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81 Bosnian

Bosnian is my mother language. I can also speak English, German and Spanish fluently, and a little bit of Portuguese and Turkish, and I find Portuguese the most beautiful, after Bosnian, of course.

Nice slavic accent. Bosnian, Serbian, and Croatian are very beautiful languages. It's good to learn to speak a couple of phrases to impress your friends

I think the standard Bosnian accent sounds way nicer than the Croatian and Serbian. (Yes, they're all the same language)

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82 Macedonian

An amazing language, I fell in love the moment I first heard it. Other languages are nothing compared to the beautiful complexity that is Macedonian.

It's simply beautiful, very melodic language

83 Tagalog

Tagalog is a Spanish mixed. It's only the country in Asia that were being colonized by the Spanish for 333 years. For me, Tagalog is one of the unique laguage to learn. You can see and know the difference of our language than the rest except Spanish because there are similarities but only a little bit. Besides, we are only the tagalog speaking country in the whole world.

Tagalog has a mix Spanish words due to the Spanish Coloninzation for 333 years. When we speak, you can hear some of the similarities especially in pronunciation. Besides, we are only the tagalog speaking country in the whole world.

Tagalog is the best because its combined the most beautiful important language like Latin English lil bit of Arabic much Malay, Chinese all of those has been in the island long before Christianity came so the present language are all of those plus the intonation is not as strong the accent of the speaker is mildly verbalise not too flowery and easy to listen.

This language is strongly feministic in nature with a zest of Bahasa Malay, Spanish & English combination. It also comes with a twist of deep Tagalog words for millennials to learn more. - VNTMFans

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84 Somali

Somali is very similar to Arabic.
It's harsh sounding but flows nicely.
People mistaken it for Arabic.
Somali is also a humorous language using lots of idioms and creative sayings.

Somali is funny to speak

Somali is the pest language in the world

"Jareerta ha la saxibin" translates to "beauty comes from within" and that is beautiful

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85 Slovene

Been there. When some cute girl says I love you in Slovene you just melt.

This language is so beautiful!

86 Amharic

Amharic is one of the hardest languages you will ever speak. It is the only country in Africa that has its own alphabet and numbers. You can never fully understand Amharic unless you are Ethiopian deep inside. It is a beautiful language because of the little mix of Italian in it and the simplicity found in the complex language. It is difficult for English speakers because of its explosive letters. As an Ethiopian I am proud that my language is listed as one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

A very good sounding language and very simple. Unlike English, rules work well in this language and has very little exception which makes the language very fertile. Conjugation works well and follows a pattern, which makes the language very simple. The stressing on letters in most words makes the language very soothing to the ear, but could be hard to learn for people with a native language of their own.

Beautiful subtle and affection language


87 Mongolian
88 Kazakh

Greatest country in the world, number one export of potassium! - Shadowpaev

89 Khmer

This language sounds amazing, I just love it.

Beautiful tone not too high or too low.

Interesting fun, just unnecessary than any SEasia! But surprised different way forward in multiple meanwhile it connects closer!

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90 Romansch V 1 Comment
91 Javanese
92 Shona

Shona is the best African language :yedu shona ye zimba re mabwe (Our shona of the great house of stone)

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93 Middle English
94 Flemish
95 Haryanvi
96 Azerbaijani

Sounds very emotional and soft if we compare it with Turkiye Turkcesi, all k sounds turn to g and it is so sweet and soft spoken.

One of the oldest languages! from oguz turks and altays! it has the fewest foreign words! and it has about 50 million speaker in the world especially in south and north Azerbaijan. ö-ü-ə-ı

97 Cherokee
98 Sicilian

I'm from Sicily and I love Sicilian! It sounds really nice!

99 Abkhazian

Best! It language has thousand-old story!

100 Montenegrin
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