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61 Damien Thorn

I think It would be really cool to have him come back in season 18.
Damien makes a lot of cameos though like in Professor Chaos and recent episodes like The Hobbit. He's just a really bad ass character he's the son of the anti-christ man..

He IS the Anti-Christ, son of Satan

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62 Ms. Lopez
63 Firkle
64 Skylar
65 ManBearPig

All hail our overlord, the half man, half bear, half pig OVERLORD.

and yes, I'm super cereal right now

66 Mintberry Crunch

I like how he beat up Cthulhu, when kenny thought it was up to him to do it. So funny.

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67 Stuart McCormick
68 Henrietta Biggle
69 George R.R. Martin
70 Wayne D V 3 Comments
71 Mr. Kitty

What why isn't he even on here - henrydanger

It's a girl though - stoner69

72 Lemmiwinks

"A great adventure is waiting for you ahead, hurry onward Lemminwinks or soon you will be dead"

73 Christophe a.k.a The Mole

I like his amesome personality and his loveable French ascent. Also because they call him the mole is amazing because it fits him.

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74 Robert Smith
75 Kevin Stoley
76 Dougie
77 Kip Drordy V 1 Comment
78 Baby Fark McGee-zax
79 Woodland Critters Christmas V 1 Comment
80 Harrison Yates

He's a very minor character but him in butters bottom b was one of the funniest things in the show, because of him that episode is tied with medicinal fried chicken for favorite episodes lol

In Cartland mysterious gift he is the funniest ever! So ridiculous how stupid he is but awesome! He's good

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