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101 Maltese

It's like a mix of Italian and Arabic (it is actually originated from Siculo-Arabic, the Sicilian Arabic). Sounds very beautifully!

I lived in Malta for 7 yers and I had the opportunity to learn this beautiful language.
It's a mix of Italian (my mother language), Arab and English.
Sound so good

YESSS I FOUND IT HAHA LEL jk sry for caps at least I know someone put it here

102 Choctaw
103 Turkmen

It is very pure and Turkic. It is strong but always polite. It is the father of the Turkish and Azerbaijani languages.

104 Tshivenda

Tshivenda is a language which sounds similar to French, the words rolls of your mouth and has a beautiful tone
It is one of South Africa's official language

105 Tibetan
106 Faroese
107 Greenlandic
108 Moldovan V 1 Comment
109 Serbian

In my opinion the most beautiful language, it has a very wide vocabulary, grammar is very precise, it sounds very "clear" and it has a phonetic alphabet which is my favorite thing

I don't understand a word but just listening to some songs in Serbian made me realise what a beautiful language it is!

I think Serbian is the best language to learn. It is an amazing language for expressions and it seems they use ancient Indo-European words. Look at the words Brat, Sestra for Brother, Sister. I love how they say mother: Majka as in my+ka. Dan is day! I would rather say Brat than Brother. It certainly doesn't sound like a cold language and an A is an a not eh! and every sound has a letter. I love how they change the ending of a person's name when they call out to them! This case ending got lost in modern times in other languages. People sound like a Russian Latin mix.

Just listen to some of their folk music and try to understand what they say you will notice how deeply rooted their language is. Even their word Rod for birth/family is similar to the English word Root! I think it is even more older than Latin or Russian!


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110 Shor

A very nice language.

111 Irish

Easily the most graceful sounding accent in the world, and the type that makes us all crave an Irish lullaby before bedtime. Musical, poetic, emotional, and bound to bring a tear to your eyes when sung with the right voice. This is the most beautiful voice of all the heavens greatest.

Listening to a soft Irish song brings tears to the eyes while a harsher one will make your blood pump. It's beauty is impossible to describe.

I was in Ireland over the summer, this language is written everywhere from road signs to doctors offices, it's a gorgeous language!


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112 Galician

Really beautiful language and mother of portuguese (4th position)!

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113 Vietnamese

Vietnamese is one of the ugliest languages I have ever heard and spoken. I'm 100% Viet and naturally learned Vietnamese from my parents alongside English. From my experience you can't say anything without sounding annoyed or insincere. It sounds extremely unprofessional and people laugh at you if you get a single accent incorrect and you try to correct yourself. Sometimes speaking Vietnamese makes my throat close up and gives me a disgusting feeling, similar to when I try to speak French, except French is an actually practical and beautiful language. Trying to write Vietnamese words as dictation is a nightmare, and reading it is worse. Also, there are too many ways people speak Vietnamese (there's northern Vietnamese, which pronounces certain accents differently, and southern Vietnamese, which is the American of English, as opposed to the British, which pronounces almost everything incorrectly or the same), and Vietnamese generally sounds really flat and incoherent. Many Vietnamese ...more

Vietnamese may not the most beautiful language on the world. It may not easy to understand. But I love it because of the nice accent and the audibility. (I'm half Vietnamese and half Chinese

If you speak Vietnamese, you'll know why I'm saying this

I am from Vietnamese and I love it so much

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114 Sadri
115 Oromo

This is also a language found in Ethiopia. Even though Amharic is the national language Ethiopia has many other languages like oromigna, Tigringna etc... We are too awesome to only speak on language

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116 Lushai
117 Huron
118 Mohawk
119 Ojibwe
120 Manding
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