articulated and meaningful language in the world

Speaking Fluently Greek Italian English and French I realized that it really is a language worth knowing and I couldn't help but fall more and more in love with it as years went by. Now, after seven years of learning Italian I absolutely love the language and can use it at an almost professional level. I have a flair for English and I am captivated by it as well being a native Greek myself. I also realized that Italian helps me a lot with my music studies and I take pride in being able to speak fluently.

I'm learning Italian! I'm part Italian as well and let me say Italian is gorgeous! I love singing in it and thinking in it. A lot of people today complain about Italians...sad. This language was voted number sixteen on ugliest languages on this same site! The comments are horrendous! I think a lot of people get confused with dialects like Sicilian and Calabrese when they visit. Italian is heaven! I love being Italian. It's true we're very arrogant when it comes to our culture, Italians and Italian Americans. Don't mess with us! Thanks for vote of confidence!

Italian comes from Latin just like the other top languages below...if you jumble the letters in Latin, you get Italian almost. Everyone knows it is the most fluid and best sounding and logical when it comes to pronunciation...I have a lot of friends who speak the other romantic languages like French, Spanish and Portuguese, Romanian etc and they all agree with me and I'm not even Italian...I learned it as a child and speak English, some French, and a bit of Spanish...just saying!

This is definitely the best language of them all. After having looked at many European languages, only French comes close to Italian. It's quite regular, sounds beautiful and is highly sophisticated. Like Latin but with an extra layer of prettiness added to it.

This is a beautiful language! Being a native born a English speaker, I rarely have problems with Latin based languages, and what better Latin based language than Italian? I mean, Latium, where the language originated, was in ancient Italy. So I thought, why not? Best choice ever. It rolls off the tongue naturally and most English speakers know many Latin root words which help significantly in the long run. Beautiful.

I love the way Italian language sounds. From all the Romance languages I think that Romanian is the closest to Italian. I can't stand the way French sounds! Sorry...

It's beautiful, poetic and melodic. it makes me weak at the knees! Best food, best fashion, most beautiful people, best history and most beautiful cities as well!

Italian sounds like beautiful music and like it's food, the best.

It is the language of poetry and music, flowing perfectly and in the most melodic of ways. No wonder our poets are some of the greatest history has ever seen, and you can just never grow tired of the sound of certain words.

The most beautiful sounding language, it is so sweet and melodious, it has character and power like no other language, the best language for music, absolutely love it, Eros Ramazzotti made some of the best music you could ever hear and enjoy, I wish I were Italian :-)

Italian is the best language in the world! Learning Italian will help you in the future and, let's be honest wouldn't you say that you know more words in Italian than any other languages? Bravo, Pasta, Lasagna... Spaghetti or Pizza! Or isn't Italy a place which is a must on the countries to visit? YES. French sucks!

I studied Italian in school and have visited many times. The language never ceases to amaze me in its melodic beauty. The soft, elegance of Italian is incredible, and when sung, as in an Opera, it is one of the best sounds in the world.

I just started learning Italian a few days ago, and let me say it is an amazing language. All of the beautiful and flowing rhythms just make me want to speak it more and more. At being a relatively easy language to learn, English speakers will almost certainly be pick some recognizable words out of a sentence. Italian is a beautiful language that everyone should learn!

An absolutely beautiful language! I couldn't agree with the comments more - definitely more melodious and enchanting than French, which sounds pretty but a tad too standoffish to me. Italian is like a gorgeous cake with the elegance of French, the sophistication of Spanish and the comforting warmth of Portuguese. Bellisima!

Italian is pure perfection. Harmonious since it has pretty much the same number of vowels and consonants in each word, melodic thanks to the specific use of accents and intonation, irresistible as a result of the best matching of syllables.

Most beautiful, melodic, poetic language in the world. EVERY sentence, every word every syllable sounds like a song or a rhythm. The Italians have everything the best food, the best fashion, the most beautiful people... only fitting that they have the most gorgeous language to go with that!
when an Italian man is wooing you, you will go weak at the knees. the things he says, even if you can't understand, are so beautiful and charming, that you won't be able to resist him!
same goes for those feisty Italian women, they can cook up a storm, but they also speak their mind with plenty of beautiful language to feed your ears, even "f off" sounds beautiful in Italian!