Best Spongebob Squarepants Season 4 Episodes

This list shows the best episodes of season 4. People say seasons 1, 2 and 3 were the best. This season was great. Season 5 was good but Seasons 6-Current Season were TERRIBLE! Spongebob was funny from seasons 1-5. But the new episodes have Patrick being the funniest.

The Top Ten

1 Krusty Towers

By far the best of season 4! I absolutely LOVE this episode. This episode defiantly held the quality of the first three seasons! It had a great plot that kept me watching and it had some good jokes. Overall, this is one or my favorite episode of the post movie era!

One Of The Most Creative, Hilarious And Memorable Episodes Of Spongebob There Is Not Wrong With This Episode And It Feels So Much Like Pre - Movie Episode Of Spongebob.

Patrick draws him and a airplane on the book where he was supposed to write his name.

My Top 10 Best of Season 4
10. Fear of a Krabby Patty
9. The Lost Mattress
8. Squidtastic Voyage
7. Wigstruck
6. Skill Crane
5. Krusty Towers
4. Dunces and Dragons
3. Wishing You Well
2. Have You Seen This Snail?

11. Chimps Ahoy
12. The Pink Purloiner
13. Krabs vs. Plankton
14. Best Frenemies
15. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture
16. Selling Out
17. Once Bitten
18. Shell of a Man
19. New Leaf
20. Patrick SmartPants

1. Bummer Vacation (are u shocked? sorry but this is for me the most watchable and entertaining episode of season 4)

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2 Have You Seen This Snail?

SpongeBob keeps on crying when Gary leaves home and when they put up the posters SpongeBob Sees a cloud just like Gary, but the cloud goes away and SpongeBob cries.

A heartwarming story about SpongeBob losing his pet snail, Gary.

I cry every time I watch it. This episode is just phenomenal


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3 Wishing You Well

Squidward - move Patrick I'm claustrophobic.
Patrick - what does claustrophobic mean
SpongeBob - it means you're afraid of Santa Claus
Patrick - ho ho ho!
SpongeBob - stop it Patrick your scaring him
I totally lost it - FearTheWeird300

SpongeBob rides on a unicorn and hits Squidward with his magic wand.

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4 Skill Crane

This was number one! I like it more than Chocolate with Nuts. Third best in the series! - Goatworlds

This was AMAZING! Should be #2, next to Have You Seen This Snail. - Garythesnail

5 The Lost Mattress

Great episode. Far better than plenty in the first 3 seasons. Definitely very underrated. Had plenty of good jokes. As well as SpongeBob and Patrick being extremely likeable, with Squidward getting punished in the end for his actions. Very well done episode. You can tell they put a lot of effort into this episode.

Truthfully I like this episode mostly because it has kind of an older-season feel to it. It's also a pretty good episode.

Because of how cranky Mr Krabs gets about the lost mattress

A Squidward Torture Porn that he DESERVED,
Mr. Krabs in a Coma

6 Mrs Puff Your Fired

SpongeBob failed his driving test again and a new teacher comes. The teacher tells him to be ready for training and the first time went wrong. SpongeBob steps on a little rock and screams.

7 Dunces and Dragons

This is the best Spongebob special and the best Spongebob episode. Krusty Towers is great, but it should be #2. However, I hate Have You Seen This Snail and Skill Crane. Wishing You Well is good but overrated, Mrs. Puff You're Fired and The Lost Matress are in the top 10. Also Wishing You Well.

This is my favorite SpongeBob episode of all time!

This isn't just the best season 4 episode, it's the best special and my favorite episode tied with "The Slumber Party"!

Amazing episode!

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8 Ghost Host

Poor SpongeBob, he gets frightened from the Flying Dutchman but then he gets used to it and he doesn't get scared.

I love when they scare Squidward

9 Fear of a Krabby Patty

THIS WAS good but it felt like a 22 minute episode not a 11 minute

10 Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture

SpongeBob gets crazy after Patrick left the thing on the camera. He takes of the ground and eats the worms under it.

Amazing! My top 5 season 4:
5 Krusty Towers
4 Once Bitten
3 Wishing You Well
2 The Lost Mattress
1 The Motion Picture (Mermaid man and barnacle boy)

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? Sing a Song of Patrick

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11 Best Day Ever

The song is so good you have to remember this episode and the end moral is great why do people hate this episode this is my best episode after band geeks

I have to agree. Always will hold a place in my heart.

12 Once Bitten

The RIVAL of Gary. He keeps biting everyone because he has a splinter.

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13 Krabs vs. Plankton
14 Squidtastic Voyage

This is the worst not the best. You have to stop airing it.

15 New Leaf
16 Best Frenemies

Watch this before one coarse meal and you will be heartbroken otherwise good episode

17 The Thing

This is my #1 favorite episode out of all of them.

18 Patrick SmartPants

I think this is the last moral that they got right, that knowledge can't replace friendship.

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19 SquidBob TentaclePants

I just want to say something. To you all there are so many SpongeBob episodes. And there is. But SpongeBob has been falling apart ever since season 4 happened. It's been giving nightmares, just not funny anymore and it's just broke. SpongeBob broke at this point. For the disturbing part you already know the nightmares are maybe face freeze. And the not as funny episodes just ruin SpongeBob. This is my top pick for worst SpongeBob episode and it should stop being aired.

Poor Squidward, SpongeBob said that they would stay best friends forever because they were stuck to each other.

The episode has a good plot, if you subtract the ending and put in a new ending, this would be a much better episode.

WHAT? ' Come on this is no where near the best it's actually one of the worst! This episode is freaky creepy horrific and too violent to be aired! How do you show that to children! JUST NO!

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