Best South African Rock Bands

From the beautiful country of South Africa, what are YOUR favourite bands?

The Top Ten

1 Agro

Birth of South African Metal - Paragon_Pariah37

I have some South African rock songs, I don't understand the lyrics, but the I enjoy the music. - zxm

2 Mind Assault

Kickass Afrikaans Death Metal - Paragon_Pariah37

Great band

3 Sacrifist
4 Seether Seether Seether are a South African hard rock band founded in May 1999 in Pretoria, South Africa. The band originally performed under the name Saron Gas until 2002, when they adopted the Seether name.

Seether is one of the best bands EVER. I just recently went to one of their concerts and it was AWESOME. They are amazing live. They also have tons of good songs. I don't see how they aren't number one.

Why is Seether tenth. I mean I am South African and I haven't heard of any of the others on the list. Shaun Morgan is the luckiest South African ever, not just the success but the fact that he work with and dated Amy-Lee from Evanescence - Danielsun182

How are they not number one. They are one of the bigest bands out there today, not only in South Africa but worldwide. They have a variety of songs ranging from soft to heavy and they are all good songs. Seether are much better than all of the bands in this list. Vote guys!

Seether are pretty good they r the first SA rock band I have ever liked followed by Prime Circle

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5 Pestroy

I bet everyone's gonna vote for Seether because they're mainstream. The only reason anone ywon't know most of these bands is because they don't care about the South African music scene

6 The Hammer of Redemption (T.H.O.R.)

Certainly one of the best metalcore bands not only in South Africa but also in the world. Their cover of Disengage is brutal - Paragon_Pariah37

7 Bile of Man
8 Spectral Realm
9 Deity's Muse

Poles apart, Ten Years, Broken Scar, I'm the Observer... Need I mention anything else?

10 Prime Circle

I Saw them at The 94.7 Show 27/09/2015 And they Rocked the Gasalinga! They made all a part of the vibe and even though the others were good... Prime had a bit more.

Open your ears people! Greatest Band!

Can't believe Prime Circle isn't number 1. They r AWESOME! Just love their music, SIMPLY THE BEST!

STILL THE BEST ROCK BAND EVER TO COME OUT OF SA! THEY SHOULD BE AT number 1! NOT DOWN AT NO 10 :(. Seen them live a few time, & know Ross, Dirk & Marco from the last few months @ DGR days. Besides PC, the only other band on this list I've heard of is Seether. I gather the other bands just make one hell of noise & you can't understand a word they are singing, that's why they are up there! Keep rocking' guys & thanks for the great music, PC forever!

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The Contenders

11 F**ofpolisiekar

Ha ha, I never thought it has a bad meaning. Neither do admin. Otherwise admin would censor the band's name. - zxm

Words cannot describe their brilliance!

Eh? Is this a cuss word. I don't know much about SA rock bands. But this band was great. - zxm

Best South African band in history... Sing oor dinge what vir die jeug saak maak

12 Van Coke Kartel

These guys might not have invented South African rock but they sure as hell perfected it! Van Coke Kartel + Fokofpolisiekar = Afrikaans rock bands by far!

13 The Parlotones

I love them they are the best, they deserve to be on top 10

I love the Parlotones! Wish they'd come to the USA!

Greatest 1 word only

I love them and I'm proud to be south african because they are south africans too

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14 Die Heuwels Fantasties

My personal favourite band. Lyrics are beautiful

15 Springbok Nude Girls

God dank vir klank

16 Bringing a Shark to a Gunfight
17 Kobus
18 aKING
19 Juggernaut
20 Just Jinjer
21 Tribe After Tribe

Cool alternative rock band from the 80's and 90's. - Huntern

22 Chromium
23 Straatligkinders
24 Cutting Jade
25 Wonderboom
26 Mean Mr. Mustard
27 Macstanley

Amazing Band, can't believe they r not yet rated/listed on this ranking. Their music apeals to all ages! Truly amazing.

28 Civil Twilight
29 Suck

They aren't that famous, only lasted for a year, but pioneered heavy metal music. - 445956

30 Apart From Your Cliche
31 Facing the Gallows
32 Climate Control

Climate Comtrol is a relatively new band but one of my favorites. The lead singer has a good singing voice and the bass player has a good metal scream. Listen to A Bouquet Of Hate, An Ocean Of Questions to see what I mean - Danielsun182

33 Beloved

Beloved is a grunge / alt rock band from Johannesburg. Their music is heavily influenced by the nineties and there is something very ‘moreish’ about listening to it. Unlike how many people would state that Soundgarden’s early material is difficult to listen to, there is something very accessible and easy about Beloved’s music. There’s a certain sense of charm to this band and it comes through in their music.

34 Glaskas
35 One Day Remains
36 11th Hour
37 Lithium
38 Kongos

Gotta be up there, come with me now is a great song

39 Watershed
40 Beast
41 A Fate Like Yours
42 Warthane
43 Infanteria Infanteria
44 Stone Griffin

Best guitar work in South Africa

45 CC Project
46 Go the Rodeo

New electronic band from Johannesburg, definitely worth checking out!

47 Thysis

Wolmar record rule

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