Best Spongebob Squarepants Season 4 Episodes

This list shows the best episodes of season 4. People say seasons 1, 2 and 3 were the best. This season was great. Season 5 was good but Seasons 6-Current Season were TERRIBLE! Spongebob was funny from seasons 1-5. But the new episodes have Patrick being the funniest.

The Top Ten

1 Krusty Towers

The best Modern Spongebob episode, Have You Seen This Snail shouldn't be on here, Dunces and Dragons should be #2, with MM & BB 6 The Motion Picture, Skill Crane and Wishing You Well right behind it.

You must dislike really heartfelt and emotionally fantastic stories then, but I understand opinions

By far the best of season 4! I absolutely LOVE this episode. This episode defiantly held the quality of the first three seasons! It had a great plot that kept me watching and it had some good jokes. Overall, this is one or my favorite episode of the post movie era!

One Of The Most Creative, Hilarious And Memorable Episodes Of Spongebob There Is Not Wrong With This Episode And It Feels So Much Like Pre - Movie Episode Of Spongebob.

2 Have You Seen This Snail?

Y are so many people hating on this episode, it's great, so is Dunces and dragons, and krusty towers. No one is stupid for liking this episode. Spongebob loses his pet and has to find him, its mostly sad but there are funny moments in this episode too. But sadly, it makes a Pal for Gary even worse. My favorite part was when they broke into squidward's house and screamed for so long it was hilarious. So it's a good episode and my 5th favorite Spongebob episode.

The best spongebob special partially because patchy isn’t in it

Voting just to comment, this episode is absolutely TERRIBLE. It's boring, slow moving, Spongebob was a jerk from the start, it's too sad, and the story could easily be done in 11 minutes. This story was done in 11 minutes in "Dumped" and that was a very good episode. This story was done in 11 minutes in The Penguins of Madagascar, in the episode "Feline Fervor" and that was a REALLY good episode too. This episode is also not funny at all, and the subplot with that old lady that adopts Gary is also unfunny and boring. P.S. That poor snail that is mistaken for Miss Tuftsy will get eaten by the old lady, which is a really creepy and bad character. This episode and Sand Castles in the Sand (i liked that episode) are the most overrated cartoon episodes in history.

If you don't cry in this episode you are wrong

3 Wishing You Well

Even though Dunces and Dragons should be #2, it will probably be hard to vote it above Have You Seen This Snail so I'll try do to it with this episode. The claustrophobic line always gets me.

Squidward - move Patrick I'm claustrophobic.
Patrick - what does claustrophobic mean
SpongeBob - it means you're afraid of Santa Claus
Patrick - ho ho ho!
SpongeBob - stop it Patrick your scaring him
I totally lost it - FearTheWeird300

I always laughed when mr krabs was like first seeing the well he was like I hope he throughs all your retirement money down a hole I was laughing so hard also when he said suckers through down money for fun that's best game ever - Toptenanimallovers

Such an underrated episode.

4 Skill Crane

Awesome episode. Shame that its sister episode (Good Neighbors) is pretty mediocre. - KalloFox34

Mr Krabs: Do you need some more change?
Squidward: No.
Mr Krabs: But why?
Squidward: Because I am all out of... MONEY! - DrayTopTens

This was number one! I like it more than Chocolate with Nuts. Third best in the series! - Goatworlds

This was AMAZING! Should be #2, next to Have You Seen This Snail. - Garythesnail

5 Dunces and Dragons

What's wrong with you? Have You Seen This Snail and Skill Crane we're TERRIBLE episodes. And, I think Good Neighbors should be here somewhere, I found it really funny. But, this one is the best, along with Krusty Towers and an another underrated one - SELLING OUT! Shell Of A Man and The Pink Purloiner we're also great, and they're also underrated.

This is the best Spongebob special and the best Spongebob episode. Krusty Towers is great, but it should be #2. However, I hate Have You Seen This Snail and Skill Crane. Wishing You Well is good but overrated, Mrs. Puff You're Fired and The Lost Matress are in the top 10. Also Wishing You Well.

A masterpiece better than terrible Have You Seen This Snail, overrated Skill Crane, fantastic but not good enough Krusty Towers, and the good Wishing You Well.

Have You Seen This Snail? WHAT? That episode was terrible. The song was apsolutely horrible, the episode itself isn't funny. Also, The Penguins of Madagascar done it way better in the episode "Feline Fervor". However, this episode is a MASTERPIECE. I enjoyed it SO MUCH. Skill Crane is overrated too.

6 The Lost Mattress

Great episode. Far better than plenty in the first 3 seasons. Definitely very underrated. Had plenty of good jokes. As well as SpongeBob and Patrick being extremely likeable, with Squidward getting punished in the end for his actions. Very well done episode. You can tell they put a lot of effort into this episode.

Very funny Squidward karma trip episode. Better than chocolate with nuts

Truthfully I like this episode mostly because it has kind of an older-season feel to it. It's also a pretty good episode.

Because of how cranky Mr Krabs gets about the lost mattress

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7 Fear of a Krabby Patty

Doctor P. Lankton got me.

I loved this episode and it was a great way to start off a new Spongebob era that would eventually suck.

THIS WAS good but it felt like a 22 minute episode not a 11 minute

This is a great episode - NostalgiaMonkey

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8 Mrs Puff Your Fired

60% good enough

SpongeBob failed his driving test again and a new teacher comes. The teacher tells him to be ready for training and the first time went wrong. SpongeBob steps on a little rock and screams.

I like this one - Gangem

9 Krabs vs. Plankton
10 Ghost Host

Poor SpongeBob, he gets frightened from the Flying Dutchman but then he gets used to it and he doesn't get scared.

I love when they scare Squidward

The Contenders

11 Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture

SpongeBob gets crazy after Patrick left the thing on the camera. He takes of the ground and eats the worms under it.

Amazing! My top 5 season 4:
5 Krusty Towers
4 Once Bitten
3 Wishing You Well
2 The Lost Mattress
1 The Motion Picture (Mermaid man and barnacle boy)

12 The Pink Purloiner

What the?! Why isn't this one in the top 10?!

This one is underrated. The new jellyfish look amazing and it's hilarious. - mtndewlord

Why isn't this one higher?

It’s the best

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13 Best Day Ever

I love this episode! - CrypticMemory

The song was great, but the episode itself is probably somewhat higher than my middle favorite episode. I’m only voting b/c of the song.

The song is so good you have to remember this episode and the end moral is great why do people hate this episode this is my best episode after band geeks

The thing I cared was the song it still was kind off low for the episode itsself but best day ever will always remain 2nd to best songs - Toptenanimallovers

14 Once Bitten

The RIVAL of Gary. He keeps biting everyone because he has a splinter.

I like it but the bites look like the finger

15 Squidtastic Voyage

I like this episode because it has some funny jokes.
And by far my favorite 2006 SpongeBob episode.

This is the worst not the best. You have to stop airing it.

16 Best Frenemies

Watch this before one coarse meal and you will be heartbroken otherwise good episode

17 Patrick SmartPants

This episode has one of the best morals in the series. - KalloFox34

I think this is the last moral that they got right, that knowledge can't replace friendship.

This episode sucks. The plot is decent but it's so depressing. Patrick was a jerk to Spongebob, Sandy, and Squidward. He sounds so weird when he's smart. He's not as bad as he was in Dumped though. Overall, this episode is depressing enough to be called a SCUMBOB EPISODE

I love this episode! Legendary :D

18 Chimps Ahoy

Very underrated


19 Shell of a Man
20 New Leaf

Reaches almost Nature Pants levels of underrated. - KalloFox34

This episode really under appreciated

21 Selling Out

One of my favorites of season 4

22 Enemy in Law
23 The Thing

Worst episode of season 4. This is a squidward torture porn

This is my #1 favorite episode out of all of them.

24 Whale of a Birthday

That episode makes me laugh. πŸ˜‚

My favorite hilarious scene in that episode is Squidward's singing. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

25 Karate Island

I’m not a big fan of the karate episodes but in a season that misses a lot more than it did in the last 3 seasons a rare hit is a lot more appreciated even though the episode is still only okay.

26 Squid Wood

Why so low? I thought it was great! - Gangem

Worst Episode in the Season

Actually, New Leaf and All That Glitters are the worst of the season.

This episode was funny - PatrickStar

27 Born to Be Wild

This didn't happen - Goatworlds

28 Bummer Vacation

SpongeBob keeps coming back to the Krusty Krab. The funny part was when he looked like a delivery man who delivers buns, but suddenly another truck comes and it's the real guy who does it.

29 SquidBob TentaclePants SquidBob TentaclePants

If you saw that ending of that episode, it's like a short version of director John Carpenter's "The Thing" from 1982. No joke. Your childhood is ruined.

I just want to say something. To you all there are so many SpongeBob episodes. And there is. But SpongeBob has been falling apart ever since season 4 happened. It's been giving nightmares, just not funny anymore and it's just broke. SpongeBob broke at this point. For the disturbing part you already know the nightmares are maybe face freeze. And the not as funny episodes just ruin SpongeBob. This is my top pick for worst SpongeBob episode and it should stop being aired.

Poor Squidward, SpongeBob said that they would stay best friends forever because they were stuck to each other.

The episode has a good plot, if you subtract the ending and put in a new ending, this would be a much better episode.

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30 That's No Lady
31 Rule of Dumb
32 Wigstruck

SpongeBob wears a goofy looking wig and he goes around showing it to everybody. But at the end of the episode SpongeBob has to let go of the wig.

33 Funny Pants
34 Driven to Tears

The ending was the best part, in my opinion. - IcetailofWishClan

I'm trying to vote this above all that glitters - nonamegame

35 Good Neighbors

It's mediocre, but it's still better than All That Glitters. - KalloFox34

Why does everyone hate this episode? The Squidward torture is pretty minor. My only complaints are how uneventful it is, and how weird it is seeing a pre-movie SpongeBob design with the post-movie voice. The humor is alright, and the animation feels like pre-movie animation. Overall, this episode is alright for a Season 4 episode and doesn't deserve the hate it receives at all.

Still better than Squid Wood.

36 All That Glitters

This is the worst episode in the season, and it makes several other bad "golden age" episodes like The Great Snail Race and Krabby Land look good in comparison. - KalloFox34

I really like the message of this one.

37 Hocus Pocus
38 The Gift of Gum
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