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You knew this review was coming sooner or later. I'm just going to warn you know: Considering this is a Spider-Man movie and I love Spider-Man, I'm probably going to nitpick.

Spider-Man is my absolute favorite superhero in the Marvel Universe (unless you count Deadpool and Red Hulk, who are technically antiheroes as opposed to just regular superheroes). Star Lord is great and one of my absolute favorites, but Spider-Man is way better because I have been one of his fans ever since I was a five year old. In fact, he has to be the second most popular character in Marvel Comics, with Deadpool just slightly overshadowing him as the most popular. Spider-Man's films have ranged from great to awful, but they have never been so bad to the point of getting a 1/10 score. The Sam Raimi trilogy was great and the first two movies were fantastic. They both do an absolutely fantastic job of telling Peter Parker's story and his struggle of balancing his normal life with being your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Spider-Man 2 in particular is flawless. Spider-Man 3 was definitely the weakest of the trilogy because the movie tried doing far more than it needed to. It shoved in multiple villains, the backstory was changed just for the sake of it, the characters were just downright awful and cringeworthy, and they had...Emo Peter Parker (NO! WHY?). Then they decided to reboot the series with that "The Amazing Spider-Man" duo of films, which was horrible. The Amazing Spider-Man was basically nothing but an origin story and I loathed that they threw Spider-Man into a dark and brooding atmosphere like Batman. The story was not untold like the trailer said it was and it is probably the most overrated Spider-Man film. The Amazing Spider-Man 2, despite still sucking, was better than its predecessor. I still hated it because it had the same issues that Spider-Man 3 did...but on an even grander scale. Thankfully, the extremely talented Marvel Cinematic Universe finally got their hands on Spidey and brought us Spider-Man: Homecoming, which shows us what happens after Peter returns from his experience with The Avengers in Captain America: Civil War and how he tries to fall back into his daily routine...but wants to be more than just a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. So how does this film compare to the rest of the Spidey films? Well, I'm so glad you asked.

Lack of Origin Story

I want to thank Marvel for something right off the bat: Thank you for NOT including the origin story. One of my least favorite things about The Amazing Spider-Man was that the entire movie was just another origin story. I was sitting there the whole time thinking, "Guys...we know the story already. It's okay to just assume we know that. Everyone watched the Tobey McGuire series." So thank god that they didn't force us to watch 20 minutes of an origin story we have seen 12,000 times already. Not only am I glad that this happened just for my freaking sake, this offers room for more character progression and it opens more of a way to see what is going on in the world of Peter Parker.


Tom Holland turned out to be a perfect role for Spider-Man. Toby Maguire was a great Peter Parker, but he wasn't the greatest Spider-Man because he wasn't the most humorous or energetic really. Andrew Garfield was a great Spider-Man, but a terrible Peter Parker because he didn't look like a kid that could easily be made fun of. Tom Holland is perfect for BOTH roles because he is intelligent when it comes to Science, and he's a super funny and energetic Spider-Man. We can see that he has hardships as both a superhero and as a high school student and that makes us relate to the character far more than we would with someone like Thor. Robert Downey Jr. does a great job as Iron Man, who is always trying to tell Spidey that he is not ready to go on massive adventures just yet. John Favreau, who played Happy Hogan, did a good job with playing a similar role to Iron Man and Jacob Batalon played a super helpful and hilarious Ned Leeds. Michael Keaton was a surprisingly good Vulture and he was one of the better villains the MCU has offered thus far. He's definitely not superior to the likes of Loki and Guardians of the Galaxy 2's adversary (Who I'm still not going to name), but I think he was better than other villains we have seen because he's not just some typical villain that wants to take over the world. He has an actual motivation and you can kind of understand what he's doing. The relationship between him and Peter Parker is also stellar.


It was alright. It was nothing spectacular like Logan and Wonder Woman were, but it was good when it was Spidey action. I personally preferred when Spidey was fighting with his typical spider webs, acrobatic abilities, and leaping. Once Karen turned on and those Iron Man-like abilities turned on...I didn't really like it. Call it a nitpick, but the fact that the suit started to get similar features to Iron Man pulled me out of the movie a bit because it was trying WAY too hard to make Spider-Man and Iron Man similar. I get that Tony Stark was the person who made the Spider-Man suit, but I dislike the fact that we had to give him all of these abilities, including an assistant. This causes a lack of differentiation between Iron Man and Spider-Man. Spider-Man's superpowers are his acrobatics, super strength, super leaping, and wall climbing. When you give him similar features to Iron Man, such as the tracking system and weapons, it makes him too similar to Iron Man and it feels forced in. This isn't Iron Spider, this is just plain old Spider-Man, so please make him just that.

Cliché/Predictable Plot

Am I the only one who thought this plot was predictable from the start of the movie onwards? There was one scene where Peter Parker had to leave the party with Flash Thompson and Ned thanks to an explosion, and I already knew while he was dealing with that whole crisis that he'd miss out on the party. The plot "twist" towards the end may have been unpredictable and I didn't see it coming, but it was still very cliché, trite, and underwhelming. This story wasn't awful or anything, but I felt like they could've done a better job with it and inserted some stronger action and emotion and a story that was a bit more unique. Sam Raimi's first two Spider-Man films are still superior to the likes of this one because of it.

Final Thoughts/Recommendation

Overrated? Absolutely, a 93% on RT is absolutely ridiculous to me. It's only gotten that high of a grade so far because it is what's new and exciting now. Terrible? What, of course is isn't! Spider-Man: Homecoming is definitely one of the better Spider-Man films, taking down Spider-Man 3 and both Andrew Garfield films in its quality. The amazing casting of the characters, relatable protagonist and antagonist, and entertaining action all make for a great and effort-filled film. (Also, it's Spider-Man and I loved this portrayal so I give this movie 1 point like Guardians 2 because I'm totally biased. Trololol.) Even if you don't get incredibly astounded by this one, you will be entertained nonetheless. In fact, I think you will be so entertained from this that I think you should stay all the way until the end of the movie. There are two after-credit scenes and they will certainly get you hyped for future content from Marvel. I HIGHLY recommend that you stay until the credits have finally finished rolling. Anyways, this movie was great and I thought it was slightly better than Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (obviously that's not by all that much, but it's definitely better). In other words, please go check out this movie and have a good time.

8 -- Great (Spider-Man: Homecoming will definitely NOT astound everyone. However, it is an impressive effort and it is worth your time and cash nonetheless.)

🍅Rotten Tomatoes Score: 93% (7.6/10), 92% of Audiences Liked It (4.4/5)🍅

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Ranking of 2017 Superhero Flicks from Strongest to Weakest:

1. Logan
2. Wonder Woman
3. Spider-Man: Homecoming
4. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

They were all great though. - DCfnaf

Oh crap I forgot to see Logan! I need to see it - Phillip873

@Phillip873 I highly recommend it. It's really REALLY good. - DCfnaf

Yeah my little brother saw it I was very busy at an event - Phillip873

The MCU is doing great this year - visitor

It was good, as expected. But to be honest, to look for an outstanding flick,see war of the planet of the apes. - visitor

I haven't seen it yet, but I already know it is going to be great and it will most likely be better than this. - DCfnaf

It was going to be good, and that trilogy got
Rise: A-
Dawn: A
War: A+ - visitor

Looks AMAZING - VideoGamefan5

Somebody is hyped - visitor

Looks great - VideoGamefan5

Tom Holland is excellent - MegaSoulhero

I'm planning on watching. Looks great! Nice review, I seem to like your movie content quite a fair bit. - ProPanda

Sounds pretty good. Even if it's not astounding, nothing can be worse than The Amazing Spider-Man 2. - Elric-san

That movie was horrible, but I think its predecessor was even worse because it didn't tell us anything new. The trailer said it was "the untold story" but what exactly was untold? It was just 2 hours of Peter Parker's origin story which we did not need at all. I appreciate that Homecoming decided not to make us sit through the origin story again because we already know Spidey's origin and I'm glad they assumed most people knew the story already. Both of those Andrew Garfield movies are overrated and clearly have no heart or soul thrown into them. (Probably because they were made by Sony, and that wouldn't be a surprise. They're the lovely people that gave us The Angry Birds Movie and they are going to give us The Emoji Movie). - DCfnaf

Erm? Garbage Pail kids is worse than amazing spiderman 2 - visitor

They're pretty much tied for worst - visitor

@lolsy She didn't mean every film ever, she meant just Spidey films. We all know Garbage Pail Kids is the worst movie of all time. - DCfnaf

Ah - visitor

Who is your favourite director? - visitor

Dunno. Steven Spielberg is awesome though, but I'm not sure if he's my all time favorite. - DCfnaf

Mines Alfred Hitchcock - visitor

Mines obviously Stanley Kubrick - visitor

Oh man, I can't wait to see this. I'll come back and read your review after I've seen it later this week. - visitor

See you soon then! Be sure to stay until the very end though. - DCfnaf

Oh yes👌🏻 - visitor

Speaking of when lolsy asked you if you could review The Departed or Fight Club, you able to check out stuff like Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs (just wondering) - visitor

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He could try Oldboy or Seven as well - visitor

This was my favorite superhero film of the year so far (however guardians of the galaxy 2 is a very close second). I had so much fun watching this film. I'm glad that you didn't kiss that overrated "Wonder woman's" *ss the entire review like others (Wonder Woman was a good movie but I thought it deserved at the least a 65 on RT). Yeah, it probably isn't good as the originals, but it's still a blast and Tom Holland really sells his performance as a nerdy 15 year old kid who makes mistakes. Good review - Phillip873

Um...I gave Wonder Woman a higher grade than both of Marvel's movies this year. I'm confused. Anyways, yeah, this was good and Tom Holland was the best part. - DCfnaf

JL looks like it could be bad - visitor

I didn't really like Andrew Garfield's role for Peter Parker because he seemed like the opposite of a Peter Parker type of person so Ill go wit Holland on this one. - AlphaQ

I loathed Andrew Garfield as Spidey. Seriously, did they pick the best looking male actor to play a science nerd who gets bullied at school? Were they joking. Anyways, yeah, Holland was awesome. - DCfnaf

I agree - Phillip873

However, he did prove not to be the role for him as he did incredible in hacksaw ridge and silence - visitor

I thought the film got better in the second half, the first half was predictable and it was tiring seeing all the school stuff.The second half was what made it really good.

For some reason, the atmosphere also got better during the second half, for the first half I felt warm and I started coughing as a group of idiot teens talked behind me.Then it all disappeared int eh second half.

I'm sick of saying 'half'. - DapperPickle

I thought it was VERY good!
I agree them avoiding telling the origin story AGAIN was a smart decision. I did like the clever reference to it with his best friend pestering him with questions. That was funny and cute.
I love Tom Holland as Spiderman. You described perfectly why he's the best.
Michael Keaton was great too. Dang, that scene in the car was INTENSE.
One thing about Karen...It makes sense that the suit, having been designed by Tony, would work similarly to the Iron Man suit. He is Spiderman's mentor after all. I personally liked it and thought Spiderman's interactions with the suit were funny. I also think they were meant to show he's not ready for the big stuff-to be an Avenger. And he realizes that at the end of the movie (yay character development! ). He's just your friendly neighborhood Spiderman (for now). Dang, that Avengers suit was so bad A! It better not go to waste.
I see why you think it was kinda cliche. It was a classic Spiderman plot. But there was enough nuance to make it fresh, in my opinion, and that's what I liked about it.
Oh and, can we just talk about how awesome the end credits artwork was? - visitor

I thought I'd see you here again soon. Anyways, I'm glad you enjoyed it and I'm glad you agree with me. The ending credits were awesome. You saw the end credit scenes right? Love them. (Don't spoil for the rest though. If you want to actually talk about them, PM me). - DCfnaf

I saw the first one, but couldn't stay for the second. - visitor

Love this movie. What are your thoughts on Ned, Aunt May, etc - TristGamer

Ned was surprisingly funny and interesting. Aunt May was hot. - DCfnaf

The only issue I had was that at times Spidey looked too CG. But I did love this movie. - iliekpiez