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Shane Warne (Australia) Shane Keith Warne is an Australian cricket commentator and former international cricketer who captained the Australian national team

More than a spin bowler, he could single handedly save the game on his own. I have never seen a spin bowler who is so dominant since. Murali took more wickets in total but warn was more of a match winner than murali. The more warn bowled the better he became, whereas for murali a good batsman can handle him provided he survived early stages of his bowling, with Warne the opposite was true. Such mental power with this guy, I'm glad I watched him throughout his career. For me he is the best and most interesting bowler to watch (that's just me some people may differ on this).

Umar Akmal is the best spinner... Kamran Akmal also... In general every Pakistani cricketer is the best... Akmal spins the ball behind the stumps...lollzz and ball goes towards boundary... Forgot to say... Inzamam ul haq is the best fielder better than ab and jhonty.. Lolzzz... Iam a proud Pakistani... Pakistanis are the peace maker of the world... Pakistan is very advanced country... Pakistan zindabad

Iam also a leg spinner I play on my terrace iplay alone and ido really such big spin I have 3variation leg spin googly flipper ido proper I watch mr.shane warne
He is my teacher

Wish he still played. Very few athletes keep you on the edge of your seat as Shane Warne did. Gary Ablett Snr, Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordon to name others. All in the past but the BEST!

Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka)

The great off spin bowler to ever walk the Earth. Murali put the tinny island Sri Lanka on the cricketing map. The way he redefined the art of off-spin bowling is truly mind blowing. A humble man but a tough fighter. The game of cricket would have been so poor without him.

The best spin bowler in the world. It was a joy and privilege to watch him bowl. Probably there will never be a bowler like Murali again. Hope he writes his autobiography so the future cricketers and fans will learn more about him.

Statistics don't lie- 800 test match wickets at an average of 22.72. This record is not only breathtaking in terms of cricketing achievements, but also in terms of sport as a whole. Though some may say that he took the majority of his wickets on pitches that were remarkably dry and turned more than any other pitches in the world, there is no doubt that his phenominal accuracy and stunning variation of off-spin bowling defined and completed re-developed the way that spin bowling is seen today. Muralitharan also resurrected the art of spin bowling (along with Shane Warne) and turned it into a mystery that had been initially dying out and had become a predictable and dull aspect of cricket. For me, even though he was often satisfied to let the captain of his team set a field for him, and would often make no contribution to the placing of the men around the bat, his constant ability to unravel and outwit the greatest and most stubborn of batsman was spectacular on just about every ...more

A true legend. 800 test wickets is no easy achievement, specially with what he went through. A very competitive cricketer and rightly named “the smiling assassin”

Saeed Ajmal (Pakistan)

Now the cricket has changed significantly from the past now a days due to icc changing rules which mostly affects the bowlers so the bowlers wanted to contain. The speciality of Ajmal is that he contained the runs and at the same time took wickets too which is a unique thing. he is an attacking cricketer and the best thing about his personality is that he is a man who is full of sports man spirit and always ready for challenges. According to me and many others he is the current best spinner of the world and surely one of the best when it comes to all time best.

He was simply unplayable, literally unplayable to right handers. no one could pick him in world cricket, except for maybe AB DeVilliers.

Honestly speaking saeed ajmal was great spinner of all the time that’s why they called him a magician because he was so good shame they banned him
just because of india and england that's what they do with pakistani best cricketers

Ajmal is such real match winner. He has ability to change game. Saeed Ajmal has single handedly saved many game for Pakistan... Wicket taker bowler. Even Sachin didn't pick him.. Match winner bowler every where... Best bowler of the world.. No matter what type of game is he is real threat for batsmans..

Anil Kumble (India)

Though not a big turner of the ball but his accuracy and variations troubled the batsmen. He is a master all those variations which a leggie would like to master. According to me, one of the best spinners ever.

If Warne deserves the 1st position then obviously Kumble deserves the 2nd one... Because he was more consistant bowler than Ajmal & Murli... Yes,Murli is the highest wicket taker but if you compare both of them trust me kumble will win the battle all over the world... although Murli is best in rd position..

He is one of the best Indian spinners and he is the best spinner ever to take ten wickets in test

Great Bowler who make batsman to think what will be the next delivery (flipper or otherwise)

Ravichandran Ashwin (India)

He is a good bowlers, especially when a crucaial time comes he spins well. I think should play more test so it will improve him better, and should practice more white ball cricket and should stop playing these IPL because they are dump. So he should play more test and ODI, so it will help in crucial situations in all three formats

World's best dominating spinner in this generation.
He can turn the ball both side.
Off spin and leg spin.
Founder of caram ball.

Ashwin is an intelligent bowler who varies his pace and relies mostly on his stock delivery.

He is only bowler to score 2centuries,6fifties and pick up 173 wickets in just 32 matches he played

Daniel Vettori (New Zealand)

Amazing spin bowling and fielding is unbelievable Daniel Vettori

Best spin bowler NZ has ever produced. Was number 1 off spinner in the world when he was playing.

He could never spin bowl again and he'd always be the best

He is one of the greatest spin bowler

Wasim Akhram (Pakistan)

Wasim Akram was swing Master and King World Any Plyer no Like Him...He is the Master

The king of Pakistan fast bowler is Wasim akram we love you

He is not a spinner, but a dangerous paper

He is not a spin bowler

Yasir Shah (Pakistan)

He is an excellent spinner I really enjoy test cricket when he starts bolling

Quickest pakistan Spinner to take 100 wickets and plays with a smile on his face

One of the great leg spinner that take wicket every time

Yasir Shah is really a great leg spinner the heart of Pakistan.he is 30 year old. If he would be 22 or 20 year old in 2016. So he could play more matches for Pakistan. But we are proud of him and shane warne also.thanks

Abdul Qadir (Pakistan)

He invented spin bowling! He taught Shane Warne how to ball spin! Shane Warne said that Abdul Qadir taught him how to bowl! Search up Shane Warne and Abdul Qadir and you will find the answer.

Shane Warne even admitted that Abdul Qadir was his inspiration. As for Anil frog face kumble couldn't even spin the ball

Kept spin bowling alive during its dark times

He was one of the best spinner in his time

Ravindra Jadeja (India)

He is my favorate player and could be again worlds best all rounder and bowler in test cricket

He is the best all rounder in the world
he is one of the best asset that india had...
he is the present day greatest fielder

He's currently the best test match spinner then ashwin

He is very good spinner and all rounder

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Graeme Swann (England)

Look at his 6 wickets recently - no-one has done this for decades! Best spinner in the world at the moment by far

Great spinner, took loads of wickets and I think he is the best English spinner ever, he should be in the top ten!

Swann is the best spinner of all time

He shows up batters

Pragyan Ojha (India)

He was one of the best left handed bowler he should come back in team India

Best spinner, were is he?

He is from odisha we are very proud of him

Sabse bekar player too all the best to become a big watchman

Shahid Afridi (Pakistan)

Afridi is a top spinner bowler but he is also top and best all rounder...
Afridi is really biggest player in cricket history...

Best spinner ever in world history in my opinion

Not always the best spinner the best all rounder

Fan number 1 Um air Ali love you boom boom

Amit Mishra (India)

He is a superb spin bowler who can trap with is leg spin right handers his best perfomance is with zimbabwe in zimbabwe he took 18 wikets his best was 48/6.

He is the best spin bowler of India

Stuart MacGill (Australia)

He is one of the greatest he was just unlucky enough to be around at the same time has the greatest spin bowler in history.

Hugely under rated. Interestingly on the few occasions both he and Warne played together, Magilla had the better figures.

Unfortunate to be contemporary to Shane Warne, this man was never behind. Couldn't get the opportunities he desrved.

Jim Laker (England)

Some of the bowlers such as Ashwin, Narine and Mishra (! ) being 'number five'I.E. well ahead of Laker and other pre 1990 greats are a COMPLETE JOKE!... Why, oh why, have we reached a generation when anything older than 20 years ago is written-off as being of no merit!... No real point having poll when people only vote for players they 'support@!

It really is time people learn a bit of history. These are the best bowlers of all time not the last 15 years.

I think he has one of the best test averages for slow bowlers. 21+

19 Wickets in A Test Match.

Adam Zampa

Zampa is an awesome player he is better than Saeed Ajmal, Nathan Lyon and other Idiots and he's one of the best bowlers.

His not that good Nathon Lyon is 100000 times better same with the other bowlers

I like are best

Harbhajan Singh (India)

His bowling style was very different I like very much because for his turban

He can bowl a perfect blend of flighted and drifted deliveries

Deadly bowler in any pitch. Will get wickets soon as conceding runs

Recalling 2001 Calcutta test, while Laxman laid the ground for victory, Harbhajan wrapped it up.

Sunil Narine (West Indies)

I think he is the best bowler.
When he starts taking run up I feel afraid as if he is going to take my wicket even though I am just watching the T.V..
His bowling can humilate every batsman who thinks he can bat spinners.
When I imagine myself batting against his bowling, I know I am already beaten

Narine is a best bowler who plays for West indies in all form. he is a very good bowler he has a lovely hairstyle. I am also very much confident that in his future he will become a capable bowler and be in shane warnes place soon
(he is my favourite player

He is simply a magician, a mystery spinner. It is impossible to realise where will his ball turn. Especially, in the powerplay overs, he bowls pretty fast. So the batsman has to judge the pace as well as the spin of the ball.

Sunil narine is a bowler who bowls an unplayable bowl. He can confuse a batsman by bowling his wrist spin. He is a good opener in his domestic cricket that he played. In future he can become a good and capable bowler. He will be in the place of Shane warne in coming years.

{ He is my favorite bowler }

Nathan Lyon (Australia)

Best Australian off spinner of all time. He is the best. He taught me how to bowl and now I am a legend in spin bowling and Nathon Lyon is a legend in cricket history

Best off spin bowler Australia has ever seen

Only 26 and getting better and better.

Only 26 and getting worse and worse

Saqlain Mushtaq (Pakistan)

Can't believe he is PLACED 19TH Saqlain Mushtaq is best spinner.
He is one of the nUMBER1 he is only the greatest off spin bowler
In cricket world

Inventor of doosra probably got the best action as a spinner, bowling average of 21 in odi's in 169 matches he took 288 wickets which was a lot as compared to other spinners in the list.

Saqalain is the best spinner that I have seen in the world. He should be 2nd world best spinner in the world.

A.k.a The Spin doctor, Sultan of spin, and inventor of Doosra. He's the all time best.

Shakib al Hasan (Bangladesh)

He is one of the best left arm spin bowler and also he is good with the bat too as he is also number 1 all rounder.

Best spinner in Bangladesh and playing for kolkata knight riders, he spins it good like shane warne

He is a legend. He gets more turn in his off-spin. So it's more effective. He is my favourite cricketer.

Why Shakib's rank 24, I think his rank should top 8 bowler in the world. Love you shakib

B. S. Chandrasekhar (India)

He is the greatest spinner as he got wickets not just in dry pitches but also in seamer friendly conditions in England. I still remember that 6 wicket s he picked in England. He was feared by likes of Viv Richards.

One of my first memories of cricket was watching him bowl India to victory against England.

A disabled player who could also bowl the odd bouncer to west-Indians!

Architect of the attacking art of leg spin bowling

Mohammad Hafeez (Pakistan)

My favorite Pakistani cricket player Hafeez. I have not seen him bowling muche

An aggressive batsman but not a dominant bowler

You should more improve your bowling action

My favourite player

Mushtaq Ahmed (Pakistan)

He is the best spinner at current time he was playing

You are another good bowler after saeed ajmal and saqlain mushtaq

Mushy is the best bowler of the world

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