Stan Marsh

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By far this is one of the most nicest south park characters ever ( right behind butters ) So nice he even wanted to save all the baby cows from being killed in the episode Fun with vail, He would not even give them up. He was even sent to the hospital because he was keeping them safe. Plus in the newer episodes he has been struggling. Plus I think Stan is cute and I think he deserves a better girlfriend unlike Wendy. While everyone is a jerk in South Park besides Kenny, Butters, And maybe Kyle. Stan will always be my number 1 favorite. I like him so much he is even on my profile pic - YoshiApple

Stan is may favourite character! I feel like he is a left out ( a character who is less loved/liked)! That's why I like him! I have taken so many "Which South Park Character Are You" quizzes and I ALWAYS get Stan! How can no one not like him! He may be kind of weird in some situations but hey! Life is like that! Stan is the best and you have to admit it! Join the Stan Clan!

He is the realist and the most lovable character in south park. He is the smartest when it comes to common sense and is loyal to all of his friends. He is not violent in any way but he's capable of kicking ass. My favorite episode is the one with John Edward and how he keeps calling him a douche

Okay so everyone seems to be getting Stan wrong.. Things like "adorable, the one witv most moral values, weird, we sensitive" are traits that fit better with the other boy, at least if you look at the seasons after season 4-5, but they were more innocent mean kids than characters before that anyways. On other lists and on southparktudios, he's described as the normal one, an average American 9 year old. And that's why I think he's low on this list, compared to the other characters, he may come off as a little bland to some. But someone needed to take up that role, and as a normal average American nine year old, he really shouldn't be too over the top or interested in all this crazy. He's the voice of reason and mostly doesn't get too involved, take things too personally or care in general. He sees things for what they are and when things get really dumb in the show and the adults do dumb things, he's the first one too point it out. He's just kind of sick of all the drama and ...more

Stan is really relatable and very down to earth, but also is level-headed, and has a lot of problems of his own to deal with; such as his temporary depression, alcohol problem, and his stuck-up on-and-off girlfriend, which makes him a great character, being balanced. He's caring, sometimes cynical, and very sensitive.

We can see why he's related to Randy Marsh. That's Randy Marsh's son alright. The Marsh Family is the best. Stan is the best. Love Stan Marsh.

Stan is the anchor character and main character of the 4. He is the most normal and represents an average kid. Plus in my opinion the best episode is "Woodland critter Christmas" and pretty much the only character is Stan!

I love Stan! He's my favorite for nothing at first, because I didn't know any other character before, he was the only one I could remember, and now I'm glad I randomly chose him, because I really like his awesome personality. I even thought he was just a side character.

Stan to me has a personality somewhat relatable by many. I mean he starts to see the scam of Scientology and bails by the end of the episode he tries to see the whole picture for himself to decided if he fits into that area which for the most part almost doesn't. - htoutlaws2012

Mostly he's down to earth, he's just silent sometimes, and he's sort of always trying to be a big shot. But for me, over all he's kind and sensitive, cool and mature. He's always been my fave ever since the beginning because he's all that

He is my favorite, and the most real of them all in my opinion. This is the only show I watch where I absolutely love every singe character, so choosing just one favorite was almost impossible. Craig Tucker and Kyle come in at a close second.

I don't understand why some people think that he is Jerk, unfunny, dumbass, hypocrite, or blah blah blah but for me Stan is one of the best because he is a good boy, honest, level-headed, smart, and assertive.He is funny in early episode. For people who hate Stan must understand this... He is based on the creator Trey Parker and if you hate Stan then tell him why and he'll make him even better.

Stan is the best! He's the most talented and mature and kind out of the all the characters!

Whoever hates Stan and Kyle is obviously drunk just saying.

He is the most real to life character and therefore needs to be shown a lot more in new south park episodes

The best (: he's the ladies man of the group. He's the one who everybody in school thinks is awesome and his father is just as funny!

Kyle represents the voice of reason, Cartman goes with the senselessness of the show, and Stan is somewhat in the middle: He is really smart but sometimes gets knocked up in all the fuzz around him (probably inheritated that from his dad). That's why he is the main and best character.

Stan is just awesome! No other words can describe- and he has a great singing voice!

Stan The Youngling is Probably The Most Relatable Of The Four Boys, The Issues He's Put In Reflect Those Of People in Real Life, People Who Sometimes Feel "Different" Compared To The Others With Silly Behaviours.
Stan Has Also Been A Strong Character as Well as Dephtful and idealic, He's The One Who Started Via La Resitance, And Thanks To Him The Group Put Peace Between USA and Canada, Stan Is Also a Very Sensiable and Even Caring Child, He's Gone Through a Break-Up With His Girlfriend, A Family Divorce (I'll Be It They Got Back Together, But He Went Through Hard Times There Too.) And Even Found a Picture For His Grandpa Of Him and His Dog That Passed Away a LONG Time Ago, He Was The One Who Seemed Most Disapointed For Kenny's Death, This Gave Him Much More Depht Perception and Even Made Him Question If God Really Loved Them, Stan Is Also One of The Only Sane Members in His Family, He's The Offspring of a Crazy Father Who's Had Several Body Changes, an Abusive Yet Modern Sister Who ...more

Stan is so sweet! And he's going through hard times :(

I think Stan just has the most heart and feels the most natural. For me he's the hero of the story.

Better than Kyle and Kenny in my opinion

He is the leader of the group I feel. He is the voice of reason and he generally has good values and motives

You gotta love stan best quotes awesome crazy dad and way more! One of the best!

It's ironic how Stan is more mature than his father.