We can pronounce any word in any language. Because, We have many letters in the Sinhalese alphabet
To pronounce any sound of the whole world. It is not in any languages in the whole world. So many peoples can't pronounce like Sinhalese peoples.
I do not believe & Sinhalese language originally came from North India with North Indian people. Because, we have more than 35,000 years of history for human life in Sri Lanka. We have very proud & brave history. More Indian peoples know it & they are still reminding it.

Sinhalese is a concise language. A versatile Sinhalese speaker can express any idea without using body language or tone modulation. Yet makes the speech interesting. Reason to this is Sinhalese has huge number of words that expresses different weights of the meaning. Sinhalese is also a completely independent language which has not been derived by another language.

It is an official language of Sri Lanka, and is exceptionally well studied and maintained. At least 75% of the people in Sri Lanka start studying Sinhalese since they are 5-6 yrs old, and many study it rigorously in high schools as well. Many universities in Sri Lanka offers degree programs for Sinhalese language studies. There are dedicated academic authoritative institutions and figures in Sri Lanka for Sinhalese language studies such as "Professor of Sinhalese Language" who research, nurture the language. They also adapt the language for the needs of 21st century by, for instance, creating new words etc. As a result, for instance, one can find Sinhalese language counterparts for almost any modern or conventional English word alike. Furthermore, it also has Sinhalese language counterparts for advanced scientific terms, and hence Natural Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, etc) can also be studied in Sinhalese easily though it is not very common in Sri Lanka at degree level. ...more

Such a beautiful language, Sinhalese is enriched with vocabulary, so that the speakers can convey anything that they want to convey to the listener. The Sinhalese people are so generous and clever. The Sinhalese people are believed to be originated from some other alien galaxy and many believe, native Sinhalese people are literally aliens in human form. This notion has been created because the language do not have direct origins for any other language and Based upon the researches, Sinhalese ("Sinhala" as natives call them) bearing the meaning "The people who came from the Sun" and some researches indicate "Sinhala" is a synonym for "siv hela" where "The people called "hela" who ruled four Galaxies of the unknown universe", Regards from Greenland to all the Sinhalese people.

"Sinhalese one of the most richest languages used over few millennias. Unique feature is that it has two formats, one written and one spoken. Its alphabet has 16 vowels & 40 consonants making it one of the most powerful languages that can basically spell/pronounce almost any sound/word in universe. Sinhalese civilization is very historic and home to an incredible advancements throughout history. Unfortunately there's a global effort to destroy its native use."

Pronunciation of each word is exactly as written which is possible because of the wide variety of accents and marks on each letter making it possible to depict any sound. Sinhalese offers any and every sound in any language and can be written in a form that each word can be easily distinguished and understood

Sinhalese is a very unique language! Most of its words have a meaning which can be derived logically. it has very beautiful rounded letters which are scientifically placed in the alphabet. its alphabet can be used to write and pronounce any word or any sound from any other language in the world.

A rich language with many expressions which can't be expressed by any other language in the world.A person who speaks Sinhalese can speak any language with its exact pronunciation.Because their vocal cords are trained for that and it's a privilege.

One of the oldest languages in the world

Sinhalese is a language that probably has the most beautiful script in the world. It's letters are roundish and very pleasing to the eye when you read a passage.
What is fantastic is you can write exactly what you hear (no ambiguity) and similarly you can pronounce exactly what has been written.
Also you can write almost any sound in the world & it is amazing how this language that is spoken only in the island nation of Sri Lanka has evolved to such great heights.

Sinhalese is a powerful language. Though a born Tamil in Sri Lanka I had the privilege of learning this beautiful language from an early age. The literature is just mind blowing.

Sinhalese language is a well developed language over 2500 years in a unique "Aryan"civilization called "Hela" in the island country "Sinhale", later renamed "Sri Lanka" by the colonial British rulers in 1948. Due to the long history of this language it has become a language that has an ability and flexibility to give very deep and influential meanings with very few words or as many words as one would like. Its grammar has become somewhat complex over time possibly due to historical evolution for thousands of years, but no way near complex as some of the European languages. It is a phonetic language where "spelling" is a breeze. This is probably the only language in the whole world where there are two related versions for "written" and "spoken" use, which is a unique character. Spoken language version is much simpler to learn and use, where the written version is much more complex and deep.

Sinhalese is the best language for poetry. It has its own set of words reserved for poetry. A traditional Sinhalese poem can contain up to 3 rhyming words per line.

If you know this language you can pronounce anything without struggling.

Why is it no. 11? It should be in the top ten! This language is very beautiful and the words are nice to say.

It is a RICH language with beautiful sound. Sinhalese words have more deeper meanings which are hard to translate to other languages.

I feel sinhalese is the most beautiful language in the world.

Beautiful and melodious, simply mesmerizing language, also very close to Sanskrit in vocabulary and grammar, but different in written script. Written script is also beautiful looks like pearls.

Someone knows Sinhalese he/she can learn a lot of languages in the world

It is a very beautiful language specially when it comes to the sound and the beauty of the alphabets. it is believed that it originated from Sanskrit.

A very rich language with an amazing range of vocabulary. A lot of its words cannot be translated to English directly. If you speak Sinhalese, you can pretty much pronounce any word of any other language easily (maybe not xhosa). Unlike English, pronunciation of a word written in Sinhala is unambiguous. Just beautiful.

Sinhalese language is one of the most unique and most beautifully pronounced languages in the south east Asia. Sri Lanka is a small Island country which is covered with beautiful landscape, sun-kissed beached and mountain ranges to rain forests. People in Sri Lanka is shows the happiness and always have a big smile on their faces. I would say Sinhalese language is as beautiful as this paradise Island.

Sinhalese is a most beautiful language in the world

Most clearest and soft language in the world

A nice language actually. Proud to be a Sri Lankan. We see the destruction of the language due to severe western influence. The country runs after English and elite and middle class try to educate their children in English. The original language pattern is not used frequently in most of printed versions. However, there are many keyboards and apps have developed to help in texting. The language is endangered.