If you speak portuguese, you are a lucky and happy person for sure, the most poetic language worldwide.

Wondeful. Have a huge arsenal of words. And sounds great as well.
Sadly a little quantity of other countries know much things about her.

The Portuguese is awesome, but the Portuguese from Europe and Africa doesn't sound well as the Portuguese from Brazil sounds. It is totally different than any other kind of Portuguese spoken worldwide. It is consequence of the influence that the Brazilian Portuguese received of a lot of other languages, such as Italian, Spanish, German, languages of Brazilian Indians, and languages brought from Africa by black slaves. It is what made the Portuguese from Brazil be the beautiful language that it is nowadays. Brazilian Portuguese is amazing.

Portuguese is a beautiful language, with a vast vocabulary. Simply beautiful

Portuguese is such a gorgeous language! The language of the Prince of Poets Lu s Vaz de Cam es . It 's so magical, enchantingsincere, emotional and beautiful! The language of love and poetry, for sure! Its literature is amazing! Besides, it has to be one of the most musical and melodic languages existent it sounds so flawless! From Portugal, Brazil or Africa, it is exceptional when properly written and spoken! It 's so beautiful that makes me cry Grammar and pronunciation can be very difficult sometimes, but it totally compensates the effort! Portuguese is pure music! LOVE IT! And, in my humble opinion, much more beautiful than Spanish, but this is only what I think. I don 't want to hurt susceptibilities .

So many different accents! Best sounding language for sure!

The Portuguese language has a very rich vocabulary. Its syntax is known to be a bit complicated, but has a nice sound and pragmatic is easy to distinguish the phonetic units.

Portuguese is a very elaborate and complex Latin based language. It is very logic and command respect when spoken at normal speed. It is also an intercontinental language.

As somebody who has experience with all the languages I'm about to name, Portuguese is way more beautiful than Spanish, Italian or French! - PolishGuy

A language a bit difficult to learn; however amazing

Brazilian Portuguese is Sexy. Rolls out of the tongue, kinda hissy, like a breeze of fun to the ears. Just sooo chill, the ultimate spontaneous and comfy in their own skin type of language. It's definitely MADE to be spoken with a carefree smile while enjoying your precious life (precisely what the natives do). It's obviously got that cool latino touch in it but it goes beyond that, something more and very unique, a mystery that you just can't really put into words. Not to mention Brazilians are just the coolest and warmest people you'll ever meet in your entire life hands down and that makes you defenseless like a child, your sorrow just melt away. Again, Brazilian sexiness is just out of this world and their language is no exception.

With words such as Esperanca, Valor, Amor, Flores, Saudade' bonito etc etc the detailed syntax vocabulary and in depth rich database from ancient native Portugal mixed with the smoothness of now extinct Latin. There is no other language that can compare to such a beautiful Royal language.

As a portuguese fluent speaker, This is one of the best languages I've ever heard. I love "FADO", a portuguese type of music. Hear it and you'll love it, too.

More diverse sounds in a language from latin!

I like very much portuguese. I'm from South Korea and music student and learn much about Brazilian music. I simply adore the music, the rhythm and melody of portuguese. I do not know the Portugal accent but should be beautiful too. But I'm trying some fado. Brazilian portuguese amazing.

Honestly, I speak English Spanish and portuguese. I think portugueses is the prettiest and all of my friends love portuguese

Portuguese is a wonderful language, the only problem is the difficult to learn.

When I went to Portugal I falled in love with fado and with the portuguese language, the most beautiful in the world. It doesn't matter if it is from Portugal, Brazil, Africa I love it. Songs in portuguese can be very sad and touching but at the same time they can be vibrant and make us dance until we can't no more. Fortunattely over the years there are more people interested in this language and it is onde of the most growing languages in the world. I love portuguese. Greetings from Poland. Abra├žo

The Brazilian portuguese is the best, it is so sweet compared to the other ones, specially the European portuguese, maybe its because of the portuguese accent that makes the language sound a little bit rude. The Brazilian portuguese is so good to listen, soft for the ears and it is from far the most beautiful language ever!

As a half Brazilian girl, I totally agree with that. Portuguese is a hard language, but when spoken "well", it is amazing to hear.

The Portuguese from Brazil is awesome. Undoubtedly is the most beautiful language.

Personally, I think the sound of this language is really underrated; not many people appreciate how beautiful it is. That's why it gets my vote.

I listen to Portuguese every day, and I can still safely say that it is the most beautiful language I've ever heard. I love it with all my heart. I'm a native English speaker, and I'm actually teaching it to myself (with a little help from a Brazilian friend) on top of learning French in school. My French teacher is envious of how passionate I am about it. I can't help it. It's stunning, even genuinely entrancing. I plan to move to Brazil someday, and I can't wait until Portuguese is all I hear. It moves me in a way no other language can or will.

The nasalized times are literally hums and the gentle shh sounds are as lulling as the ocean. I also find the "ee" sounds very cute.. Portuguese is a smoother and sweeter sounding Spanish, which I also speak.

I would lick to speak Portuguese