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21 Jesus Christ

Jesus get my vote. He literally dies for saving someone. And when he resurrect, he's the guy you want on your side.

Should be number one with Eric number two!

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22 Officer Barbrady
23 Wendy Testaburger

An EXTREMELY underrated character. All of the characters in south park have shown growths in their personalities but I think Wendy has shown one of the most substantial. In the earlier episodes she was an obsessed at time mentally unstable clinger to Stan and the episode "Toms Rhinoplasty" Is like the Scott Tenorman must die before that episode was even made. It seems after mary kay bergman died and a more mature voice was given to her that her character really began to, mature. The episodes were she takes the main role usually involve her fighting a cause (usually for the greater good) and fighting a bunch of idiots really. Not to mention shes one of the only characters to ever get back at cartman successfully. When shes the main character shes just kind of the underdog you always root for.

I really don't get it why so much hate for her. If it's because she broke up with Stan, well it's true she break up with Stan but although she said he and Stan can still be friends, I hate how stan acted like a jerk (it's obvious that Wendy's answers are mean), also, they're back together since the List when she realized that he has in a really awesome way. If it's because if because she has beat up Cartman, well you must HATE TOKEN TOO, because Token has also beaten up Cartman too. In both case, Cartman really deserve what he get. Overall, Wendy is highly underrated, she's my favorite character anyway.

She'd make a much better central protagonist along with the boys than Butters. She was a major character before he was. And we should be glad we have characters like her and Kyle. Because South Park can't be ALL humor and stupidity! There needs to be SOME common sense in the town, as well!

She really is underrated.

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24 Jimbo Kern V 1 Comment
25 Mr. Hankey

A talking christmas poo, who first appeared in mr hankey the christmas poo, first season. Oh mr. Hankey the christmas poo, he loves me and I love you!

What would south park be without a little toilet humor. They have the the sex, the drugs, the rock and roll, so why not?

26 Mr. Hat

Mr. Hat that wasn't very nice of you

Your drunk Mr hat - Ihateschool

What IS MR. HAT DOING DOWN IN 44? Mr. Hat is SO AWESOME! - invinciblemario99

27 Token

How appropriate to call the only black school kid tolkien.

Underrated character, when used the right way matt and trey are genius with this kid

Definitely the smartest kid, besides Wendy

I can't stand tokens voice, it's so bad. I especially hate token in the honey boo boo episode. tokens life actually doesn't matter

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28 PC Principal PC Principal

Annoying (bust designed that way)... Proves a nice satirical point about PC culture, but I'm ready to see him taken out of the show int he most 'South Park' way possible

He's one of the funniest characters - venomouskillingmachine

29 Mimsy

Even though mimsy was only in two episodes he was so hilarious. I LOVE MIMSY

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30 Clyde Donovan

"The blood is not on my wiener its on Clyde's! "
-Eric Cartman Season 16
Bebe to Kyle "It was fun while it lasted but we have to break up
Kyle says "Ok... "
Bebe goes to Clyde and Clyde says "Yeah Bitch it"

Clyde is the best SP character!

Minty in three you're kidding right he's awesome

Clyde is the best

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31 Princess Kenny

How can you not love princess Kenny. I mean a cross dressing hooded Japanese princess... It's perfect

Princess Kenny should count as Kenny

Kenny is on this list 3 times?

Princess Kenny > Mysterion - venomouskillingmachine

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32 Terrance

A joint entry, these two fart there way in! They are on a show in a show by the way!

Terrance has a cute Canadian accent and funny toilet humor - Ihateschool

33 Satan

Despite being the ruler of hell, he's an all-round nice guy with some relationship issues. I was rooting for him in 'do the handicapped go to hell? '

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34 Shelly Marsh Shelly Marsh

Is very aggressive, I like

She beats up Stan so she should be lower - Ihateschool

She's so mean! '

35 Dr. Alphonse Mephesto

And his buddy kevin...

36 Phillip

I love his cute accent and funny toilet humor - Ihateschool

37 Mrs. Liane Cartman

Why she's so low? Wendy is my favorite but Liane doesn't deserve to be so low on here.

38 Snooki Snooki Nicole Elizabeth "Snooki" LaValle is a Chilean-American reality television personality and dancer who is best known for being a cast member of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore and starring in Snooki & Jwoww.

Snooki want snuff snuff, laugh out loud

I'd say the portray her pretty accurately. Naw, but really, Snooki IS the Jersey Devil. - theOpinionatedOne

39 Rob Reiner Rob Reiner

my goo! - jackwoodrick

40 Anal Probe Alien

Who doesn't want an alien anal probing cartman

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