Kenny McCormick

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Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick is a main character in the animated adult television series South Park, along with his friends Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Eric Cartman.


For me, Kenny is the symbol of South Park, especially in the first seasons. It was fun to see him die in every episode. However, I think that the creators of South Park revealed Kenny's face too early and showed his face over the years more than necessary. I think it would have been more funny if until today no one had seen his face yet. - Palmeiras

He's so cute, whenever I hear is adorable muffled voice I just wanna hug him! He doesn't get enough attention and it's fair to say he won't ever beat Cartman but he could at least beat Randy and Butters. Kenny's character is the most interesting and deep. He is the most original character on the show in my opinion.

While he was originally just a prop, Kenny McCormick has evolved throughout the series into a hilarious, and yet complex character. While he does have the whole "cute pervert" thing going on, the Cthulhu episodes gave him an opportunity to have true character development for the first time in the series. - DemonSpider253

The Best Character in south park because he Has adorable crys, singing, face, the best character EVER! Don't you love him? He Is better than ANYONE!

Kenny began as a prop, but as the seasons went and his continued deaths were starting to be explained, the more dimension his character got. He is a lovable pervert, witty friend, caring brother, and an angry Batman-like Kenny a few times.

Keny is awesome they killed him off permanently n you could tell something was missing- its no wonder they decided to bring him back! He is so funny n weirdly grown up yet at the same time really immature hahah plus who doesn't love mystereon?

Kenny has little going for him and has an interesting dynamic to the show. He stands like a metaphor for a sane person in the world that is South Park. The world is merciless to him showing the caring and loving attitude he has holds no place in South Park. Every time he is kind to his little sister I cry. How can he not be #1?

Kenny is so underrated it's not funny. I think it's because there aren't as many episodes based on him compared to Eric, Kyle and Stan. Also his voice is muffled. I love it though my mum and I always laugh when he says perverted stuff that we can't understand. He has died for his friends before, come on he is amazing!

Kenny is like, the best character in South park ever! He's all mysterious and all and I just love how he dies all the time! He's really cute! He may be gone for about a year, but it's great he's came back! We love you KENNY!

I love Kenny but too bad he is so underrated I wish there were more episodes about Kenny

Kenny is hilariously perverted, mysterious and has a lot of personality. He's got the most interesting story to him, having a super power, being a kind older brother, a friend who has on multiple occasions sacrificed himself for his friends etc. even though he's probably the least focused on character out of the four boys, Kenny is a very loveable character

Kenny is a great person. He is basically a devil spawn which is pretty awesome alone. Not only that but he knows when and how to use his swears. He knows what many things others don't know are yet is still sweet. He is quiet like me. But really funny

In the movie he took of his hoodie. And we all saw Kenny's face. And to be honest, Kenny is kinda cute when he takes off his hoodie. All he said was "Goodbye you guys." And he keeps dying, Kenny needs more attention, he is too underrated. - Catacorn

Kenny should be Number 1. He is so cute and hot as well as badass, but he also has a darker character to him with the Mysterion bit. It's sad to see Kenny, the best character, always be killed off and cursed into living a life he never wanted to. To top it all off his friends barely care about him and they never notice he dies.

Kenny is like Alucard from the Hellsing anime. He can't die. Even though episode after episode of him being killed in the most ridiculous ways, he always comes back for the next one.

Kenny is the best. He always dies. hahaha Plus, he is so cute, I just wanna hug him:) And you never understand what he says but its funny anyway:)
So Kenny all the way!

I really wanted to vote for Cartman or Randy, but I just couldn't not vote for my boy Kenny. Adorable, funny, nice and selfless. Those are just a few. He was also a bad ass as Mysterion. Also, when he takes off his hood, he and I look pretty much the same (long, messy and blonde hair).

Kenny rocks! I think they should have more episodes where Kenny is like the main character instead of Stan Kyle or Cartman hogging the limelight. YOU might say he sucks because he's muffled, or a perv, or dies like every episode, well because without those things he would just be a normal kid - kennymccormick2169

I love Kenny. Don't get me wrong I love most of the South Park characters but Kenny is my favorite. He's just so relatable. - Anonymousxcxc

Ha, man! 4th!? I was especting seing kenny on 2nd place! Come on, he's poor, he's a sexual pervert and he used to die in every episode (he also dies now, sometimes)

I love kenny, he is my fave character out of them all! I love the way he dies and stan says oh my god you killed kenny and kyle says you ! its so funny! its amazing!

He is the best characters because he never dies on koon and friend he has the best style he talks style to that's why he the best characters that why GO KENNY!

I think kenny should be the greatest south park character of all time He is always funny he should be the greatest Well known character of all kenny is th

Kenny McCormick is one of my favorite characters in anything ever. I love him as the adorable, blonde haired, immortal, perverted, bad ass that he is. I love him for being an awesome "guardian angel" to his little sister. I love him as Mysterion, the cursed but kind superhero. I love him as the kawaii Princess Kenny-Kun. I love Kenny for being Kenny! Say it with me guys, OH MY GOD THEY KILLED KENNY. YOU BASTERDS!

He's so adorable! He's also the funniest. I love how when he talks, he says perverted things, but you never really catch what he actually has to say unless you really listen.