Best SpongeBob Episodes About Mr. Krabs

The Top Ten

1 Krusty Towers

Come on, this is one of the best episode after the movie

2 Born Again Krabs

No haters allowed on this list put your hate krabs comments on the worst characters

This should number 1 by far - PatrickStar

This is the first episode about Mr. Krabs not wanting money, the other one is "Can You Spare a Dime? "

Mr krabs is nothing but a pile of dirty crap and I hate him so much. I mean he should be thrown in my oven and be cooked into crab souflae and he would still taste horibly crappy!

3 Wet Painters

"But let me give you two a warning! This here paint is absolutely permanent! It will NEVER come off! So if I see even one drop on anything but wall, I'll have your rear ends cut off and mounted over me fireplace!
So have fun with the job.

4 Clams
5 One Krab's Trash
6 Patty Hype
7 Krusty Krab Training Video
8 Krusty Love
9 Mid-Life Crustacean
10 Help Wanted

He was classic and nice in this one. - PatrickStar3

The Contenders

11 Squeaky Boots
12 Krab Borg
13 Penny Foolish

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? All he does is spy on Spongebob just for A PENNY HE FOUND ON A STREET! That's right. A penny. Wow I'm serprise that people thinks this episode is funny. IDIOTS!

14 Arrgh
15 Selling Out
16 Jellyfish Hunter
17 Shell of a Man
18 Krabby Chronicle
19 Safe Deposit Krabs
20 Sailor Mouth
21 Krabby Land
22 Nasty Patty
23 Kracked Krabs
24 Hooky
25 Grandpappy the Pirate
26 One Coarse Meal
27 Krusty Katering
28 Best Frenemies
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