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41 Albanian

Is the best sounding language in balkan 4 sure!

I've heard Albanian last week for the first time and... WOW! I fell immediately in love with it! It is very underrated in my opinion, because it has everything that a perfect language is supposed to have!

It sounds awesome even though it has some hard letters to spell. It is a bit hard learning to speak it but you will love it.

A very interesting and unique language, it being in its own branch. It is very melodic and beautiful.

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42 Bulgarian

I don't understand a word of it but it sounds like a more musical version of my own language - Brazilian portuguese. The pronunciation is quite similar

I've just heard nina dobrev speak it on T.V. sounds so unique and beautiful.

Almost like a soft whisper

Way more interesting than the Italian one.

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43 Hebrew

It is the language of the prophets
Of the sign up on the wall
It is old and sacred
It will open up your soul

Hebrew is unique in its ability to be read without being understood. When spoken properly, it flourishes in a harmonious blend of power and grace.

Hebrew is an unique language to hear and to write. The alphabet (hebrew alphabet) is clear and funny to learn, to read and to write

Amazing Language

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44 Hungarian

Please listen to some Hungarian music on YouTube and you'll believe it to be one of the most beautiful languages in the World.

You can't not express yourself with this language. Infinite possibilities.

The music is awesome, and when you hear it, you'd get interested to learn it.

One of the hardest languages in the world, and one of the most unique and special. enough said.

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45 Malayalam

Only language with variety

Malayalam is polished Tamil and Sanskrit. One of the best languages of East Asia

Toughest language in the world

The sweetest sounding Dravidian language. A perfect blend of ancient Tamil and Sanskrit

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46 Welsh

The oldest language spoken still spoken by people in Europe. It's Celtic and sounds like something a Lord of the Rings elf should be speaking. Wish I was born in a Welsh speaking part of Wales almost every day because it's a hard language to learn yet a huge part of my culture and history.

The oldest language still spoken in Western Europe and undoubtedly the most beautiful. It's a shame most people have never heard it otherwise it would be much higher up on this list.


True. Learning it at the moment. It sounds otherworldly. So beautiful.

My favorite language! I'm learning Welsh and it is so gorgeous!

Iaith y nefoedd (language of heaven) Such a wealth of literature.

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47 Hindi

This language is full of beauty. A mix of ancient languages such as Sanskrit and evolving to Modern Standard Hindi, it is spoken by 180 million people (June 2015). It sounds beautiful and exotic, and no other language around the world.

Well I am not supporting Hindi because I speak it... I am supporting it because it has that melody in it which can be felt by everyone if he/she tries to learn it

Very unique language much better than few of your top ten languages on the way how it sounds...proper Hindi is difficult but sounds stunning!

Jake paulers number 1 its everyday bro

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48 Esperanto

I'm learning it. It's easy to both pronounce and learn, and sounds nice. Many consonants have vowels after them, so I (Japanese) can pronounce it well.

Easy, fun and quick to learn.. the best language for beginners!

It's very easy to learn and it's so nice...

Esperanto estas bela. Also one of the easiest to learn, in fact, that is what it was created for.

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49 Elvish

My sister is learning Quenya, and it is definitely gorgeous. Tolkein was, without a doubt, absolutely brilliant. However, even the master of languages can only mimic the exquisite beauty of certain other languages, especially Welsh. Quenya is prettier than some languages (like French), but one person can only go so far.

There are 2 major Elvish languages: Quenya and Sindarin. - SammySpore

Trust a Tolkien language to make it hear at some point, and what language the Elvish tongue is, not many in particular can stand against the common tongue of Sindarin. For all the reasons to love Irish and Welsh (the latter being what this language is in fact based off of), Sindarin is a language of sheer beauty and mastery that only the writer of L.O.T. R could have pulled off in it's creation.

Sirigannadam gelge sirigannadam balge
Kannada wow what a language Kannada the beautiful n sweet language of the world

50 Estonian

Just because a language is not widely known doesn't mean it doesn't sound good.

Probably most elvish-like language in terms of beauty

It sounds so pure and innocent. Truly a gods gift


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51 Basque

A very ancient and Mysterious language spoken in north Spain and maybe the oldest of Europe

As basque myself, I'm proud of knowing this particular language, which I consider a treasure. Learning the language shows particularities about how old it is, comparing roots, expressions and the sentence construction. For example: "aizkor" means "axe", knowing the root "aiz" (or aitz, atz, az…) means "stone", or "rock". An axe was a stone with a handle once!

It also shares multiple words with its flatmate language, the Spanish, due the lack in basque of some "modern" terms.

There is as well another important aspect of the language, as it is a very earth-integrated. There are thousands of words to designate particular trees, or animals, the sea state, types of wood, weather. Some other words have a very poetical meaning, such as the word for "moon", "ilargi", what literally means "dead light" or "light of the dead".

Maybe our ancestors thought the shine on the moon was the souls of those who died on the earth.

Euskadi is one of the few surviving pre-Indo-European languages in Europe. The language has had to be fought for during Franco's regime. It is a stubborn language that will not die, you gotta respect that! Gora gora Euskadi!

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53 Klingon

Klingon are so cool. LOLZ. My brother told a teacher something *(b/c they were making fun of one girl in the class) ounce in Klingon "Correctly" back in Middle school,EVERYONE still remembers it to this day. The the teacher didn't understand a word of what my brother said *(in the girls defense)
# Klingon is AWEsome

54 European Portuguese

There's no such thing as "European Portuguese." Portuguese is European and is native to Portugal. "Brazilian" Portuguese is its variant and not the other way around.

It's very dramatic and stronge. If you listen to a FADO song you'll understand the beauty of the language.

55 Filipino

For me the best sounding dialect has to be the ones from the mountainous, highlands. As I speak it myself, it is very masculine and strong. Unlike the ones from the lowlands where they tend to widen their mouth when speaking and thus sounding feminine. Also indigenous language with very few adopted words is also very harmonious to the ear. Unlike that heavily polluted taga-ilog or tagalog. It's very sad to hear modern Filipino dialect as it has lost it's sophisticated or intricate words in exchange for USA English. And the saddest of all is how the new generation has viewed their parents language as inferior to English, eager to pride themselves ounce they acquire it. As bad as it is, it's even worst to know that half of the earths 7000 language/dialect is bound to vanish in 2050. In a rate of 1 language becoming extinct every week.

It shares the sound of Spanish, English, and other Asian languages.

It sounds elegant for some reason

Gosh, the elegance of Filipino language lowers because gay lingo integrates here. - VNTMFans

Some filipino words are hard to pronounce but easy to spell

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56 Kannada

Its for sure an old language, but also one of the beautiful language! It is very sweet sounding and mesmerizing! There are a lot of beautiful poetry in this language, and the script is beautiful to look at and write!

Kannada script is most beautiful script in the world

Extraordinary, Rich in grammar, well framed language, deep routed...

It's also one of the beautiful script,perfect and oldest language in the world.

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57 Lithuanian

This language is gorgeous. I'm not a professional at it, but I am quite good at it. I love everything about it; the vocabulary is stunning, the speech; anything that you could think of about it. It's so sad to know that one of the oldest languages is slowly dying; Lithuanian people emigrate a lot; some of them don't even teach their children the language too. People don't read that many books anymore, so they don't know a lot of beautiful words that the language holds. It's sad, very sad.

It is one of the oldest language, close to Sanskrit. Sounds melodic, with open sounds, open endings, almost like Latin at the time. It definitely has nothing to do with the Slavic languages. The alphabet is not the same, the pronounciation is open and beautifully soft. It is rich of unique mixture of various of musical voices. Personally, reading Lithuanian poetry is just something hypnotic and astonishing. Happy to find out about this language and share it with everybody. If it is not well known, does not mean it sounds not nice

Subtile sound and, of course, agree on the fact it is one of the oldest languages, close to Sanskrit. However, not so many people know much about it and assume things hearing. I am French and found out that this language, god damn, has nothing to do with the Slavic. It is to some point close to Latin, has similar words, numbers and etc. A challenge to learn this undiscovered language

Very pretty language to speak and hear. The sentences and words are very smooth and melodic.

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58 Armenian

Actually, Armenian must be in top 10

There is no language more beautiful than Armenian.

The most beautiful language I have ever heard in my entire life!

Armenian should be in to ten! It's so beautiful.

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59 Indonesian

It has 300 millions speaker and also one of the easiest language to learn!

It is very easy to learn Indonesian.

Indonesian language is the most easy language to learn.

I don't know lol

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60 Danish

I love my language, even though I may sound like a Chinese person with a speech impediment attempting to speak Swedish backwards while attempting to do a German accent with a potato in their mouth.

It has such a unique and odd sound compared to Swedish and Norwegian but has wonderful flow and tone, my opinion. Would like to learn it but sounds incredibly hard to pronuce. Soft d ugh.

Even though the Danes think their own language sounds like a throat disease, and has some very deep, guttural sounds, I personally think it sounds great, especially in words with the letters "ae ligature", "barred o" and "A with ring above". even the soft 'd' sounds cute. I actually speak a little Danish.

It's like a drunk Chinese person with a speech impediment attempting to speak Swedish backwards while attempting a German accent with a potato in their mouth.

Danish is maybe hard to learn but I like thar language because I live in denmark

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