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1 Gold

Classic song and most people know this song and True - mneilan

I don't know, maybe it's gold?

2 True

The best Spandau ballet song

No words can describe how amazing TRUE is.

Oh True what a magical, mystical song. Oh to slow dance with your significant other to this song is romantic. !

This is their most iconic song, no doubt

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3 Through the Barricades

This Song Should Be In The Top Ten It Is Really Good - mneilan

4 Only When You Leave
5 Communication
6 I'll Fly for You

To me, I'll fly for you is way better than True, because, well... True is an incredible songs, yet I'll fly for you has a mysterious side and is a song that gives me goosebumps all the time. And here, Tony Hadley's voice is at its best (emotionally). Alongside the single, there's the music video which turns tragically to a very sad ending.

7 To Cut a Long Story Short
8 Chant No.1 (I Don't Need This Pressure On)

This song should be number 5, 6, 7 or 8 not number 11 please vote this one up great tune great singing guitar bass and drums love this song come on! Get this song higher up the list please great tune they did really well with this song

Love this song this one should number 7 not 14 vote this song up great all round tune this band have such good songs love them and this is one of their great songs that should be in top ten - mneilan

9 Lifeline
10 With the Pride

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? Swept

Timeless masterpiece

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11 How Many Lies

This rock-pop ballad is best sung with a true feeling and strong emotion. There are powerful and gentle parts and also a climactic portion of the song that releases pent up energy before falling back into a softer treatment. It is a song of angst and longing and hoping for the lies in this world to come to an end.


12 Round and Round

A really underrated Spandau Ballet song

What's this song doing at 12? I'd put it at 2 only just behind Gold. Brilliant song!

Simply the best.

13 Once More
14 Always Something There to Remind Me
15 Paint Me Down
16 Pleasure

Great tune love this song it's not their best song but it is really good vote this up

17 Fight for Ourselves

In a few words : this songs gives me the strength to fight for what I believe in, deeply

18 Another Sunday
19 Glow (7-inch Version)
20 The Freeze
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