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41 Al Gore

Lets all make him happy and believe in man bear pig. He just needs a friend.

I'm super cereal guys, come on, man bear pig is real. Why won't anyone believe me?

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42 Mr. Hat

Mr. Hat that wasn't very nice of you

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43 PC Principal PC Principal

Annoying (bust designed that way)... Proves a nice satirical point about PC culture, but I'm ready to see him taken out of the show int he most 'South Park' way possible

44 Michael
45 Hardly Boys

Funniest characters ever can't wait for there return giving me raging clues

They should have been called the hard on boys

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46 Mrs. Broflovski

Hate her killed innocent people because of swearing and farting though Kenny brought them back to life - Ihateschool

47 Starvin Marvin

Starvin marvin in my opinion was one of the best characters South Park had in the first few seasons, I just loved how he didn't talk, and I especially loved how the only English he spoke were Cartmans lines. It was just hilariously wrong to me hearing a starving African child say Cartmans bigoted one liners. I really hope they bring him back.

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48 The Coon
49 Professor Chaos
50 Pete
51 Kanye West

HANDS DOWN. Best South Park celebrity impression so far.

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52 Ms. Choksondik

Is that how its spelled? I thought there was a C...

53 Micheal Jackson
54 Damien Thorn

I think It would be really cool to have him come back in season 18.
Damien makes a lot of cameos though like in Professor Chaos and recent episodes like The Hobbit. He's just a really bad ass character he's the son of the anti-christ man..

He IS the Anti-Christ, son of Satan

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55 Firkle
56 Trent Boyett
57 Bebe Stevens

Bebe is by far the best she stood up and has a great fashion sense

In my opinion she's the best character.

Such a funny chareter she was the first girl to stand up to cart man the funniest episode was when she got boobs I was laughing so hard when she made the boys freak out I love bebe

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58 ManBearPig

All hail our overlord, the half man, half bear, half pig OVERLORD.

and yes, I'm super cereal right now

59 Mintberry Crunch

I like how he beat up Cthulhu, when kenny thought it was up to him to do it. So funny.

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60 Stuart McCormick
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