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61 Punjabi

Punjabi flows beautifully, deserves to be in the top 15 at least. Had tones of sweetness with a touch of roughness. This is a language that can convey emotion uniquely.

Punjabi language deserve place in top ten

Punjabi deserve to be in top ten. It has a complete grammar and linguistically correct.

Punjabi is an amazing language used all over ther world. Punjabi music is so popular that even a Bollywood movie doesn't go hit without a Punjabi song. Punjabi deserves to in the top 10.

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62 Malay

Malay is the best language after English. You will never felt weird after listen to a malay song or when you listen to their daily speaking. It just sound so right.

Malay is simply sounds great especially when you learn and understand it. Love Malaysia.

It have many beautiful words for weather, forest, plant, beaches, geography, cool slang, bunch of curse word and SO many selected pronouns to use. You never regret it.

It's easy to pronounce! (Ianya sangat senang untuk disebut! ). Compared to Indonesian, Malay languange is rather smooth and soft compared to Indonesian language. I'm pretty sure it's easy to learn and for beginners you can catch almost every word when you hear a malay song!

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63 Georgian

It's my mother tongue and one of the most interesting and different languages in the world.

One of the oldest and wealthy language

It is very unique and beautiful

You should listen to Georgian!

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64 Thai

It's very tonal but less complex than Chinese and Vietnamese, in terms of the tones. Among the tonal Asian languages, Thai should be the easiest for European tongue to practice. It's not as shushing as Chinese, and it's not as staccato as Vietnamese. It generally sounds very gentle, even swear words.

I think Thai is a beautiful language because it's a tonal language. It looks like singing when they speak. I LOVE IT!

I think the Best Sounding Languages is Thai.

Love the tone.

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65 Celtic

Celtic is not a language. It's a language family. If you're so unknowledgeable, don't use linguistic terms at all.

Celtic is a amazing language with amazing roots in history

Crazy pronunciations


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66 Gaeilge

The national language of my country so I'm clearly biased. Even though I speak English much better I feel at home speaking Irish, it just flows naturally. A true Celtic and ancient language full of colour. It has a human feel to not as romanticized as French as certainly not as dull as English

It doesn't flow off the tongue like french or farsi, but it has a very posh and clean sound to it. It sounds of rhythmical and pretty. As an Irish person who is learning Gaelic I think it is gorgeous!

Gaeilge has an aincent, wise, playful, and at times magical sound to it. Enchanting.

Gaeilge(Irish), has a natural syntax and rhythm that makes even the most mundane sentences sound heroic.

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67 Mandarin Chinese

If you actually take the time to listen to it and pick out the individual sounds and intonation, even without knowing the language, it sounds quite graceful. The problem is, Chinese people speak so fast, that upon initial contact with the language, it sounds like a bunch of noise. Also, the language is so drastically different from English, that you never hear a word that sounds like anything you already know. But once you learn to recognize just a few of the most common words & phrases, you'll be amazed at how great it sounds.

If you manage to study intonation, U will find it so charming and elegant. And proverb also very wise.

You can't appreciate it, because you never try to learn it.

Mandarin is not Chinese! It's manchurian!

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68 Marathi

A language that carries different structures depending on who you speak to. A very respectful language that sounds like melody to the ears. It's a language with a gradually growing population across the globe.

Marathi is very sweet language. I really like it. I know Hindi English and little bit of Korean but no other languages can compared with Marathi. Marathi is sweet compared to Amruta( immortal liquid)

My mother tongue😊... Feeling. Proud

69 Kurdish

In my opinion Kurdish is the most beautiful language in the world for sound, because it sounds pretty nice

I like Kurdish language and sound nice to me

Kurdish sounds really great

Well I'm Kurdish and I'm biased, but I like my naive language

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70 Latvian

I melt each time I hear it. Especially when spoken by a female!

What a nice sounding language..

The most beautiful language for me!

Latvian and Lithanian languages are related. They are the last ones of many other former baltic languages. And they both are the ones that have preserved the most number of the oldest words of the indoeuropean proto-language.

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71 Belarusian

If a lot of people's think Ukrainian is one of the best then Belarusian language IS THE BEST! Because it is much softer then Ukrainian and truly captivating!

Truly best sounding language in the world. The most beautiful one, rich and melodic. Since the glorius Middle Ages and The Grand Duchy of Lithuania it survived communism and it's really disgraceful that its role is being limited now. Some people compare it to Russian, but in terms of sound they differ pretty much, which leaves Russian in a lower league.

A very beautiful language, Belarusian is a mixture of Polish, Russian & Ukrainian.

Very melodic language. Truly rich slavic language with baltic, polish, ukrainian, russian, germanic & latinic influences. Also more softly in learning than russian & ukrainian. I am proud that speak that language. It helps me to understand other tongues, because it have wide vocabulary.
Moj rodny kut,
jak ty mnie mily,
zabyc ciabie nia maju sily...

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72 Afrikaans

It's like Dutch but much more romantic and softer when spoken. Dutch is harsh whereas Afrikaans is smooth and sophisticated.

It's like the African landscape: beautiful, very poetic, incredibly humorous and descriptive. In a certain way something between Dutch and German with just a little bit of Malaysian spices and a lot of african simplicity. Yes, it is as much a landscape as a language!

Needs to be higher up. Many have said Afrikaans sounds like French as well

It sounds like french

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73 Cantonese

It's one of the oldest and influential language in Chinese region and all Chinese community all around the world. It sounds really musical but hard to learn, only Hong Kong and Macau use as official language.

Spoken in Southern parts of China, this "dialect" is very different to the official "mandarin" and so should be considered a "language". It is very hard to learn if it is not your first language because of the many tones.

This language is way more better than Mandarin.

It's very difficult to learn but when you speak Cantonese, you will be like a singer.

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74 Old English

It is the prime language that made Modern English the way it is. Its archaic ways of writing and speaking are very unique indeed.

Anglo-Saxon is the most beautiful language in the world, sothlice.

75 Pashtu

The language of warrior poets

It should be on top 10

The best language in the world

One of the most difficult language which Pashtun bay the time leaving their own language

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76 Assamese

Rare language. ,its unique.

Assamese language k vote de no bohut pasot ase...91t Jodi vote de ru share kor

Assamese is the official language of Assam. It is spoken by about 15 million people of the world and by about 48% Of Assam. However, the younger generation does not give importance to Assamese and only wants to speak in English. Assamese is one of the most richest and sweetest languages in the world. I am proud of being an Assamese. Assamese has mainly 2 distinct dialects - Kamrupi (কামৰূপীয়া) and Goalpariya ( - োৱালপৰীয়া).

জয় আই অসম ।

77 Nepali

Depends on who's speaking. The ones from the hills sound very authentic and beautiful.

Beautiful flow to it

Jai nepal

Nepali, originally known as Khas Kura, Parbate Bhasa or Gorkhali

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78 Sentinelese
79 Burmese

You'll be confidence while you're speaking this. Neither fast nor slowy, it can be speak normally. If you speak, your voice just like attraction. I want to say that this language give you the best confidence totally.

I proud of this position

It have different sounds

Butts, butts everywhere - GriffinDoge

80 Slavic

A beautiful language type - MrMister

yes please - MrMister

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