Kyle Broflovski

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He's not the funniest at all, that space is reserved for Cartman, Randy Marsh, and Towelie... But being a ginger and a Jew, and dealing with bullcrap from idiots- I can relate to Kyle. - the_dude_abides

So morally upright, passionate and puts cartman in his place. Seriously, best character ever.

I feel Kyle does the right thing more than any of the other main characters. Though, many people don't seem to give him enough credit for that because they more enjoy the mischief that South Park provides. I love Kyle because he can stand up to Cartman, who I don't like very much, and has kicked his ass a few times. And he is smart. In the serious situations that the boys have faced, intelligence is more important than humor. Kyle is one of my best friends in the fictional world. And in my book, he'll always be the true face of the show!

Seeing how Kyle is often ranked the least popular of the main ensemble, it just goes to show how some people have lost all sense of morality. People also call Kyle weak when, on numerous occasions, he has kicked Cartman's ass better than all other South Park residents. The haters will say the littlest things, occasionally lies, just to make him out as a bad person. If you prefer the more mischievous characters, good for you. But living with absolutely no strict morals whatsoever, unlike Kyle, can lead you into more trouble than you can handle.

I swear when it comes to picking a favorite character, humor is the ONLY thing many people care about! Kyle is a very loving person who's more wise than just about any other kid at South Park Elementary! People only hate him so much because he may not be as funny as Cartman or Randy, & when he's trying to fix the trouble caused on the show, people think of him as a killjoy because they want the mischief to continue. I don't know why people call him overrated, either. He's clearly not! I could go on and on, but Kyle deserves to be #1

I feel like the only reason some people don't like him is because they are in love with cartman. Yes, I know that he's funny and all, but that's it. Cartman is a horrible person. Kyle may not be as hysterical, but he still is funny. You can't just like a character because they are funny, there needs to be other traits. Cartman has none. Kyle is an actual good human being, who is smart as well as compassionate and relates to others. He is a great romodel, who even though is constantly tormented and humiliated by Cartman A LOT, always keeps moving forward, and will do anything in his power to protect the ones he cares about as well as do what's right.

I know people never consider Kyle the funny one of the characters, and it's obvious he doesn't hold the title to the funniest (that belongs to Cartman and Randy), but believe it or not he's actually pretty funny! I love his sarcastic and dry humor, and he has great one liners. I love how Kyle doesn't have to be constantly over the top with his humor, all he needs is his honest reactions to make me laugh, and that's why I think he should be higher up on the list.

Kyle is the most amazing character, and for all the crap he sticks up for he's pretty under rated. Voted the most compassionate out of the boys, he's usually the one to stick to his moral standards despite odds, though he can tend to think with his heart rather than his mind at times. Plus he's got the sweetest sad face ever, and an even hotter temper

A lot of Kyle hate I witness on the internet is a bunch of invalid points. People call him a (unjustified) hypocrite like Cartman is any better. People call him a wimp like Butters is any better. People call him annoying like Timmy (or basically most other characters) is any better. It sickens me. Anybody who actually watches the show as much as they say they do should be able to understand.

Kyle is honestly such a compassionate, funny and smart guy. He is the only one who can see through Cartman's charades, and always knows what he's talking about. And he is absolutely hilarious when he fights with Cartman, and is such an interesting character overall. I'd even go as far to say that he's the smartest and most interesting character in south park. He may not be the funniest, but he still is pretty funny.

Kyle's so cute though! He's imaginative, is pegged as the 'smartest boy in class', has strong beliefs and morals, the most compassionate of the group and he's really protective/caring towards his brother Ike in later seasons. His short temper and love-(mostly) hate relationship he has with Cartman makes him all the more endearing! - caitlinerin

I like him more than eric, because he is smarter, and its sometimes funny when he looses to him! He has the second most (after butters) highest voice, and his hat makes him look like a puppy, no offense kyle but... you look kinda ugly with no hat... and no, I have nothing against gingers, I'm just saying... but yes, kyle is one of my two favorite characters!

Kyle isn't the funniest, but he is pretty funny with some of my favorite one-liners in the show. Not only that, but him having a short temper and being slightly neurotic only makes me like him more, and makes him kinda relatable. His character is super interesting, such spirit and driven motivation to do what's right makes him a great 3-dimensional and inviting character.

Kyle is the voice of reason among the South Park kids. He doesn't stand for the other's bull and will do anything to protect those close to him. He is a great older brother and mentor to Ike. Kyle also has a kind heart, but not a naive one like Butters. He is the one I wish to be the most like!

I love how he's not afraid to stand up to Cartman, which results to a lot of suffering and humiliation by Cartman himself, but he always pulls though it. That right there gives me so much respect for him, as well as the fact that when he isn't getting angry at Cartman, he's pretty easy-going and cool.

Kyle is not the funniest character in South Park, but he is the smartest and most interesting. Being so different from the other characters, seeing through Cartman's ideas and knowing what to do in situations. It seems sometimes that only Kyle knows what he's talking about.

Kyle is relatable, funny, likable, and above all, a great human being, who always does what's right no matter the risk. He has everything I look for in a character and more. Also, is Kyle underrated? Because I never thought of him being that.

Since Kyle & Cartman are enemies (most of the time), it's like people automatically hate Kyle JUST because they love Cartman, JUST because he's funny. Come on, people! If you're gonna have an opinion, make it strong and more knowledge-based than that poor example!

I can relate to him in so many ways. I have always been looked upon differently by others (not because of my religion and I'm not Jewish). I have also always felt like I see things the way that they are, but so many people have blind devotion for those things. - Caleb9000

You gotta love this little Jewish Kid. Kyle is my personal favorite, because he is one of the most sweetest characters in all of South Park. He's almost always the first person to know to do what's right. Kyle Broflovski is truly awesome and adorable!

Kyle is literally the most adorable character in South Park and is my personal favorite along with Stan and Butters. He's so sweet and one of the most rational people on the show. Not to mention he wears my 2 favorite colors, green and orange.

Kyle is AWESOME. It's so funny when he beats up Cartman and when they both go on adventures together. Also it's really funny when he gets angry and swears a lot.

Kyle is definitely the funniest character! He's also the smartest too! Of course, all the characters are great, but I just had to go with this guy.

Aw Kyle! My favorite little Jew! He is just so cute and funny!

Kyle is so cute! Especially when he swears with his squeaky voice he's obviously the smartest of the group and I would love to see him get a cute Jewish girlfriend I would die of happiness