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1 Season 8 Season 8

Almost every single episode is classic and funny in this season - UltraLunalaX

Classic south park season

By far the show’s peak. - JPK

Good Times With Weapons, You Got F’d in the A, The Passion Of The Jew, awesome-O, Quest for Ratings, Pre-School, Up The Down Steroid, this is the best season. Best episodes, best moments of the characters, and the best season in the series. - Limeyy

2 Season 14

200 and 201 were my favourite episodes of this season. So much tension, so much creativity and so many returns of old characters; Most notably Tom Cruise, Barbara Streisand and... (the best character in the show) Scott Tenorman. - MorganDunn

Great season. We get to see more of Kenny as Mysterion and we have the coon and friends series. How awesome is that? - UltraLunalaX

By far the funniest season. Scrotie, you have 0 friends, crippled summer, poor and stupid, jersey, and a creme fraiche finale. Don't forget 201 and 202 which are missing everywhere but are the best dramatic episodes in the series. There's a decent trilogy with coon and friends and then Medicinal Fried Chicken is my favorite episode ever. Great Randy, Cartman, and Stan episode plus the best example of South Park's brand of commentary. I get that seasons 5-7 had the classic feel but the show only got funnier when most others die from 8-18 when they tried crazier ideas and spoofed current events without being cringy. 14 is definitely when it peaked to me.

We get more of Kenny and we get to see how awesome of a character he is. Coon and friends is my favorite subplot of the whole series. 200 and 201 are HILARIOUS too

3 Season 5 Season 5

Cripple Fight, Scott Tenorman Must Die, Butters' Very Own Episode. Really good episodes!

Introduced my favorite character, gave Cartman his best episode of the series, got us ready for Butters, gave us an episode about Token, etc! - Limeyy

The season that got me into south park - UltraLunalaX

"It Hits The Fan", "Scott Tenorman Must Die", what more do you need?

Has Scott tennorman must die enough said

4 Season 1 Season 1

Some episodes of this season and the movie were my introduction to this amazing satire

The very first season of the show. Didn't start out perfectly well but I remember this being my first south park season I have watched. - UltraLunalaX

Good season

Includes my all time favorite episode! Starvin Marvin. I absolutely think that season 5s episode scott tenorman must die is in my top 3 episodes but I have to go with Starvin Marvin for the win!

5 Season 6 Season 6

Has a lot of good episodes such as The Simpsons Already did it and Professor chaos. Great season overall - UltraLunalaX

Professor Chaos, The Simpsons Already Did It, Free Hat, The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers, Child Abduction is Not Funny, Red Sleigh Down, what a great season.

3rd best season. - Limeyy

Have to put season 5, 6, or 7 at the top. If you want to talk about funny, sharp, classic episodes, I don't know how you can not pick one of these three if you've actually seen every single season. But season 6 is without a doubt the most consistent, only tarnished by the "Red Sleigh Down" and "Fun with Veal" episodes which are completely forgettable.

I could list all the episodes but someone's already done that, so I'll just say it has several of my favorites.

Screw you dude, Red Sleigh Down is an instant classic. Re-watch it if you ever get a taste of humor that is worthy of watching this show - SpaceCakes

Has my all time favorite episode (the return of the fellowship of the ring to the two towers) and the first episode was banned for being too funny (not really only because of too many aids jokes but Jared Has AIDeS is hilarious) how could anyone not love it - nickdoritosyum

6 Season 10 Season 10

I like it because it has a lot of great episodes. - dkmec42

I don't know why people hating on this season just because of chef dying, it sucked he died but he had to go because his voice actor quit the show. This season has great episodes like cartoon wars, go God go, make love not warcraft, smug alert I mean come on, people need to get off their periods on this season

Are you kidding me not even on the list. Cartoon wars, Make love not Warcraft. It has Towelie. It needs to be higher on the list - aspasiz

It has the worst episodes like, Hell on earth 2006, A million little fibers, ManBearPig, Stanley's cup, and The return of chef! Whoever put this THIS high on the list, must really like disturbing, cruel, and lame episodes

Hell on Earth 2006 was the greatest South Park episode so shut the hell up - venomouskillingmachine

7 Season 7 Season 7

Casa Bonita, Krazy Kripples, Cancelled, Christian Rock Hard, Raisins, Little Crime Stoppers. This was a pretty good season - Limeyy

Only 2 sub par episodes. The rest are hilarious. As others have said... Casa Bonita is the best ep of the season.

I think that this is the best season. I loved
" cancelled" & "Crippled" & "tepeed"
I have all the seasons and I like this one the most.

Grey Dawn, Cripple Fight, Cancelled, I'm a Little Bit Country, Red Man's Greed, Li'l Crime Stoppers, Christian Rock Hard, and Raisins are all among my favorite episodes. A true example of South Park at it's best, very underrated.

8 Season 4 Season 4

It Introduced Timmy! - Limeyy

I have this season on DVD just for that ONE EPISODE. Which episode you might ask? Trapper Keeper. I don't know why but this is absolutely my favorite episode of all time.

Cartman Joins NAMBLA. I still can't believe they did that AND got away with it. - truckturner

Season 4 is awesome, it has a lot of my favorite episodes, like Cartman Joins NAMBLA, Cherokee Hair Tampons, Something you can do with your finger and The Wacky Molestation Adventure - D2Demon

9 Season 19


Love this season, one of the best yet! Only reason it's down so low is because it's so new (no one could really vote yet versus older seasons) and because it offends a lot of the cry baby liberals they're making fun of.

It's a good season but the way they finished it was like a normal episode, with so many unsolved plots it's too much. Also Kyle and Stan are not friends anymore. That's a downer. Let's hope this is not a cliffhanger and season 20 will continue with what happened in season 19.

They did almost a perfect season. Very well thought each and every one of them. Must be hight at TOP 3...

10 Season 13

After not watching the show for a decade or more, I bought a copy of this season only to find that it had somehow managed to remain fresh, relevant and hilarious!

I wasn't too fond on this season

Butters bottom bitch and dead celebrities are classic!


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11 Season 12

Don't know why everyone thinks thinks this is the worst season. Season 16 is the worst and Season 11 should be way higher.

This season was pretty weak. It only had one really good episode, Breast Cancer Show Ever, but I will admit that that episode is probably in my top 10. - Noobelli

Absolutely the best season, although they are all very good save the first couple.

I love the episodes with Craig

12 Season 2 Season 2

I don't know about you guys, but this season was just pretty hilarious to me with the old eric cartman and the stupid things the characters did that made no sense. It was just a great laugh for me

This great my favourite one is all ha ha!

The first 4 seasons are why I started to like Southpark, they talked about general stuff and old Cartman was amazing, then was meh.

Remember when I said I prefer season 1 over 2, well I still legitimately mean that.
This is honestly the worst season I've seen from south park (and before anyone argues, yes I have watched season 20 from start to finish and I still find it tolerable compared to this god awful excuse of a season) this season barely had any good episodes, the only good episodes were Terrence and Phillip, clubhouses and spooky fish, sure there were a few I found okay like chicken lover, underpants gnomes and the chef episodes but that's about it.
Season 2 continued the original south park trend of lazy writing, unfunny gags, jokes that were already stale even before the previous season finished and the new ones were either not as clever or not funny in the slightest.
What doesn't help is that the characters are STILL just as one dimensional and dull as in the previous season, Wendy up to this point has literally become nothing but an excuse for vomit jokes that weren't even that funny before, ...more

13 Season 3 Season 3

The season that made me a fan of South park, one of the funniest there is

My favorite season. Includes Succubus and the Red Badge of Gayness

Cartman is hilarious in this season, should definitely be higher!

Season 3 is quite charming. It's offbeat with episodes like Cat Orgy, Jakovasaurs, Two guys Naked in a Hot Tub, The Red Badge of Gayness, Hooked on Monkey Fonics, Chinpokomon, and Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery. I just have a personal liking to this season, but one could argue that seasons 5, 6, 7, 10, 19, 20, and 2 are really good too. For me personally, this is my ranking of the seasons I'm well acquainted with: 3>5>20>2>6>10>7>19>15>1>9>4>11>18>14>12>16>17>13

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14 Season 11


My favourite season, Cartman is just hilarious in this season should at least be in the top 10

Not my favorite season, by should definitely be higher than last

Needs to be much higher

15 Season 9 Season 9

I think that it has better jokes than most of the seasons, like mr Garrison gets a sex change and the psp spoof was awesome as well

I always tought this season to be 2nd best after season 8. Sad to see it this far. Seasons 8,9,10 and 13 are just flawless.

Season 9 was one of the best. Episodes like : "Mr. Garrison fancy new vagina" (one of the sickest ever made),"The Losing edge","Ginger Kids","The death of Eric Cartman", Trapped in the closet,"Marjorine" were awesome!

"Wing", "the Death of Eric Cartman", "Marjorine", "Ginger Kids", "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow", "Free Willzyx", "Bloody Mary".

16 Season 17

For the future, but it also does have some good episodes, like Taming Strange and Goth Kids 3. Also Informative Murder P*rn.

Best season yet with almost every episode being funny. I loved the game of thrones console war trilogy


17 Season 16

This was an amazing season!

This was the weakest season I've watched.

I love this season so much! Why is it down here?! It has Kyman on it! And I love it... 😣

Kyman season

18 Season 18

So underrated absolutely hilarious mockery of modern controversies

This season has stronger plots than other seasons and the episodes are back to back!

Is the best and I'm loving season 19 to

This is, without a doubt, THE best season.

19 Season 15

Not a bad episode in the entire series. By far the best season

You're Getting Old and Assburgers are the two best episodes in the entire series.

I like your getting old,ass burger,1% and Broadway bro down

20 Season 20

First half was great, But after the surprise election of Trump, The planned storyline got all muddled. - JPK

This season is weak and just bad yes there was a few decent episodes but the whole plot of this season is bad mainly the member berry plot I did not get that plot at all. They could of easily put this into a 2 or 3 part episode but they had to stretch it out as much a possible - 015804

Worst season I like the seasons where every episode doesn't have like a plot do you know what I mean I like the ones where there's just making fun of people and Jew jokes but In this season every episode was the same plot and about the same thing I didn't like it

Honestly, I think the way Gerald acted this whole season was meant to describe most of the fandom.

21 Season 22

So Good!

Time to Get Cereal was the greatest episode they ever did. The only episode I didn’t really like was Buddha Box, but that was mostly because I felt as though the PC Babies running amok didn’t really add anything, just rehashed an earlier joke. For 11 minutes. But then, at the same time, I really want to like the episode, because it shows peak Cartman with a box over his head for phone time.

22 Season 21

This is getting better than seasons 19 and 20 - asantalo

23 Season 23


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